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Buck's self portrait
Vital statistics
Title Bazooka Grunt Unit Buck
Gender Male
Race Grey Mouse
Faction M.A.R.U. Specialization
Health Great
Level 244
Status On the front lines.
Location The Colony; Intermittent

Life SummaryEdit

Buck has spent the majority of his time in the Military on the front lines protecting his troops. He grew up in the mountains in his father's farm. He used to pick and grow berries until he grew up and the military came to his home village. His family was very poor, living in strong bouts of poverty. He was an only sibling and he couldn't stand living secluded in a village. When the Military came, he saw it as a major chance to finally be able to travel and see the world through his own eyes. When he finally came up on the front lines, he was very disappointed. Of course he had always wanted to serve his country and people, but the fighting in The Grey was pointless, and he needed more variety. He requested that he be taken from his post and placed differently. When the request passed he was reassigned to pilot M.A.R.U.s when special missions came up. The most recent (and sadly only) was that of Operation: Firestorm. During this specific operation, he had to lead and protect 3 entire squads through vast swamps on a patrol. The patrol had hoped to discover small camps and Dark Union burrows within the swamp. They spent hours trudging through deep water and becoming increasingly uncomfortable. When it seemed that they had completely wasted funding in looking through the swamps, the commander of the squads found unknown movement ahead. Mines had been discovered buried throughout the swamp. Buck was told to step on the mines with his M.A.R.U. because they are immune to the blast radius and stop pointless casualties. After walking over 3 of them, the M.A.R.U. flipped over, and slowly sank in the sand. Dark Union forces ambushed the squad. With Buck drowning and the squad under fire, He was sure he had failed. With all hope lost he opened the latch, and water streamed in. He swam out with a Standard Blaster and rescued his squad. He earned one of the highest medals ever achievable. Now, he waits for his next mission to complete.


Buck has unusual talents to come from a mouse. He is an amazing artist as seen from his self portrait. He usually draws his experiences about the battlefield in order to show those who haven't yet experienced the battlefield, what kind of hardships the troops face.



  • Buck comes from the same village as Hawk Hood.