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Dark Union
DU flag
The official Darkish flag.
Official The United Darkish Governments
Common Dark Union
Dark Alliance
Coat of Arms DU coat of arms
The Darkish coat of arms.
National Flower
National Animal
National Anthem Recreate the World
National Motto "Burn the world and plant a new!"
Square Feet 40,535,100 sq. ft.
Hemisphere Northern
Square Kilo.
Map [[|px]]
Capital Darklin City
Largest City Darklin City
Culture Poor
Population 50 million
Official Language French, German, Russian, English, Spanish, Norwegian
Drives On The
Demonym Darkish
Darkie (only refereed to by Mech Mice in this way)
Currency Dark Coin
Currency Code *
GDP Per Capita *5 ($1)
Type Parliamentary Communist Empire
Ruler1 Chancellor Mal
Ruler2 Darkish Council
Established On October 7, 1930
Time Zone
Calling Code
Extra1 While the Dark Union claims it is recreating the world, the Darkish leaders wish to annihilate the universe.

The United Darkish Governments, or simply known as the Dark Union or Dark Alliance, is a parliamentary communist empire located in the northern portion of Roden. The nation, or sometimes referred to as an allegiance of nations, is well known for its violent crimes against creatures (including its own citizens) and its leaders' desire to destroy Megiddo and the entire universe. The Dark Union was first established by Smackler James on October 7, 1930, and it quickly conquered all of northern Roden. The nation's government is never truly permanent, but the current government is ruled by a parliament made up of all Darkish nations; however, Chancellor Mal is considered to have all the true power in the government. The Dark Union is currently at war with the Mech Mice Colony, and rumors have spread that the Darkish Council (the parliament that operates the country) is being slowly dissolved by its chancellor Mal.

History Edit

Semence Edit

The Dark Union was created through a series of wars and revolutions that occurred in the Northern Nations for most of the early 20th century. Before the Dark Union dominated the north part of Roden, the north was split into many different countries. These countries had various forms of governments, and one country didn't even have a government. These small nations were constantly fighting over land and resources, and most of the north was in chaos. In the middle of the north was the country called The United Democratic Republic of Semence. Semence once ruled by a congress that was elected or re-elected every 10 years, and the country's government was a beacon of democracy and republicanism in the north. This peaceful nation had a booming economy, and a thriving population. However, at the beginning of the 20th century, philosophers from other nations began to affect the citizens of Semence. These philosophers are known today as the Dark Union Prophets because they called for a government that would destroy its enemies and would rebuild the world just for mice and rats. These philosophies hurt the Semence government, as the congress soon became full of these radicals. The once peaceful nation began burning its own land and resources, which destroyed the economy. With the congress now corrupt, the citizens against the government's new policies, and the economy dieing, reform was needed. On August 10, 1927, the Semence congress was overthrown by the commander 'n chief of the military Smackler James. James established a military dictatorship, and executed all members of the old government. With his enemies destroyed, James wrote up a constitution which made a Communist dictatorship called the New Order in Semence. The New Order failed after a year however, so a new government was established in 1929, and it was called the Semence Parliamentary Republic. The Parliamentary Republic had a parliament which ruled under the president Jame's order. However, in 1930, James became displeased with the parliament's decisions so he dissolved it. He quickly enacted a new constitution and declaration even, and turned Semence into The United Darkish Governments, and created a Communist Empire. To truly gain the title 'empire', James began invading neighboring countries and conquering them.

Roden War I Edit

Under James' clever policies, the Dark Union expanded quickly. James conquered the north, and fortunately for him, the Mech Mice and Xilnens ignored his actions. When he had conquered just about all of the north, he decided to expand his empire even more. He decided to attack Xiln and the Mech Mice Colony, which he did in 1939. After attacking Xiln's northern border, the Mech Mice and Xilnens both declared war on the Dark Union. The country IO became involved when James paid its leader to aid him in fighting the Mech Mice specifically. The war affected all of Roden, especially the Dark Union and Xiln. At first the north (Dark Union, IO) had the upperhand on the south (Xiln, Mech Mice Colony), but quickly the tables were turned in the war. The Mech Mice quickly destroyed the IO's military, and the Xilnens kept the Darkies from pushing further south. Once IO was defeated, the Mech Mice and Xilnens attacked the Darkish southern border. The Darkies were outgunned, and the front line moved quickly to the Darkish capital. The south invaded the Darkish capital on January 7, 1948, and it took them 6 months to finally take the city. James and his generals still hid in the capital building, but the south soon broke through the castle walls. In the two hour long battle, James was killed by a Mech Mouse named Rodney Wheeler. With James now dead, the Dark Union surrendered to the south. The Darkish government was erased by the Mech Mice, and a military government under the Mech Mice government was established under Governor Wheeler. The Dark Union was heavily damaged by the war, so the Mech Mice helped its citizens by sending in food and resources. However, James' supporters vowed they would rebuild the Dark Union.

