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Demo in his usually clothing.
Vital statistics
Title Demo The Heavy
Gender Male
Race Brown Mouse
Faction Mechanics
Health Fat
Level 482
Status In the Genesis Squad
Location The Colony

Demo is a fat, out of shape brown mouse. He's a Heavy Mech Mouse for the Genesis Squad, and is quite good at it. He knows a lot about mechanics, and can fix almost anything. He's also a good U.R.M. driver. He loves to eat food, and is a very messy eater. He likes to eat Grub Yums, the only food available in the Mech Mice food hole. He's good friends with Streak, too.

He always explains mechanics to his friends, and knows how to drive just about anything. He's a good member of the Genesis Squad because he's the only Heavy in it. Demo likes to watch things explode (which is also his only way to solving things.)

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