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Apache Squad
Their coat of arms.
Vital information
Title Apache Squad
Type International
Leader Rufina
HQ Mech Mice Colony
Members 5
Archetype? Good
Status Standby

The Apache Squad is a skilled team of mice hailing from different places in the world. They all enrolled in the Mech Mice Colony's International Program, and were transported to MM's HQ for grouping. There they were tested for skills and intelligence, and assigned the following ranks:

Members Edit

Commander: Rufina Edit

Age: 25

Rufina is a cream colored female with light gray spots dotting her fur. She has a very cocky personality, and loves to play jokes on others. Her personality was somewhat like Darah's before her parents died. It is believed she changed her whole personality to try and forget about their deaths.

Lieutenant: Jago

Age: 24

Jago is a dark gray male with pure white eyes. He was blinded at a younger age, due to a hawk stabbing him in the eyes while trying to carry him off. He escaped and was rushed to the medic center, but for reasons unknown, they handed the job over to the scientists. Darah's mentor was uninterested in his problems, so he handed the job over to his intern. Darah knew more than she let on, having studied her mentor's notes in secret. She managed to save his right eye, fitting it with a device of her own design called an oculus.

Grunt: Griffith Edit

Age: 20

Griffith is a white male with blue eyes. He always has a bag of maps slung over his shoulder, and is trying to find a decent spot for their base. He seems to be affectionate towards Darah.

Recon: Darah Edit

Age: 19

Darah is a rust colored female with green eyes. She is very introverted, and only speaks when spoken to. Swift as a snake, she can strike with full force, despite being the youngest (and the prettiest). Darah was previously mentoring to be a Medic in the International program, but soon became tired of her job.

Heavy: Cormac Edit

Age: 27

Cormac is a brown male with dark brown stripes and green eyes. He is very bold, but his plans can be a little too harsh. Cormac believes he should have been given the rank of lieutenant, and holds a grudge against Jago. He frequently insults Jago when everyone else is out of earshot. He has worked for the rank of Commander since he enrolled in the International program (roughly 14 years) but was stuck with the Heavy rank due to his impressive skills piloting a Mech Suit.

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Trivia Edit

  • Jago is blind in his left eye.
  • Pups can begin training at age 13 for the International Program, but they are not grouped in a squad until age 18.
  • Rufina's parents died when she was a pup.

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