Rebirth of the Dark Union Edit

After a year of being under strict ruling of the Mech Mice, the north was released from Mech Mice rule. Instead of immediately reuniting, the northern nations split off but recreated the Dark Union as an alliance of nations. This new government was called the Dark Alliance, and ruled the north for a short time. As the Darkies attempted to rebuild the Dark Union, the Mech Mice still helped out those who were ruined by the war. Unfortunately, in late 1949, food poisoning killed 16 Darkies. The food came from a Mech Mice rehabilitation tent (where Darkies could get food, water, and medical aid for them or their families). After the death of the 16 Darkies, the Dark Alliance banned all Mech Mice from entering its borders, and removed all Mech Mice from the land. The Dark Alliance blamed the Mech Mice for poisoning its citizens, and rebuked the Mech Mice for their actions. Shortly after banishing Mech Mice from its territory, the DA banned all Xilnens from its land as well. When the Xilnens refused to leave, chaos broke out. Darkish gangs fought Xilnen gangs, and the Gangs War started up in 1949, and lasted for a few months. During the Gangs War, the Dark Alliance decided to reunite together to form the Second Dark Union. The Darkish Council made Wieder James, Smackler James' nephew, chancellor and commander 'n chief of the military. Chancellor James rebuilt the Darkish military, and made it 4 million strong. He rebuked the southern nations, and called for reform in the Dark Union itself and all of Roden. In 1951, the Mech Mice declared war on the Dark Union for its actions against Xiln and the Mech Mice citizens that attempted to help the Darkies. The Darkies attacked every military base inside the Dark Union (even though the Dark Union banned Mech Mice from being in its borders, the Mech Mice military was allowed to stay). Roden War II had began, and the Dark Union was established once again. Another massive war between the north and south had begun again.

Roden War II Edit

Unlike in Roden War I, the Xilnens attempted to appease the Dark Union. For half of the war, the Xilnens did not attack the Dark Union and the DU didn't attack Xiln in return. The Dark Union once again had the upperhand over the south, and was pushing the war boundary closer to the Mech Mice Colony. One of the reasons the Mech Mice military had trouble pushing back the Dark Union was because of the Mech Mice government's policy during the war. The Mech Mice wanted as little damage and deaths as possible during the war, which meant the Mech Mice effort against the Dark Union was weakened slightly. For instance, the government didn't allow the Mech Mice to use powerful weapons needed to take cities and villages. In 1955, the Mech Mice government was forced to by the military and its citizens to change its policy on preserving areas that battles took place in. This was bad for the Dark Union, because this was the only reason they were able to push the Mech Mice so far back down south. As the Mech Mice pressed hard on the front line, another blow was delivered to the DU with the arrival of Xiln into the war. The Xilnens once again joined the Mech Mice, and soon the DU was being invaded on all sides except the north. The Dark Union got into a defensive position, and held off the attacks. The south constantly bombarded the DU, but the DU would not give up. As the war continued on with no progress, citizens on both sides became angry. In 1959, violent protests against the war broke out in both the DU and southern nations. The protests were gruesome in some cases, and multiple creatures died during them. The DU and south were extremely weakened by the war as well, and talks about a peace treaty began between the Mech Mice Congress and Darkish Council. Roden War II ended on September 19, 1960, when the south and DU signed a peace treaty; however, the treaty did little other than end open fighting.

