Equivocal Missions
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Start 2013
End 2014
Location Roden
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The Demoralization

The Equivocal Missions are a series of events involving a top-notch training squad, as they are thrown into the backstabbing, saddening, and pain of the Dark Union. Join the Fantas Squad as they begin to leave Mech Mice Academy, and enter into the real battlefield: where no mouse re-spawns.
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Prologue Edit

All squads go through vigorous training before they reach the battlefield. On the first day of training, no rookie units have formed or joined squads. They train by themselves, and after a long 12 months of training, they move onto squad training. This is the most crucial part of any squad's training, and this is where our story begins. This mix-match squad was the best in its class, and ranked 2nd place in the scoreboards. This squad named themselves the Fantas Squad, although it wasn't official. Their diverse skills and experience are said to be the reason they're so great, but others suggest that they cheated in the Academy.

Finally, after months of training, the final simulation battle has come for the Fantas Squad. They're battling against another great squad, only 500 points less than them on the scoreboards. The Fantas Squad leader, Mic Zelo, gives a speech to his squad, as they prepare to battle their enemy, and finish training once and for all.

Mic: "Soon, we'll be in the war-zone, where not one mouse or bug or rat re-spawns!"

Chapter 1: Finals Edit

It was early 2013 that Mic gave that speech to his squad. He stood up on a crate that was handily placed nearby the simulation room. He spoke with a great voice, and encouraged his 4 units.

Mic: "Guys, we did it! We reached the finals with blazing scores, and a left impression on the Academy. We've battled through so many of our brethren, and have completed so many missions. It's time that we go out with a bang! A bang in the other team's scores!"

Mic was a very enthusiastic mouse. In college, he was the one that always threw the parties, and made birthdays exciting. He could make anyone laugh or smile with his charm and humor, and it helped him and his squad through tough times as well. Of course, his personality was frowned upon in basic training. Trainers didn't like it when one of their trainees starts laughing and smiling while the trainer is screaming in his face.

Mic's grey and white fur made him a very noticeable mouse. Some said they could see him from a mile away, if only he didn't walk behind them the whole time. Yes, Mic's specialty was Stealth; so he became the commanding Stealth unit of the squad. Some said he was the roundest Stealth unit out there, and that he didn't belong in the category. Needless to say, they changed their minds after he earned the award for most kills by one single unit in 2012.

Mic: "So, my soldiers and friends, let's win this with flying colors. Let's do this!"

Units: "Woohoo!!! Yeah!"

Mic and his squad walked into the simulation room, where two lab rats worked at some computers in the center of the room. Scattered around the walls or white pods, shaped as if they were eggs. The units were wearing no armor, and had no weapons; the entire final was going to happen inside of a virtual reality. It was the safest way to train squads, but it's young technology; and a little glitchy.

Mic and his squad got into individual pods, as the lab rats tapped screens and clicked buttons. The pods closed over the units, and the simulation started. Before Mic's pod closed, he shouted at his units.

"Dinner's on me, boys!"

The squad just laughed as the computers whizzed up, and the pods sealed the units inside. The final simulation was starting, and Mic was as happy as he can be.

The world of millions of pixels slowly generated around the squad, as they loaded their weapons, and checked their armor. The clicking and squeaking of their tools excited them, and got them pumped up for the battle. The world around them generated into a desert, with high cliffs, and a stream to their right. There were no trees, just cacti and the remains of a village burnt by the Dark Union. Mic instantly started to take notes in his head of the terrain; his goal was to bunker down in a safe spot, and take out the other team that way. His was his greatest strategy, and was why his squad was such a success.

Mic: "Alright, make sure your weapons are nice and loaded. We spawned in a desert, so be prepared for weapons or you overheating. We'll bunker down in a safe spot, and draw the other team in."

The units nodded as they did as they were told. When they were ready they walked down the hill they were on, and looked for a safe place to bunker down. Within minutes, Joey (the Heavy Unit) found a nice indent in the ground, which was surrounded by cacti and would be hard for anyone to find or even penetrate.

Joey: "We can sit here, and snipe them off as you draw them in, Mic."

Mic: "Looks good, but Grenadiers will get us. We'll need someone up high to snipe them off."

Herald: "I'll do it, sir."

Herald, just an average Grunt Unit, raised his paw to volunteer for the job. He had been training to be a Stealth Unit in college and basic training, but became a Grunt when Mic took over the squad.

Mic: "You think you can do it, Herald?"

Herald: "You bet, sir!"

Mic: "Good, then go up on that hill over there, behind those bushes. Don't be seen, but see them. If you see a Grenadier, shoot him!"

Herald nodded as he jogged back to a hill that was behind the small indent. As he did, Mic looked towards his Shield Unit Grud and started to give him orders.

Mic: "Be ready to jump up, and block any incoming grenades or units. Joey and Rodger will shoot off the enemies."

Grud: "Sounds good, Mic."

Grud positioned himself behind Joey, and prepared himself and his shield for battle. Rodger smiled as he got into position too; he was already aiming his bazooka at what he thought the enemy would come from. His finger so close to the trigger, he smiled.

Suddenly, a flare shot into the sky and exploded into a fireworks show of red-shaded colors. The final battle had started, and both teams were ready.

Mic: "Stay in position, men! I'm going to go out into the center, and look for the Mech. Whichever team gets that is bound to win!"

Mic crawled out of the small indent in the ground, and started to run out. Before he got too far from the outpost, he clicked a button on his glove, and he turned invisible. Only problem was, another Stealth Unit would be able to detect him on radar; so he had to be careful on his part of the mission.

Herald crouched in the dry bushes on top of the hill, and looked out over the rocky valley. The valley was covered in cacti and boulders, it was basically a maze. There were mountains on opposite sides of the valley, a cliff laid to the left side of the valley, and a river laid to right side of the valley. In the center of the valley, he could see smoke risen from somewhere. Every simulation had a burned village or military outpost, which had a working Mech inside it. Whichever team got the Mech was sure to win.

As he stared at the smoke, something out of the corner of his eye got his attention. He heard scratching, and suddenly turned around and fired his blaster.




Herald breathed heavily as he looked at what he just shot. Just five feet away from him was an Engineer Unit of the other team. Herald mumbled under his breath.

"How did they get behind us!?"

Following his instincts and training, he simply called Mic through a radio headset. He wasn't retreating to the outpost, he would expose his squad.

Herald: "Mic, you hear me? We're in big trouble, sir, somehow the enemy squad got behind us."

Mic: "What!? Stay where you are, don't expose the rest of the squad. I'll get this Mech, and we'll destroy them."

Every unit had a radio that connected to each other on the same channel, so the other units heard what was going on.

Joey: "Whuh? Sir, Mic, we are not staying here than; we're in a bad position. Where do we go?"

Mic: "Head to the center where I am; so far I haven't seen the other squad."

Herald: "Sir, do I stay here?"

Mic: "Yes, be careful. Looks like you're now doing what you were trained to do: recon. Keep an eye out for us, don't let the other squad get off that hill."

Herald: "Alright, sir, I'll stay here and keep them away."

Herald crouched back down, readied his blaster, and kept a vigilant look on his surroundings. He wasn't about to fail at what he had trained so hard to do.

Mic ran up to the Mech, no longer visible now that he knew where the other squad was. The Mech was in the center of a burning, empty village. There were about 5 little shacks still standing, but not for long; they were ablaze. Mic investigated the Mech to make sure it was in working condition, and after a quick look over it was good. He grabbed onto one of the legs, and climbed up into the Mech. He opened the hatch to the inside of it, and hopped in. Finding the key on the ground, he picked it up, dusted it off, and placed it into the ignition. The Mech hummed loudly but softly, and came to life. Various lights turned on, and the screens inside lit up. Mic sat in the pilot's chair, flipped some switches, tapped some screens, and grabbed the handlebars. The massive machine came to life, and started to move.

