Dark was a Male Mouse in the time of the Mech Mice Discovery. He created the Beta Clan and discovered Mech Mice along with Vak.

Early Life Edit

Dark lived in a poor family when he was young belonging in the Swamps of La Vesa he was good hearted and trustworthy but he always could not impress his family. Dark usually worked as a berry picker in the swamps. his village had no technology whatsoever and weren't very smart of Mice. Life was taken not given and Dark knew he had to make the best of it. When he was old enough about 13 years of age he joined the Explar a group of traveling mice. He got paid for searching for hidden bases of the Explar's enemy Vikin. Dark was an Architect and a geographer he figured out how to solve these easily. When he returned home he had made enough money to help his family find a better life than the Swamps. Unfourtnately his family had left him when he arrived home his parents were gone. He was outraged. He spent his money building a boat to which, he sailed only too meet Vak. He later in life found a place he had been searching for all along the rumoured Frozen Glades.


Dark had a caring personailty but also a quick think later look to things often not seeking out help when he needed, just running into the problem.