Fanon Beta Clan

The Beta Clan logo (note the ancient Mouze Language)

Beta Clan  was a tribe of mice who founded the Discovers Union in the Mech Mice Region. It currently has a good relation with the Mech Mice Colony, and is an enemy of the Dark Union.

History Edit

Beta Clan consists of 5 main members the Discovers of the clan, who helped found the Discovers Union. The leader Dark who had found the Beta Clan had 2 members at the time: Vak and Zin'Cho. Zin'Cho had messed with experimental teleporters; Vak was working on turning him into, a bug. Zin became evil and formed the Dark Union and Vak had made a colony to fight agaisnt him. Dark at this point had already found many grunt Mice burrowing underground, he helped them understand technology and in a decade he had found the Discovers Union.


  • The colony has 5 Discover's excluding Zin and retired Vak.