Mic: "Now, where's my squad?"

Suddenly a beeping sound echoed throughout the cockpit, as the machine's computer detected three incoming objects. Mic piloted the Mech towards the location of the objects, and through the glass saw his squad. He gave them a thumbs-up as they walked into the village. Mic spoke to them through the Mech's speakers.

Mic: "We need to get back to Herald, he may be pinned down by the other squad and probably doesn't have much time left."

With several squeaks and cranks, the Mech bent downwards on its metallic knees, so that Joey, Grud, and Rodger could hop into the cabin in the back. They climbed into the Mech, got into their tight seats and buckled up, and then the Mech stood back up. Suddenly, the massive metal machine started to run across the dry sand of the desert. From 0 to 50 miles per hour, the Mech bolted across the landscape, and back to where Herald was.

Joey: "So, what's the plan, sir?"

Mic: "I'll drop you guys off at a certain point, and we'll stage an attack from there. Maybe you'll guys will distract them enough that they don't realize we got the Mech."

Joey: "Sounds good!"

Herald sat in the bush, constantly gripping his blaster. He was worried now, the other squad knew that their Engineer wasn't coming back, so they might come out looking for him. Every little cricket, leaf, or rush of wind startled him. He was alone in the desert, without his squad to back him up...and what was he? He was just a Grunt Unit. He didn't have anything great to fight with, just a blaster and 5 grenades on his belt. So, he hid, gripped, and waited for his squad to return.


The sudden rush a wind-swept leaf startled the Grunt, as he fired his blaster randomly through the bushes. When he realized there was no return fire, he stopped. Face palming, he mumbled to himself.

"Fool, you fool, you!"

Shooting his blaster created a loud sound, and alerted everyone and everything in the area of his location. Now he was very worried, cause most likely that other squad was coming right in his direction now. So he crouched back down, and prepared for the worse.

Mic drove the Mech right past where the squad settled themselves at earlier. The large Mech ran up the hill, and quickly the squad found Herald crouched in a bush with his blaster held tightly in his small paws.

Mic: "Herald, quick get in!"

Without responding, Herald jumped up and raced over towards the Mech.




Mic: "Grenade!"

Just as Mic shouted, Herald turned his head slightly towards behind him, only to be hit in the face by a furious explosion. The explosive projectiles ripped his face, heated his body up way beyond a dying temperature, and just like that, Herald died. His body fell on the ground, as smoke rose from the small crater of the explosion. Mic cursed and yelled as he drove the Mech back onto its feet, and fired randomly in the direction in which the grenade was thrown. Suddenly, the enemy squad (painted red) burst through the bushes and fired at the Mech from all sides.

Mic: "Hold on, we're going make a run for it!"

Mic slammed his fist on a large, red button and the Mech suddenly shot up into the sky; however, only for a short time. The Mech flew up at an angle, and then started to fall back to the ground again. The Mech landed with a giant thud...100 tails from where it had jumped. Mic lowered the Mech, and ordered his squad to get out.

"We're going have to hit them head on. You guys think we can handle that? I know it's not our typical strategy, but we got no choice."

Joey: "Fine, with me, sir. This is finals after all!"

Grud: "I'll block any blasts coming for Joey, Rodger will cover our backs, and you, sir, can lead us."

Mic: "I don't like taking orders from my units, but that there is a great idea! Position, men! We're taking out these red fools."

As ordered, the units got into position. Rodger laid on a boulder, and positioned his bazooka. Grud and Joey discussed their plan quickly and prepared their weapons, while Mic jumped into the Mech and prepared himself and it for battle.

Mic: "Alright, men, let's go."

The rest of the squad saluted, and moved out except for Rodger who stayed behind to watch their backs. The three units jogged through the dry terrain. Mic led the way in the Mech, Joey jogged besides Grud, and Grud kept a firm grip on his shield ready to move it in a split second. The squad came over to a group of cacti, and positioned themselves behind the cacti when they saw a faint sliver of red in the distance. Mic took no chance, he piloted the Mech out from behind the cacti and fired at the seen red spot. Sure enough, a thud and bang were heard as Grunt Unit fell out of the bushes dead.

Mic: "Open fire on that hill!"

Acting swiftly, Joey and Mic fired all their weapons at the small hill. Hearing them on the radio, Rodger aimed his bazooka-about 50 tails away-and fired it. The projectile flew through the air, and within seconds it crashed into the small hill and exploded into thousands of pieces. At that second the enemy gave up hiding, and fired everything they had. Mic panicked as the Mech as struck by grenades and shots from blasters. He aimed the Mech's machine gun at the source of enemy-fire and let loose.


Several thuds were heard, and a sense of encouragement came over Mic as the enemy fire decreased; but it was still there. Mic called to Joey through the radio.

"Charge up your blast one-hundred percent, and blow those slugs up! I'll keep them down with some blasts!"

Joey: "Sir, yes, sir!"

Joey lifted his blaster slightly higher, flicked a switch, and then aimed at the small hill. Squeezing the trigger, the blaster charged up, as Mic kept any enemy fire away from Joey. Just 25 seconds passed, and the blaster as fully charged. Joey let the trigger go, and the blaster fired a mighty ball of dangerously unstable charged blue berries. The ball of explosives flew through the air, into the bushes, and exploded with a mighty explosion.





Smoke floated through the air as the shock wave settled. The grass and bushes were more than burnt to a crisp, they were entirely gone in some places. Nearby rocks and boulders were steaming hot, and were covered in ashes. The air was heated up at least 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than it was before, and hopefully any enemies were completely destroyed. As Mic turned his head back towards the scene of the explosion, he saw that there were a couple of enemy units killed. And, sure enough, sirens went off, and lights out of nowhere started to flash. A voice from nowhere echoed across the whole world, as it said.

"Final test battle over. Squad T6Q879T wins."

Mic and his squad cheered greatly as the pixelated world around them dissolved.

Mic: "We did it! We won the finals!"

The world slowly dissolved, and the lab quickly came back to life as the egg-shaped pods opened up. Despite being partially blind, Mic jumped out of his quickly and cheered. He was so happy, despite losing one of his units, his squad pulled through and they won. He was soon joined by his units as they cheered, and congratulated each other. They couldn't even imagine how foolish the other squad must have felt right now, in the other lab just a few tails away.

Mic: "Congrats, men! Tonight, we will feast in victory!"

Grud: "Finally, something other than those rotten Grub Yums."

Herald: "Yes, maybe we'll have some well-cooked grasshoppers with a large side of fresh fruits from the far lands."

Grud: "Really? Man, I've always wanted to try that."

Mic: "Well, no matter the cost, like I said, dinner's on me, boys. Congrats!"

Herald: "Thanks, sir."

Mic: "No problem, Herald. What else could I do for my squad?"

The cheerful mice bit into the juicy, fresh, delicious, leafy salads. The salads were greener than any RocketSnail, and were crunchier than any cracker. The salad was drizzled in smooth, creamy ranch, and it was peppered with crushed remains of spiced crackers. The salad was tastier than any food served at the Academy, and was a real treat for the victorious squad. The squad was celebrating at the Loner Cafe, the best place for salads in the entire Colony. Tourists would travel to it from all over Roden, just to get one bowl of salad. Mic lifted his wooden jug, and gave a toast.

"Men, we did great today. We accomplished finals, not with flying colors, but definitely better than the other squad!"

Mic giggled as he looked behind his shoulder to see the squad they fought just an hour ago. Both squads weren't rude or mean, because they both graduated...even though Mic's squad dominated the arena. The other commander stood up with his mug, and gave a toast too.

"You did good out there, Mic. You'll make a great addition to the army."

Mic: "You and your squad will too, sir. You guys were quite a challenge."

Commander: "Maybe one day we can work together for the greater good, on a real battlefield."

