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Checom BCR
The weapon itself.
Vital statistics
Type Weapon
Effects 3rd degree burns, Serious casualties.
Source Mech Mice Military
Cost to buy Currently unavailable.
Cost to sell (Black market) $964.

Checom's Brutal Combat Rifle (BCR) was merely a lab experiment created to do nothing but destroy. It is fully automatic and shoots electronically charged spikes, or very large ammunition bullets. It is powered by Explosive Berries and is the first weapon that doesn't directly use them as firepower. EB's are loaded through the top canister of the weapon while the second canister is filled with the main projectiles. Upon pull of the trigger gears within the weapon will spin and release the EB juice into a motor, the motor will open the highly compressed canister full of ammunition initially allowing it to be fired.


The only times in which the Checom BCR has been used to its full potential is twice within the lab. The first time it happened, the weapon malfunctioned and didn't fire. The EB juice canister fell off of the top and spilled upon the ground. The scientists believed they needed to improve the weapon, and so they did. Upon the second try the weapon was tested on a boulder. It successfully worked and the rock was obliterated in 6 shots of the BCR. They thought it was much too powerful to be brought on the battlefield. It has been put on hold, and it is limited to only its creator's eyes to even see it.



  • The design of the Brutal Combat Rifle is inspired by the designs of District 9.

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