Cold War Edit

As a result of The Peace Infused Roden Treaty, a cold war erupted between the Dark Union and Mech Mice. The Darkish leaders still wanted to avenge the nation's founder's death, and so the Dark Union sort of faded away into the dark. The DU separated itself from the rest of Roden, closing its borders and forcing its own citizens to stay inside. As the Mech Mice rebuilt its northern portions after the war, the DU began torturing its own people. Stronger Communist laws were put in place, and horrific crimes against creatures were done by the government. The DU started to take citizens literally off the streets, and then experiment on them in secret genetic labs. The DU experimented with mass cloning, stem cells, splitting cells, and more to create an army of super soldiers. In addition to building a powerful army, the DU put spies into the Mech Mice government. To make sure no Mech Mice spies were in their own government as well, the Dark Union released a massive group of strict laws prohibiting free speech, private weapons, private media, private property, and even limited how long creatures could have conversations with each other and more in the Safety Act of 1964. The sudden removal of some basic freedoms infuriated the Darkies, but any resistance to the government was brutally crushed. With the country under their complete control, the Darkish Council became power-hungry, especially one member named Nouveau Gov. Gov became the chancellor of the Darkish Council, but called for serious reform. He preached that the DU couldn't hold its power if it treated its own citizens so poorly. The Darkish Council rebuked him, but Gov gained the support of the military and the citizens. With his support, Gov overthrew the present government and established in its place The Darkish Communist Republic. Gov allowed the Darkish citizens to vote in a new Darkish congress, but proclaimed himself president. Gov allowed almost every government leader to be elected directly by the citizens, but he didn't remove the Safety Act of 1964. Because the government controlled all media, it was very easy for politicians to get themselves elected into office without doing what they promised to do. The government became very corrupt, and Gov had a difficult time controlling it. Matters became worse for Gov's new government when, during elections, several Darkish spies working directly for Gov were found in the Mech Mice government. The Mech Mice declared that the DU had broken the truce, and decided to spur up Roden War II again. When the Mech Mice began attacking the DU again, Gov willingly shut down The Darkish Communist Republic and allowed General Stark Xo to establish a Communist Military Dictatorship within the DU. However, shortly after Xo assumed power, he had Gov executed on accounts of treason and conspiracy.

The Central War Edit

Even though the war was called Roden War II when it began again, now the second conflict is commonly known as The Central War. When the war began, General Xo decided to attack and destroy Xiln first of all. Concentrating his forces on Xiln, he weakened the defense of the eastern and western portions of the Dark Union. Shortly into the war, however, the Xilnen capital fell to the Darkish forces in 1973. With all of Xiln under Darkish control, the DU now had an advantage over the Mech Mice Colony, and they also had a new batch of creatures to experiment on. Many Xilnens were captured and tested on by the Dark Union, but many of these creatures refused to fight for the DU. Even though the DU made much progress in creating super creatures, they were not able to advance their war effort much. While the Darkies continued to hold tightly onto Xiln, the Mech Mice began attacking the eastern portion of the DU. The Darkish forces there were easily defeated by the Mech Mice, and now the Mech Mice had a nice straight path to the Darkish capital. General Xo became worried when he realized that the Mech Mice had sneaked around his defenses, so he pulled many troops out of Xiln to push the Mech Mice out of the Dark Union. When the Darkish troops were removed from Xiln, revolts and rebellions and protests popped up all over Xiln. The lack of Darkish soldiers there encouraged the Xilnens to rebel, and remove the DU from their home. However, the effort was futile. Xo's forces were able to push the Mech Mice back out of the DU, and he quickly replenished the Darkish forces in Xiln. In 1975, the war turned to the Mech Mice's favor. The Mech Mice had developed a line of weapons of mass destruction, and the DU had nothing to combat the weapons with. Eventually, however, Xo was able to get an army of super creatures, and the war turned more brutal. The Dark Union was hit badly by the Mech Mice, as their general pillaged and burned Darkish settlements. The Mech Mice weapons destroyed entire cities, but the DU's super armies killed thousands of Mech Mice and Xilnens. The war kept escalating in price, deaths, and destruction and it was quickly losing the citizens' support on both sides. With the border between the two nations an absolute war zone, the DU and Mech Mice Colony began to become tired of the war. They were getting nowhere once again, and both nations would have destroyed each other and all of Roden if the war didn't stop. However, General Xo refused to end the war; he vowed that he would avenge his fallen brethren from the previous war. Xo quickly lost support in the military and citizens though, and in November 1977 he was overthrown by the revolutionary Nachfolger Ruop. Ruop established a temporary monarchy with himself as king, and he began to make attempts to end the war. He had discussions with the Mech Mice, and desperately tried to end the war. Finally, the Mech Mice and DU agreed to a peace treaty in 1978. The war ended with Xiln gaining independence from the DU, and the Mech Mice Colony confiscating much land from the Dark Union (this land was returned to the DU in 1993).