Mic: "Yeah, and without as many losses I hope."

The two commanders drank out of their mugs as the two squads clapped. Despite the competition between these two squads, they didn't become rivals. Both Mic and the other commander believed that squads should form rivals with each other, because it could lead to countless deaths on the battlefield. So, these two squads were very different from everyone else. Mic picked up some leaves of his salad with a wooden fork, and took another bite. The squad started to chat about the battle, and reliving moments from other tests. Mic just sat there, smiled, and ate. Suddenly Mic got up from the table, excused himself, and walked over to the restrooms as his squad ignored him and continued talking. He walked across the wooden floors to the bucks' restroom, and went in.


Mic locked the door, and instantly his bodily functions were ignored by some noise coming from an alley behind the Loner Cafe. There was a small fogged window in the upper corner of the restroom, so Mic decided to get a better sense of the noise. He stuck his ear against the window, and heard two mice arguing. Or was it a mouse and a rat? He couldn't decide, so he just focused on what they were saying.

Mouse 1: "I don't have the disk, I'm sorry! I don't have access to that area of the archives."

Mouse 2: "That's not what you said two weeks ago! You said you could get it for me! My whole life depends on this disk, do you understand!?"

Mic heard a fist slamming into a open hand, and slow footsteps.

Mouse 2: "Why did you lie to me!?"

Mouse 1: "I didn't lie; two weeks ago I could get into that area of the archives. But between now and then I was demoted....I'm sorry."

The first mouse's voice was sounding a little more fearful, and Mic could sense things were probably going to get rough soon. Acting quickly, Mic quietly loosened the bolts on the window, and opened it quietly. He was about two tails off the ground, not a bad jumping distance. He looked forward slightly, and saw the two mice. Mouse two was large, furry, and was missing half of his left ear. He wore a brown leather jacket, and dark green cloth shorts. Mouse one was wearing cleaner clothes; he wore a blue undershirt, with a white un-buttoned suit. His pants were white as well. Mic crawled from the window, and leaped to the ground quickly. He yelled at the two mice, not favoring one or the other.

"What's going on here?"

Mouse 2: "Just some friendly negotiating, bub. Now leave!"

Mic: "Really? Friendly? Sounded like you were brought to explode into a fiery ball of anger."

Mouse 2: "What a fascinating way of describing things! NOW LEAVE!"

The second mouse was getting more and more rude, and a fight was foreseeable. Mic placed his right paw on his thigh, and gripped his knife just in case. He looked at the other mouse, and asked him a question.

"What's your name?"

Mouse 1: "Wilt, my name is Wilt. Mister Happy-Face here is Bruce."

Before Mic even realized it, the second mouse Bruce swung out his own knife, and pointed it right at Mic's nose. As soon as he could, Mic pulled out his own knife, and placed it at Bruce's thigh. Both were deadly locations to be stabbed at.

Bruce: "You should have left, buddy when I told you to."

Wilt: "Alright, Bruce, calm down. Is this really needed? Over a stupid disk?"

Bruce: "You have no idea what's on that disk do you?"

Instantly Mic became more interested in what was going on here.

Wilt: "Well, what is on it?"

Bruce: "I don't know exactly, but my dark boss has plans for it."

That was the tipping point for Mic. The term dark boss usually was related to the Dark Union, and that brought this entire situation into government matters. Instantly, Mic slipped to his right, jumped into the air, and double-foot kicked Bruce in the face. The large mouse yelled, and tumbled over as if he was a giant tripping over. Wilt's jaw dropped as he saw what just happened.

Wilt: "Is he knocked out?"

Mic: "Yeah,'re both under arrest."

Wilt: "Oh....."

Chapter 2: An Adventure Begins Edit

A dozen officers dotted the back alley way, as the two mice Wilt and Bruce were pawcuffed and placed in the transports. Mic was talking to a high-ranking officer, describing what happened. A detective looked around at the area, seeing if all the evidence supported Mic's story. Meanwhile, the Fantas Squad stood behind officer lines on the sidewalk outside of the alley. When Mic was done being interrogated, he walked over to his squad.

Joey: "Well, what did he say?"

Mic: "I'm good to go; they said they found no reason to imprison me. But, for those two mice over there, things don't look too good."

Herald: "What do you mean, Mic?"

Mic: "They're being imprisoned and interrogated. Whatever was going on, has got the attention of the government. That disk the two were talking about is located at Council Hall; you know, where the Grand Council meets every now and then to discuss laws."

Joey: "Oh boy, so this affects the highest ranking officials of the Colony?"

Mic: "Yeah, who could have guessed?"

Rodger: "Where to now, Mic? I don't feel like sticking around here, I kind of want to celebrate!"

Mic: "I didn't have anything planned, I wasn't 100% sure we would win. I guess we'll just tour the city."

Joey: "Sounds good to me, sir!"

The squad left the crime scene, ready to party in the city.




The red suitcase was smashed by his fury fists, as Mic tried to close his suitcase full of stuff. After finals, every squad moves out of the Academy, either back to their homes, or to a military base. Right now the Fantas Squad was being sent to a military base in the Northern parts of the Colony, where it was cold and somewhat empty of people. The base was located on the outskirts of a mining village, situated on the side of a snowy mountain. So the squad was packing up all their personal belongings and clothes, and Mic had a lot of them.

Mic: "Dang it! This stupid suitcase isn't big enough for all my stuff. Can I borrow some space in one of yours, guys?"

Grud: "No, I barely have enough space as it is. Maybe you should stop hoarding all of your pictures of bushes."

The rest of the squad laughed, but Mic wasn't amused/

Mic: "They're not pictures of bushes or shrubs, they're pictures of my home. For snail's snake, guys!"

Joey: "To be honest, sir, you do hoard a lot of stuff. It may not be pictures, but maybe those small pots in your suitcase."

Mic reached into his suitcase and pulled out a brown clay pot. The pot was decorated with randomly drawn and colored circles. The brown pot had blue, red, and green circles dotted across it. It appeared slightly old, about 50 years old at least, but it was shining in the bright light of the room.

Mic: "These things have been with me since I was a pup. My grandmother, who was trapped within in the Dark Union's borders, mailed them to my mom when she was young. Then my mom passed them down to me; it's a important heirloom in my family now!"

Joey: "Alright, alright, you've explained that a million times already. Point is, you do need to get rid of at least one thing in your suitcase to make room. Something big, too!"

Mic paused for a moment, looked into his suitcase. He shrugged, and pulled something out of. He pulled a leather covered object out, and held it in both of his paws evenly. He stared at it for awhile, shrugged, and then proceeded to walk over to his bunk. There was an air vent below his bunk, so he got down on his belly and stuck his paw out towards the vent. He opened it, and then put the object in there. He close the vent, got back up, and then zipped up his suitcase slightly easier.

Grud: "What was that?"

Mic: "A broken knife from my grand uncle. He loved pulling pranks on people, what better way to use his old knife than to drive someone insane with a rattling noise in the air vent?"

Joey laughed, and the other units kind of giggled. Mic picked up his suitcase, and walked out into the hallway. He trotted over to the other side of the busy hallway, turned around and looked at the bunk-room he and his squad had lived in together in the past year. The metal door had a digital sign above it that said Room A56: Fantas Squad. Originally the sign gave the squad's serial number, but that day it changed when the squad officially picked their name. Just seconds later, the rest of the squad walked out of the room hauling their suitcases. Mic smiled, and they headed down the hallway. Mic turned around for a quick second, and saw the sign above their old room change. It was official, Mic and his squad were done. They were finally going to be on the real battlefield, fighting for the Colony, and stopping the Dark Union in their tracks. However, it was going to happen in a way that all units would remember forever with honor.

