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Airsera with her dragon wings and tail.
Vital statistics
Title Airsera the Wind
Gender Female
Race Purple and Red Mouse/Dragon hybrid
Faction Mythology
Health Good
Level 976
Status In Coaxs Squad
Location  ???

"You created your worst nightmare."
-Airsera threatening a evil scientist.

Airsera is a purple and red mouse and dragon hybrid who likes to fly. She has a pet bird that helps her fly. Like Feye, she is very interested in mythology, but didn't study it as much as Feye. She is friends with Nightshade.

History Edit

Airsera was born on August 7th, 1982, in a land, at the time, controlled by the Dark Alliance. Airsera's family didn't want to live in that country, but they couldn't move because the DA allowed no one to leave the country. Airsera was a nice mouse at first, but as she got older she got ruder. She started spending time with bad mice, and was doing all sorts of bad things. She robbed banks, vandalized, and took on the habit of drinking. When Airsera was 11 she was kidnapped by the DA, and taken to a hidden laboratory near her neighborhood. They locked her up in a cell, and took DNA samples from her. After some days she was taken to a lab, where she was mutated. The mutations gave her wings, super speed, super strength, and a stronger tail. Using her powers she destroyed the lab, and escaped. When she got back home it took some explaining to her parents what happened, because they didn't realize it was her. After some time Airsera became a heroine in her country, and the Mech Mice became interested in hiring her. She was soon enrolled into the Coaxs Squad.

Personality Edit

Airsera isn't a comforter. She tends to do things violently, and likes confrontation. She has problems comforting others, and doesn't do it as much as she can. She likes to talk about her life a lot, and show off her knowledge. She's a show off, and that annoys her friends a lot.

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