The Darkish Kingdom Edit

After The Central War, Nachfolger Ruop decided to remain as king of the Dark Union. He gained the support of the citizens by loosening, not removing, the Safety Act of 1964. There was a catch however, the law applied to citizens who didn't pay an extra fee in taxes. Therefore, because of the Darkish Communist policies, many citizens couldn't afford to have the Safety Act of 1964 not applied to them. King Nachfolger also removed some corruption from the DU, but his reign just replaced the old corruption with a new corruption. While ruling, he professed, even after the war that nearly destroyed the DU, that he would lead the DU into the next age of Megiddo. He said that he would rule the Dark Union forever, and that he would eventually rule the entire world and bring peace to it. His sayings made him appear as a psycho to his citizens and the rest of Roden. The longer he reigned, the crazier he became. Eventually he went mad, and began to do odd things as king. He would enact random laws that made no sense, he began having odd eating patterns, and overall his body motions and appearance became worse. On September 1, 1988, King Nachfolger was seen running up his vertical castle walls at tremendous speed. Eye witnesses say they saw him climb up onto his castle, and then watched he leaped off the highest point in an attempt to fly through the air. Unfortunately, Ruop fell to his death and died that day. Later, blood tests revealed that Ruop was experimenting on himself with split cells and stem cells; he had used himself as a test experiment to build a super-soldier. Ruop's son Joh Ruop became king a week after his father's death, but quickly became unhappy with the government his father had developed. Joh Ruop slowly altered the Darkish government towards a parliamentary Communist state, with a chancellor and parliament ruling the entire nation. He wrote up a new constitution in 1990, and called for peace between the nations in Roden. Because of his attempts to bring peace to Roden, the Mech Mice Colony attempted to build a stronger alliance with the DU. In 1993, the Mech Mice returned the lands that the DU had lost after the Central War; however, Jo Ruop unexpectedly died that year as well. Awhile after his death, it was discovered that a enemy politician in the Darkish parliament had murdered him. This politician, named Smackler James Né, wanted to rebuild the DU as its founder had originally created it. Né, although he murdered Jo Ruop, ruled the Dark Union until 2008, when Dar Mal became chancellor.

The Rebirth Edit

Smackler James Né called for the Dark Union to return to its old ways, and he did so. He changed many laws within in the DU, and even began aggressions against the Mech Mice Colony again. He decided that for the Mech Mice Colony to fall, he would have to destroy it from the inside out. He spent millions of dollars secretly putting DU sympathizers and supporters inside of Mech Mice schools and even in the military. The infiltration went undetected for a long time because these sympathizers and supporters were Mech Mice by birth, so there was little suspicion of them. Né called this rebuilding of the DU the Rebirth. In 2004, however, the Mech Mice discovered some of the DU supporters hidden in its government and schools. Very shortly after the Mech Mice discovered spies in their ranks, the DU began to find spies in their ranks as well. War was never declared, but conflicts began to happen again between the Mech Mice and DU. These conflicts continue today, and even though war was never officially declared, many have called it a war still. These conflicts were usually quick and little, but they began to get larger and worse as Né decided to subdue the Mech Mice to his will. In 2007, Né died to a heart attack. In his place, Dar Mal became chancellor of the DU. Mal does not share Né's political views, and plans to eventually rule the DU entirely by himself.
Mech Mice Chapter 19

Axel: a traitor to the Mech Mice, and the creator of the majority of the Darkish military.

Shortly after Mal's rise to the position of chancellor, a traitor to the Mech Mice named Axel sold the DU schematics and millions of inventions to fight the Mech Mice with. In return, Axel joined the Darkish council. His cyborgs and robotic bugs and insects now make up the majority of the Darkish military, and his inventions help keep the DU always a step ahead in technology compared to the Mech Mice.

Culture Edit

The Dark Union, because of its origins, has a great mixture of cultures. The majority of mice that first lived in the northern part of Roden came from lands in the far east. These mice brought their own cultures, and did not change or alter their cultures easily. Therefore, the DU has a very distinct culture from the rest of Roden. The culture in the DU is very radical, as in most citizens believe in abnormal things and some are extremely superstitious. Many cults exist in the DU as well, and because so the DU is sometimes known as the "Cults' Nation".

Architecture Edit

Darkish buildings are very well built. The most common architecture in the DU is Dark Architecture. Dark Architecture is a style of building that involves over-side pieces of structures, dark colors (mainly red and black), and very flat or smooth structures. Chiseled walls or pillars are very rare in Dark Architecture; everything is very smooth. Of course, this architecture is only truly embraced by the Darkish government. Citizens cannot afford to have such complicated structures. Dark Architecture is embraced by the Darkish government, and every Darkish government building uses this form of architecture.

Food Edit

Semence once was a culinary powerhouse. Some of the most popular food in Roden was created by chefs in Semence, and food was the country's number one export. However, the Dark Union is very different. Because of common droughts, food is actually very scarce in the DU. The way government farms are established also hurt the production of food as well. Starvation periods are common in the DU, and many creatures die from malnutrition. Most foods eaten in the DU include breads, cereals, and juices.