The WURM rocketed through the dark tunnel at top speed. The rickety machine screeched across the tracks, carrying its cargo. The WURM was pulling five carts, all with precious cargo for the military base Poncho Sotcho. It carried weapons, ammunition, some food, and of course the Fantas Squad and another squad as well. Both squads were kind of quiet. The Fantas Squad just got out of the Academy, the other squad had graduated 5 years before them. So the two were very different, one squad was excited to fight the Dark Union, while the other wanted nothing to do with war anymore. The war currently going on was tough on them, with the fact that the DU has a new army of robotic bugs that have been destroying everything in their paths.

Joey: "This squad isn't very friendly."

Mic looked at Joey, and responded.

"Well, war can do a lot to some people. I think they've been in the battlefield for about 5 five years now."

Joey: "Wow! And we're just starting."

The WURM suddenly made a tight turn, and all the passengers suddenly leaned far to the right. The sound of objects sliding across the floor echoed throughout the cabin.

Joey: "These things are such a piece of junk! Why does the military still use them?"

Mic: "Because they're cheap. All this scientific studying, engineering, citizens being poor, has put the government in a bad place. I'm surprised we can even fight the Dark Union at all."

The WURM suddenly made a squeaking noise, and started to slow down. It seemed as if the squads had finally reached their destination. The commander from the other squad groaned happily.

"Finally, it's about we get here!"

The WURM crawled up to the loading bay, and stopped. The seatbelt sign turned off, and the doors to the inside of the WURM opened up. The passengers looked out the doors to see a loading bay stuffed with engineers, who quickly went to work on unloading the WURM and preparing it for its next departure. A mouse, obviously a general as was determined from his appearance, walked up to the doors of the WURM to welcome the two new squads.

"Welcome to Mech Mice military base Poncho Sotcho. I am General Ty, the overseer and leader of the squads at this base. I believe one of you is a newer squad-the Fantas Squad-fresh from the Academy? While we also have some older units here, with a little more experience?"

The commander from the other squad responded quickly as he picked up his bag.

"You can bet your boots, sir! I and my squad have fought on the front lines of the war, and have witnessed death up close."

Ty: "Glad to hear that you have experience, but it seems like you have little experience in honor and respecting your leaders."

Ty turned to Mic, who was about to walk out of the WURM with his suitcase.

"So you must be the new recruit, the one I've heard so much about?"

Mic: "Yes, sir, my squad completed the final test with flying colors. We earned awards in the Academy, sir, and were in the top five in points in the Academy. I've learned about your work here, sir, I'm glad that my squad was sent here. This base hasn't seen many battles, but is still very important to the safety of the Colony, sir."

Ty: "Congratulations on completing the final tests well, many great squads have done that; well not the Genesis Squad, and maybe some others that I can't remember. By the way, I have a suspicion you might rise up fast with that attitude."

When both squads got all their personal belongings and were off the WURM, Ty called out to them.

Ty: "Alright, I'm going to show you to the barracks. From there you'll meet Commander Wren, he'll show you around the base and give you all the information you need."

The two squads followed Ty out of the loading bay, and into the cloudy outside. The loading bay was directly underneath the center of the base, so everything was easy to get to from the loading bay. The base was very flat, and large. It included scores of buildings, most of them very large. The base itself was situated on a flat area of land, which rested on the side of a mountain. The large base looked down on the small mining village, which was named the same as the base. The base was well above the village, and on a clear day could view just about everything in the surrounding valleys.

Ty: "As you can see, we're very high up in the mountains. That's why the WURM took so many turns towards the end of the trip."

Joey quickly whispered to Mic.

"See what I mean? These WURMS can't even go straight up, they have to take a spiral track up."

Ty led the squads for a couple of tails, until they finally reached the barracks. Leading them inside, Ty welcomed the two squads to Commander Wren. Wren was a short and skinny mouse. He had reddish fur, and his face was painted with black face paint. He wore his battle uniform, which was bulky and most mice didn't wear it when they didn't need to. So, maybe Wren was someone who was always prepared for the worse.

Wren: "I am Commander Wren, commander of the Titan Squad and second in command here at Poncho Sotcho. I'm glad you're here, we've needed two new squads for about a year now. The ones before you had retired, and no squads were yet available to replace them."

Ty: "As I said before, Wren will show you around the base, and give you your schedules. You start in your positions today! Wren, how about you show them around now? I have more important matters to deal with."

Wren: "Yes, sir."

Ty walked out of the barracks, and disappeared. The barracks was a long building, with two rows of beds. It fit 100 beds on each wall, making it the longest building in the base. And it wasn't the only one, there were two of them. The floor was plain old wood, and each bed had one bedside table and a trunk at the foot of it. The building had windows stretching the entire distance of it, and what few walls there were they were painted a dark green. The beams for the roof were made out of large sticks from a nearby forest, and were visible because there was no second floor.

Wren: "This is obviously the barracks we're standing in at the moment, the men's barracks to be exact. The women's barracks is a few tails away. Unlike at the Academy, squads usually do not sleep in the same barracks here."

Wren looked at Mic and the Fantas Squad, and said.

"You, Fantas Squad, you get this side of the barracks."

Wren pointed his paw to his right, motioning for the Fantas Squad to put their belongings down and pick beds. Wren did the same to the other squad.

Wren: "Alright, now I'll show you around the base. And afterwards I give you your jobs for the day."

Wren: "And here is the mess hall."

The squads walked into a large, open building with many tables and benches. To their left was a large industrial kitchen hidden behind a white wall, and several openings in the wall where the food came out of. The floor was made out of unrefined stone, and Wren seemed to point this out very much.

"These stones came from excavation projects on the mountain, in order to make room for the base. But anyways, this is where everyone eats."

Wren's voice echoed throughout the massive building. He turned to the squads, and said smiling.

"Alright, that's it for the tour. Now, your jobs for today are on this clipboard."

Wren pointed to a clipboard hanging from a nail in the wall behind the two squads. The squads turned around, and slowly walked over to the clipboard. Mic grabbed it off the wall first, and looked at what he and his squad was doing for the day.

Mic: "Uhh, dish washing...all of us."

The Fantas Squad was evidently disappointed with that; they thought that with all their skills, they would be assigned something like guard duty...not dish washing. Mic handed the clipboard to the other commander, who looked it over for his squad's jobs.

Commander: "Hmmm...midnight guard duty on the armory. Sounds good, sir!"

The commander hung the clipboard back up on the nail, and he and his squad soon left the building. The Fantas squad stayed there, because now the chef was shouting at them.

"HEY! Are you those newbies I heard were coming to this here base? I think I heard somethin' 'bout dish washing for these, pups."

The chef had a very strong Urg accent, and his fur was golden color. He was a very chubby mouse, which wasn't a surprise, many chefs in the Colony ate more than they gave. He wore the usual white apron, only his was very dirty. It was smudged with slime, brown spots, and some of the Fantas Squad were wondering if that was a snail hanging from one the central pocket.

Wren: "Zuto, this is the Fantas Squad; they recently graduated from the Academy, and, yes, they do have dish washing duty today."

Zuto: "Good! I need some 'elp in this here kitchen, all these dirty dishes need some cleanin'."

Wren: "Fantas Squad, good luck!"

With that, Wren quickly exited the mess hall, leaving the Fantas Squad and Zuto alone in the big empty building. Zuto looked at Mic through the serving window of the kitchen, and yelled at him.

"Hey! You, you look like da leader of this here squad. What's your name, pup?"

Mic: "My name is Mic, sir. This is my squad the Fantas Squad. Here we have Joey, Rodger, Herald, and Grud."

Zuto: "Nice to meet you 'll."

Zuto walked away from the window, and opened up the door to the kitchen. He waved to the squad, and said.

"Come on in, folks. I got 'ork for ya to do."

Joey: "Wait, what?"

Zuto: "'Ork! You know, stuff for ya to do. Idiot."

Mic quickly whispered to Joey.

"He meant 'work', his accent is very strong."

Joey: "Oh, well this could lead to some problems. My village wasn't and still isn't very diverse in languages."

The squad walked into the industrial kitchen, which was actually pretty big. The room was divided down the middle by a large, wooden cutting and preparing table. On the back wall was an array of ovens and stoves, and on the left side of the room were cabinets. On the right side of the wall there were sinks. Pots and pans hung above the middle of the room, and resources were scattered across the room. Of course, over by the sinks were piles of dishes reaching 2 tails high! The piles of dishes were taller than all of the Fantas Squad, but only because the dishes were placed on tables and in sinks.

Herald: "Oh man! This is a lot of dishes, how do you clean this many dishes?"

Zuto: "I don't, pup, I get da soldiers to do that kind of thing. I just cook da 'ood."

Joey sighed underneath his breath, he just couldn't understand a word that the chef was saying. Mic looked over to Joey, and kind of giggled; he knew why Joey sighed.

Zuto: "A'right, rags are under dis here table."

Zuto slapped the table in the middle of the kitchen with his paw, and then pointed with his paw towards the sink.

"The soap 'nd stuff's down there. Clean dose dishes, and put dem in dat cabinet up here."

Zuto pointed to the array of cabinets on the other side of the room.

Zuto: "I got to prepare the 'lugs for dinner. I'll be 'ack in a little bit, don't mess up!"

Zuto quickly walked out of the kitchen, and then left the mess hall all together.

Rodger: "Wow, this kitchen is like my mom's kitchen back home. It's old style!"

Herald: "Indeed, even the kitchen at the Academy is more advanced than this. They used steel and metal, not wood!"

Herald picked up a dirty, wooden bowl to back up his statement. Suddenly, a drop of leftover stew dripped out of the bowl and splat on the floor.

Rodger: "And even the floors were more advanced at the Academy. This floor is stone, not metal or wood!"

Joey: "Guys, stop complaining. Admit, this kitchen is better than your old homes. This colony has made sacrifices to defeat the Dark Union."

Mic: "Yeah, let's just cleaning alright, guys? I and Joey and Grud will wash the dishes, Rodger, Herald you two put them away."

Herald: "You make up a game plan for everything don't you, sir?"

Mic: "It's best always to."

Mic grabbed a rag, soak it, and started cleaning. He chanted in his head 'All great squads start out small. All great squads start out small'.

"Ack! These 'arn 'lugs are so sticky! Why can't da 'tupid company fix da problem?"

The chubby chef grumbled and complained as slime from the box of cans got all over his paws. He couldn't clean the slime off yet, because he was carrying the box. He quickly walked into the kitchen, and raced over to the sink. He turned the faucet on, and washed off his paws.

"Yuck! These 'lugs, why can't dis stinking military buy some 'eal food every now and den?"

As Zuto finished cleaning off his paws, and drying them off, he noticed something odd. There were no dishes by the sinks anymore, they were all gone. He looked around, very very confused.

"'Ell, no squad finishes da dishes dat fast!"

He trotted over to the cabinets, and opened one up: it was full of dishes. The curious chef pulled one of them out, and inspected it: it was shining with cleanness!

"They also don't clean dem dis well!"

Zuto quickly put the plate back, and checked the other side of the cabinet, and the other, and the other, and the other. Every single one was full of sparkling clean dishes. He was amazed, no squad did this good of a job that quick before as far as he was aware.



Zuto turned to the kitchen door to see Mic standing there.

Mic: "We're done with the dishes, may we go now?"

Zuto: "Go! Go! You deserve dis! These dishes are wonderful, have the 'ole rest of da day off. Dis is better than any other squad's doings."

Mic: "Really, sir?"

Zuto: "Yes! Thank you, I 'ay just get you guys to do more of dis."

Mic: "Yeah, but not forever, we belong on the battlefield."

Zuto: "Ah, but for now, you belong in da kitchen. Go on now, explore the base. You did 'ood today, thank you."

Mic: "Alright, your welcome, sir!"

Mic and his squad quickly left the kitchen. They stopped right outside the mess hall, and looked around the base.

Herald: "Well, what should we do, sir?"

Mic: "Meh, let's go see what's going on in the recreation building. Chef gave us the whole day off, so I guess he has the power to do that."

The squad cheered. If they loved anything more than fighting, it was kicking back and relaxing with some boardgames or listening to music with friends.



The sounds of swinging keys were accompanied by light footsteps in the dark cell hall. The hall was made purely of reinforced concrete, and had few lights hanging from the ceiling. The walls were cracking, and were dripping wet from leaking pipes. The floor was dotted with puddles, full of dark, icky water. The footsteps were getting louder, closer to Bruce's cell. The furry mouse was sitting on his bunk, staring at the wall and just listening to his cellmates yell out and do their own things...while he waited for freedom. Finally the echo of the footsteps stopped, right outside of Bruce's cell. He turned his head over his shoulder, and saw a guard standing there in full uniform with keys in one paw and a beating stick in the other.

Bruce: "What took you so long?"

Guard: "Boss wanted to just wait a little while longer, to throw the government off."

Bruce: "Yeah, but now we're behind. I'll have to make haste."

Bruce was much calmer than he was in the alley when he met Mic. He seemed to be a mouse of many personalities.

Guard: "Yeah, well the boss has the next destination for you. He wants you to head to Poncho Sotcho; rumor has it there's some valuable info for the Dark Union there."

Bruce: "Really?! Alright, what are you waiting for?! Let's go."

The guard quickly opened up the cell door, and he and Bruce quickly jogged out of the cell hall. But before they got into the next section of the prison, the guard stopped and pulled a small remote out from his pocket.

"I almost forgot; silly me."

The guard pressed the only button on the remote.


A giant explosion destroyed the cell Bruce was just in. The explosion destroyed the entire cell, and burnt nearby cells to a crisp. The other jailed creatures started yelling and screaming as sirens echoed throughout the prison.

Guard: "Let's go!"

The guard and Bruce quickly made a run for it.


Joey hollered as he made a move on the board game, winning the game for him. He was playing Mancala Snails with Herald, and both of them were self-proclaimed professionals at it. They had bet money earlier on who would win, and now Herald owed Joey 10 MM dollars. As Joey celebrated, Herald stared at the board in confusion.

Herald: " did you beat me?"

Joey: "It's called skill, which you don't have!"

Herald: "But I never lost a game with my family members."

Joey: "Well then they were probably worse than you; look on the bright side! Now, where's my money?"

Joey motioned with his paw for Herald to hand him the money over.

Herald: "Ugh, fine!"

Reaching into his pocket, Herald pulled out 10 dollars and placed it in Joey's paw. Joey investigated the bills, making sure that they were the real deal.

Herald: "What are you going to buy with that anyways?"

Joey: "A nice juicy, crunchy, delicious salad from the mining village down below. I just got to get an exit pass."

As Joey pondered how to get an exit pass from the base, Mic and Rodger were playing a card game with units from another squad. Apparently, Mic and Rodger were winning. The group sat at a round table, all with 10 cards in their paws and a giant pile of cards in the middle of the table. A single light hung over the green felt table. Herald look at his cards, then stuck his paw into the pile of cards.

"I bet 50 chips that I will pull out a red diamond card from this pile."

The other players slightly gasped; 50 chips equals 100 dollars in reality. If Rodger guessed right, all the other players would have to pay him 50 chips each. If he got it wrong, he would have to pay them 50 chips each. Rodger breathed out, grabbed a random card with his paw, pulled it out of the pile, and then smiled: he guessed right. Instantly the other players, even Mic, booed him. A Heavy Unit at the table threw down his cards in disbelief and shouted.

"Cheater! Cheater, I know you're cheating!"

Rodger: "You're just saying that 'cause you're not winning. Sorry, buddy."