Media Edit

The media is directly controlled by the government. All news, magazines, or other sources of information is controlled by the Darkish Media Counseling and Direction Agency. The DMCDA is directly controlled by the Darkish council, and all information that is to be revealed to the public must be approved by the majority of the council. This control of information has allowed many Darkish officials to gain the trust of their citizens. Of course, the rest of Roden doesn't approve of this kind of control of the media.

Music Edit

Darkish music tends to be very dark and haunty. Not many creatures can afford instruments, so most music is just chants or choirs or operas. Most music is sung by workers in order to lift spirits while working. These songs are usually very dramatic, but are also very encouraging. Unlike the Mech Mice, who sign about happy times, the Darkish usually sing about how they're just getting by or they sing about the work that they're doing at that moment.

Government Edit

The Dark Union's government is almost changing every ten years, though each government remains partially consistent with the last. Other than a few exceptions, every Darkish government has had some form of parliament or council with a chancellor that acts somewhat like a supreme judge who can override decisions made by the council or parliament. While this is similar to the Mech Mice government, the Darkish government is much more unstable. Throughout most of Darkish history, the Darkish council or parliament has always been at some point overthrown or deposed from power. Many past Darkish governments have been military dictatorships lasting for a few months, to Communist republics lasting a couple of years.

The members of parliament are each rulers of some providence in the Dark Union. These rulers convene commonly to decide on national laws and other things that affect the whole Dark Union. These rulers can impose their own laws on their citizens of their providence, but these laws can be override by the chancellor of the parliament. The chancellor of the parliament does not rule a providence, however, he does rule the capital city. The chancellor is allowed to do anything in the capital with no resistance from the parliament; therefore, many laws that apply to a providence do not apply to the capital city. One thing does indefinitely apply to the entire Dark Union: Communism. Communism was first introduced into the country by Smackler James' son Stal James, and since then it has been a major part of the Dark Union. Because of the Communist system in place, many creatures are given a daily ration of food and water by the government. There is absolutely no businesses or corporations, everything is directly operated by the government (usually under Mal's authority). Communism has of course drained the country of its resources, and many creatures have died from starvation or thirst or overworking in military factories.

Providences Edit

The Dark Union is separated into 20 different providences/member states; this means that there are 20 members of the Darkish council that are rulers of a providence. Each providence has its own form of government, whether it be a monarchy or a republic, but all must obey laws established by the council and/or the chancellor. All providences are Communist.

Military Edit

Dark Union robot

An example of a Darkish cyborg bug.

The majority of the Darkish military was created by Axel a traitor to the Mech Mice. Axel sold to the DU blue prints and schematics to build over 1,000 different cyborg bugs, and was eventually hired to build more. He also designed cyborg mice and rats for the Darkish military. Algernon is another leader in Darkish military technology, and works closely with Axel to create new soldiers for the DU. The Darkish military is a robot army, so it is much larger than the Mech Mice Military. However, having such a massive army, cuts are made to the robots: their shields are surprisingly very weak. Because of the DU's superiority in technology, they are usually a step ahead in the ever growing conflict with the south. One asset that the DU uses greatly over the south is their flying technology; currently the DU is the only known mouse nation to have created machines that can fly.

Geography Edit

Dark Union Camp

An example of a Darkish military base in a wasteland.

Where the Dark Union is settled is a very mountainous area; however, the DU has no natural borders on its political/war borders. The borders of the DU are war-torn areas. These "borderlands" are usually wastelands littered with the remains of numerous battles. The Darkish military has a tendency to, instead of taking roads to travel, burn their way across the land. The borderlands are charred from past fires, and some fires still burn the surrounding landscape. This wasteland is completely different to Darkish cities, where the landscape is actually beautiful. Many cities in the DU are lush and are actually pleasant to be. The DU uses the beauty of their cities to keep their citizens under more control.

Economy Edit

The Darkish economy is 100% controlled by the government, and there is absolutely no private business or enterprise. Because of the DU's Communistic policies, it makes barely $1 GDP per capita. This weak economy has made many citizens reliant on the government, increasing the DU's control over its people. The DU tends to treat its citizens as slaves, by forcing them to work in factories and mines with nothing in return. These mines and factories are also very dangerous due to cuts on safety standards. Basically, in the DU, there is no money or currency in circulation. In 2010, the DU was so poor, that the government stopped making new coins because currency was being used less and less.

Trivia Edit

  • The Dark Union is supported by the majority of its citizens; however, some rebel groups do exist.
  • The Darkish council is considering changing the flag so that it includes the coat of arms.
  • Citizens in the DU have no connection to the outside world, and the majority of Darkish border defenses are in place to stop citizens from leaving the DU.

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