As the players handed over 50 chips each to Rodger, Grud was relaxing on a chair by a cozy fireplace on the other side of the room. Sure he liked games and socializing, but today he just wanted to rest up and relax by the fire. He stared at the flames in the fireplace with interest, as he played with a smooth ball in his paws. Like others, he was always interested in the elegance of fire. The way the flames danced across the air just amazed him.

Herald: "Hey, what are you doing Mr. Loner?"

Herald trotted over to Grud, and sat in a chair across from him.

Grud: "Just resting up, Herald."

Herald: "Resting?! We haven't even done anything yet, and you're resting? Seriously?"

Grud: "I think we may clean up the dishes after dinner, so I'm preparing myself for that trauma again."

Herald: "Trauma?! Grud, you're crazy. Have some fun, washing dishes isn't that hard."

Herald smiled as he got up from his chair, and walked away to spectate the gambling game Mic and Rodger were playing. Meanwhile, Grud stared at the fireplace alone.

Two small scout bugs from the Dark Union crawled up to the top of the small boulder, and looked around at the landscape. The two were in a small valley surrounded on two sides by large mountains. The landscape was mainly barren, with it being covered in rocks, boulders, gravel, and ice. There were some specks of grass, but not enough to sustain life. The two bugs looked out to the side of the nearest mountain, and they saw lights in the distance. Their cameras zoomed in on the lights, and they saw a military base...Poncho Sotcho to be exact. The base was lively as the units there prepared for dinner. The bugs started to take pictures of the walls surrounding the base, the guard towers, the guards, the buildings inside, and the area around the base. When they had taken at least over 200 pictures, they left the area and headed up north; their mission was done.

Chapter 3: War Edit

A lone guard stood in the northern watch tower of Poncho Sotcho. He had a sniper rifle leaning against the small wall of the post, and he kept his trained eyes on the northern areas. He occasionally looked down at the base as well, but he was positioned there to keep an eye on the outside world. The area north of the base was barren, nothing could survive there for long. Creatures either froze to death, or starved in those mountains. A cold breeze rushed the mouse, and he reacted by squinting his eyes. Once the breeze past, he opened his eyes again and rubbed them with his grey paws. He looked back out onto the mountains, and for a second he though he saw something. He shook his head, not believing he saw anything; but he still kept an eye out. Then something moving in the mountains caught his attention, and it was a real thing this time. He grabbed his binoculars, and looked out to where he saw the moving object. In the barren, rocky landscape he saw a large mouse slowly walking through the cold wind towards the base. The guard quickly turned around, and pressed a button on a dashboard.



A short-lived alarm echoed throughout the base, alerting the other guards that something was coming. Almost instantly, the supervising commander Wren raced over to the watch tower and climbed up the ladder to it. When he got to the top, the guard was looking at the incoming mouse again.

Wren: "What is it, unit?"

Guard: "There's a mouse out there, sir. He's alone, and looks as if he needs help."

Wren: "I'll send a squad out, keep an eye on that loner."

Wren quickly climbed back down the ladder, and raced over to his office. The office was made of wood, and had two desks in it. One for Wren, and one for his sergeant. Bookshelves cluttered the room, and a single ceiling fan hung from the middle of the ceiling. The sergeant was sitting at his desk, eating a bowl of Grub Yum soup. He cringed with every spoonful he put in his mouth. Wren walked over to his desk, and started looking through the files in shelves behind his desk.

Sergeant: "What as that alarm for, sir?"

Wren: "The guard in the north eastern watch tower spotted someone approaching a base. I need a squad to go out there and get to him, before he dies or does something bad."

Sergeant: "Just send out the Fantas Squad, sir. We give all the newbies the grunt work...right?"

Wren: "Most of the time, yes. I guess they do qualify."

Wren hastily sat down at his desk, pulled a microphone up close to him, pressed a button on it, and then spoke into it.

"Fantas Squad report to the northern gate, this is an emergency. I repeat, report to the northern gate."

His voice echoed throughout the base through speakers hanging from just about every building. Wren stood up from his desk, and trotted out of the office. He started to walk over to the gate, just as the Fantas Squad caught up to him. Wren was surprised, and turned his head towards Mic.

"We have a lone mouse out in the mountains, he's walking towards the base. Go out there, and deal with him. Got your weapons?"

Mic: "We all have small blasters on us, sir, not our usual gear."

Wren: "Good enough, shouldn't be that big of a threat anyway. Now get out there!"

Mic: "Yes, sir!"

The Fantas Squad ran out the northern gate, which really just led into a mouse-made tunnel in the mountain. Not shortly after beginning, the tunnel made a sharp turn to the right: to outside the mountain. The exit was closed with a giant steel door, which opened as the Fantas Squad approached it. The cold wind howled as the door opened, and the squad jogged out into a blizzard. The wind brushed their fur, and the cold snowflakes collected on them. They saw the lone mouse up ahead, and jogged over to him.

Mic: "You, you there, stay where you are! You're coming with us!"

The mouse stopped his painful walking, and looked over towards the squad. He saw them jogging over to them, and then started walking over to them. He moved slowly, and looked to be in pain. As he neared the squad, he suddenly fell on his knees and then collapsed face down in the snow. Mic was the first to reach him, and quickly picked the unknown mouse up. Rodger ran over and helped Mic lift the large mouse.

Rodger: "He's a big one!"

Mic: "Ugh. Yeah, he is."

The squad started walking back to the base through the quick and stinging wind. Mic looked at the mouse he was carrying, to see if he could spot his face. The unknown mouse's face was covered in snow and ice, it was impossible for Mic to make out any features on his face; other than that he was large. However, something about the mouse seemed familiar to Mic. Nevertheless, he and Rodger carried him through the storm.

Wrapped in a warm cloth blanket, the large mouse sipped some tea from a wooden cup as he warmed up in the open cell. The general had nowhere else to put the mouse, and he didn't want him getting in the way of the army. So into a cell the mouse went, but the cell wasn't locked and its door was opened. An interrogator walked into the cell hall, and into the mouse's cell.

Interrogator: "I'm Hatch, what's your name, buddy?"

The interrogator Hatch sat on a bunk opposite of the mouse.

Mouse: "I'm Mo."

Hatch: "Nice to meet you, Mo. Hey, what were you doing out there during a blizzard?"

Mo: "I got lost while on a hike; I've been gone for a week."

Hatch: "Do you live here?"

Mo: "Yeah, I'm a merchant. So I'm never really in the same spot for too long."

Hatch: "So where did you go hiking, Mo?"

Mo: "You ask a lot of questions, Hatch. But anyways, I was hiking on the other side of the mountains; I like to get off the beaten path. I got lost, and figured I would walk back up the mountain. But then I sustained an injury, and was stuck on the side of the mountain for days. Finally I healed up to walk a bit further, but then this blasted blizzard rolled in!"

Hatch: "Yes, the lead Medic Unit here told us you had sustained an your head and lower left leg. How did that happen?"

Mo: "Can't remember, I think some dumb rocks fell on me and I got knocked out."

Hatch: "Makes sense to me. Well thanks for your cooperation. We'll get you back to the village by tomorrow. In the meantime, do not leave this building. Do I make myself clear?"

Mo: "Yeah, sir!"

Mo jokingly saluted-while taking a sip of his tea-Hatch as he left the cell hall.

The guard stood in his lonely tower, watching the dark mountains for any movement or anything odd. The cold, harsh wind struck his tough face. The wind muffled out every noise, and the giant falling snowflakes made it hard to see anything. The temperature was well below freezing, and ice seemed to have formed anywhere it could. The winter had stricken Roden surprisingly, it was an early and cold winter. Nevertheless, the guard did his best to make sure nothing terrible could happen to the base or its inhabitants or its contents. Then, in the distance, a short-lived glow caught the guard's attention. He looked at where the light was spotted, but saw nothing but rocks and some patches of grass. Then a faint light showed for a second to the right of the guard, and it too disappeared. The guard become worried, two glowing objects were out there...and he was sure it wasn't mice carrying lanterns. Just as he was about to alert his overseer, the ground started to shake violently.




The whole mountain and base shook violently for a few seconds. Lights fell from ceilings, bookshelves tumbled over, buildings swung back and forth, and no mouse or rat or snail was able to stand up straight. A random unit shouted out.


But this wasn't an ordinary earthquake: it wasn't stopping. Earthquakes end after a few seconds or minutes, but this one would not stop. The guard in his tower braced onto the railings of his shaking tower, trying to keep steady. He looked out into the snowy mountains, and saw the ground beginning to crack open. The cracks grew larger, and a ominous red glow emitted from deep inside them. Just as soon as things started, they got worse. Spontaneously, the ground directly outside the base burst open, and a giant, robotic, metallic, red colored, Dark Union, battle worm shot out from the ground. The beast roared at the base, and its red glow could be seen from all over the base. The guard screamed at his comrades below.


The worm was soon accompanied by a second one, which popped out from the ground next to him. Then, thousands of robotic bugs crawled out from the dark mountains. The bugs instantly started to climb up the walls of the base, as the battle worms started firing weapons at the interior of the base. Units inside scrambled for the armory, as the guards in the towers became overran by enemy bugs. Within seconds the bugs had entered the base, and started destroying everything in their path. But not without some resistance, squads quickly assembled their weapons and fought back the bugs. The Fantas Squad scrambled for their weapons inside the armory. As Mic strapped on his armor, he gave commands to his units.

"Joey, Rodger, aim your primary weapons at the battle worms. Grud, you and Herald and I will shoot off any bugs that come anywhere near any Heavy or Bazooka Grunt Units. Got it?"

Whole squad: "Yes, sir!"

Joey lifted up his blaster in his paws, and powered it up. Rodger pulled his bazooka out, brushed it, armed it, and smiled with it in his paws. Grud strapped his shield to his right arm, and prepared his small blaster in his left paw. Herald and Mic prepared their blasters, and strapped on any armor they could. Within seconds the squad was out and fighting.


An explosion rocked the cell, and Mo slipped off his bench. He heard screams, shouts, explosions, and other war sounds from the outside of the cell hall. He stood back on his feet, and looked up and down the hall; it was empty. Mo smiled somewhat of a sinister smile as he stepped out of his cell calmly, he walked towards the door of the hall, but not before he quickly picked a knife off the warden's desk. He slipped the sharp knife behind his belt, and then exited the hall. The outside was full of chaos. Explosions happened every few minutes, and screams and shouts were heard all over. Mice ran about, grabbing weapons and shooting any enemy in sight. Mo simply walked through the battleground, confident that nothing on either side would hurt him.




A rocket from one of the Dark Union bugs crashed into the ground next to Mic, and sent him soaring through the air. He crashed into the hard ground with a loud thud, but quickly got back on his feet with only some bruises. He reached for his blaster, which landed a few tails from him. Suddenly a sharp pain burst through his arm that was reaching for the blaster. He fell to the ground in pain, grasping his left arm. He looked at it, and saw that a piece of metal was wedged into his arm; he couldn't use it at all.

Mic: "AUGH!"

The stinging pain just about paralyzed him, but he had to get out of there or else he would die. Using everything but his left arm, Mic slowly got back up on his feet and started to slowly walk over to a nearby building. The doors were wide open, so he just hobbled his way into there. It was the vault of the military base, where all the computers and other important, top-secret equipment were kept. He sat on a nearby desk, and tried to keep his arm from hurting anymore.

Mic: "Now I sit here and listen to my fellow units die. Ugh."

Mic didn't like it one bit, he felt useless right now as other units died out there fighting for the base. He was a mouse of honor and humility, he cared for others more than himself for some reason. Now he felt useless and pathetic, since he couldn't even move his left arm without yelling in pain. Suddenly a large mouse walked into the armory, and he appeared oddly calm in such a situation. He smiled at the room he had walked into, and then quickly closed the doors behind him. Then he saw Mic lying on the desk to his right. The big burly mouse looked at Mic, and then laughed.

"HAHAHA!! Well who do we have here? You the same mouse that got me arrested in that alley, huh?"

Mic looked at the mouse, and then was shocked; it was Bruce. Mic quickly sat up on the desk, so that he wouldn't be entirely vulnerable.

Mic: "How did you get here? I though you were in prison."

Bruce: "I was, till I broke free. No one can hold Bruce in a cell for long!"

A sudden explosion rocked the building as the lights inside flickered.

Mic: "Why are you so calm while we're under attack? You could die!"

Bruce: "No I can't."

Bruce slowly walked over to Mic, while reaching for the knife that he had taken earlier in the cell hall. Mic instinctively scooted back across the desk, knowing what was coming next.

Bruce: "Do you want to know why I can't die here, bub?"

Mic nodded, and then Bruce stopped walking for a moment. He went silent, until he heard the screeches of the Dark Union bugs outside. He smiled, and then answered Mic.

"Because of them."

Mic: "I knew it! You traitor, you work for and with the Dark Union!"

Bruce: "Exactly, now don't interrupt me while I do my job!"

Bruce abruptly walked away from Mic, and headed to the back of the long room where there was a large vault on the end. Bruce walked right up to it, and then expected it. It was a thick steel door, with an electronic lock. It took up the entire wall, and was even bigger than Bruce himself.

Mic: "You can't open that you know!"

Bruce: "I came prepared, unit!"

Bruce yanked the knife off his belt, and then prodded the electronic lock. He jammed the knife into the side, and then popped the cover off. Then, unexpectedly to Mic, he started to reroute the wires until...


...the vault door unlocked. Bruce grabbed the large handle, and the yanked the vault door open. The vault was a walk-in vault, and contained a ridiculous amount of hard drives, blue prints, files, some weapon prototypes, and other random stuff; but Bruce didn't want any of that, so he walked towards the back of the vault. He picked up another safe, and carried it out from the vault. He loudly placed it on a desk, and was about to inspect the lock until he released it wasn't electronic.

Bruce: "Oh, this is a piece of cake!"

Bruce simply took his left arm, turned his paw into a fist, and then slammed his fist into the top of the safe. The door popped right off it, and whatever was inside was now Bruce's. He reached into the safe, pulled out something that was glowing, and simply put it into his saggy pocket. Mic didn't see what Bruce pulled out, but he knew it must be something very important.

Mic: "Hey, what's that, Bruce?"

Bruce: "You don't need to know, grub. Anyways, I got to go; it was a pleasure pillaging your military base. See 'ya!"

Bruce jogged out of the building, and disappeared into the chaos outside. Mic sat there on the desk angry, hurting, and a sense of defeat floating over him.

It was the morning after the battle. Smoke rose above Poncho Sotcho, above the craters, the bodies, the weapons, and the sights of a battlefield. The Dark Union army had left just minutes earlier, and the army was cleaning up the base, healing wounds, and assessing the losses. Many units died in the fight, but so did many Dark Union robots. In total, about 500 units died in the battle, 1,000 were injured. But the base did not fall, and the small city below didn't fall either. General Ty considered the battle a success for the Mech Mice.

Ty walked through the wreckage of the base. Most of the smoke had cleared out, but it was still a sad sight. Victory it was for the Mech Mice, but a difficult and costly victory it was. He walked over to the vault to make sure nothing important was stolen from there. When he entered the long building, he was shocked.

"The safe! It's open!"

Ignoring the snoring Mic on the desk next to him, Ty ran over to the vault and nervously investigated it. He couldn't find what he was looking for, and then turned around. There on a desk was a safe, smashed open with its contents gone. Ty raced over to it, and investigated it. It was for sure empty, and Ty wasn't believing they were victorious anymore in the battle. The stressed general pulled the cap off his head in shame, and started to mumble.

Mic: "ZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZzzz!"

Mic's snoring echoed throughout the room, and then the general realized he wasn't alone. He looked at Mic with angry eyes, not realizing that the unit had been seriously injured in battle.

Ty: "Wake up, you sleeping grub, and get on yer feet! You better tell me what happened here, last night!"

Mic quickly woke up, and nervously looked around. When he saw the general, he started rambling about what happened.

Mic: "General Ty, sir, during the battle a mouse broke in here and stole something! I was injured in battle, and-AUGH!-it still hurts a lot. Whatever was in that safe is gone and in the paws of the Dark Union!"

Ty just stared at Mic with anger in his eyes, with the smashed safe in his paws.

Ty: "You think I don't know that from the looks of this place, unit!?"

Mic: "Uh, yes, sir."

Ty: "Who was this mouse, he must be caught at once!"

Mic: "His name is Bruce, sir, at least that's what he told me. I encountered him before back at the capital, when I and my squad were celebrating graduation, sir. I thought he was imprisoned, sir, but he escaped and came here somehow."

Ty: "Is he one of the units here?"

Mic: "No-UGH-he's that mouse we found in the blizzard I believe, sir."

Ty: "Well now...."

Before Ty finished, he walked over to the doors and locked them shut so no one could hear him. He turned back to Mic, and continued talking.

"...we have no way of getting that Shard back!"

Mic's jaw dropped, there was a Shard stored inside the military base! He never knew about that, and figured it was unbelievably classified. He soon began to wonder why the government would store a Shard in a military base so close to the border. Then he put the puzzle together; something fishy was going on in the government. There was some double-agent or traitor who told Bruce and the Dark Union about the Shard at Poncho Sotcho....the government and military were corrupt beyond Axel. Maybe even some of the president's friends were traitors? Now who could Mic trust, with so many traitors now appearing from the shadows, it made it hard for Mic to even trust the general before him at that moment.

Mic: "There....there was a Shard here?"

Ty: "Yes, now don't tell anyone at all. You understand me? This is a major alert for the government, that was one of know what? Nevermind! This is highly classified, barely anyone knows about it. Now get out of here and go to the medic, get fixed up!"

Mic did as he was told, and slowly walked out of the vault. Meanwhile, he heard the general grumbling and sighing in the background. He could sense that he was about to get into a bigger world than he was trained to be in.

Mic lied on the cot with his arm wrapped in a white towel. He was waiting for the Medic Unit to finish checking the other Units, and get to fixing his broken arm. The pain had slightly gone away, but only because Mic had completely stopped moving his arm or any body part near it. His arm stopped bleeding a long time ago, so he wasn't in any danger, and he knew that other units needed more help than himself, so he patiently waited. Finally the medic came by, and checked his arm. She unwrapped the cloth, warning Mic beforehand not to look at his arm once the towel was taken off. Mic closed his eyes as the medic inspected his arm; just hearing her made Mic nervous.

Medic: "Well, this is more serious than previously thought. I'm afraid you may have to undergo a full surgery; there's fragments inside your arm."

Mic: "Do I have to leave the base?"

Medic: "I'm afraid so, my team doesn't has the resources for this operation. But I'll do what I can to keep from getting infected."

The medic pulled a bottle out from her pocket, and gently sprayed some disinfection spray on Mic's open wounds. Of course, it stun just as bad as if Mic moved his arm. He winced at the pain, remembering just how painful little things such as this hurt. After cleaning the inside wound, the medic got a fresh cloth to wrap around the arm and then helped the arm into a sling for Mic.

Medic: "Alright, stay here. I'm going to call my team to come by and pick you up. They're sending injured units to the nearest city with a capable hospital."

Mic: "What about my squad?"

Medic: "You'll have to ask the general or his assistants about that."

The medic walked away from Mic to care for more injured units.

Mic sat on a crate, with his left arm in a sling. He was in the WURM loading dock, along with at least 50 other seriously injured units. While sitting in that slightly dark, stinky, crowded room, Mic started to ponder why the medic team couldn't handle so many injuries. He also thought about why a Shard would be stored in such a unsafe place, it all confused him greatly. The moans and groans made it hard for him to think though, and he couldn't really find a reason for anything that just happened.

Joey: "Mic, sir, wait!"

Mic turned his head to the stairs leading up out from the loading dock. Joey was walking down the stairs as fast as he could to Mic. The big mouse took large steps as he huffed and puffed his way to the commander. Once there, he placed his large paw on Mic's shoulder and started rambling.

"Are you really injured that bad? Where are they taking you to? How you feeling, sir?"

Mic: "Joey, I'm alright. I just can't just move my arm at all. They're going to take me in for surgery somewhere else, and then I'll be back here soon."

Joey: "Oh, by the way I heard it it was much worse."

Mic: "Nah, just some debris lodged into my bone and that sort of stuff."

Joey stared at Mic blankly, and then laughed.

Joey: "Hahaha! Sir, you make me laugh! When do you think you'll get back, and what's going to happen to the Fantas Squad?"

Mic: "Until I get back, which I don't when I'll get back, you're in charge, Joey. You're a good mouse, and you deserve to lead the squad for some time. I promise I'll be back soon."

Joey: "Alright, but you better be in shape to do so! I hear the general is playing an attack on the nearest known Dark Union base in retaliation. We'll need you for that!"

Mic: "Yeah you will!"

Joey gave Mic a firm handshake, and then left. The WURM soon pulled up, and the injured units were slowly led aboard.

Chapter 4: War Wounds Edit

Mic grumbled as he read the book on the stand. He was sitting at a table in a cafe, a month after the battle at Poncho Sotcho. His surgery and wounds were worse than expected. The bone in his arm was cut nearly in half, only half of his nerves and blood vessels in his arm remained attached to his body, and worse of all, after surgery a infection spread through his arm. Doctors were battling the infection for a month, after a lousy nurse forget to switch out gloves before tending to Mic's wounds. To say the least, Mic was not happy. He thought he would be out on the battlefield within a month, but here he was in the capital now doing nothing and living off the military. He didn't like living off of someone else, and he didn't like being useless. His left arm was still badly damaged, and he was not suitable for the battlefield. He was suitable, however, to watch all the security cameras at the Academy. The job was very boring to him, but on some occasions it was quite humorous. General Ty went ahead and led a successful attack on a Dark Union not far from Poncho Sotcho, and the Fantas Squad was involved in the battle. However, Grud had gone missing in the battle. Joey thought that the news of Grud's disappearance in battle shouldn't be forwarded to Mic. Mic would be devastated if he learned that one of his men died in battle without him, and Joey did all that he could to keep Mic from become sadder than he was now. He wasn't the only one, many officials watching over Mic agreed to keep him as pleased and happy as can be; they didn't want to lose a great unit to depression such as that. So, Mic stayed at the capital of the Colony, completely unaware of what had happened to one of his units; but he did know of the battle, and was pleased to hear that General Ty won.

Mic took a bite out of his salad, just as the door to the cafe opened up. Mic didn't pay attention to it, considering that the door was opening and closing every few minutes. It was a popular cafe he was at. But when Mic heard the footsteps of the creature, he realized it was walking towards him. Before Mic realized it, a mouse sat in a chair opposite of Mic. The creature quickly began to talk to Mic.

"Good to see, unit! How are you feeling?"

Mic looked up the creature and saw that he was a mouse, but Mic didn't recognize him.

Mic: "Who are you?"

Mouse: "I'm Sir Pods, from the Mech Mice Investigation Agency. I have some questions for you."

Mic: "Really? I've heard stories of the MMIA, this isn't how they would interrogate someone. They'd capture the guy, throw him in prison for three days while starving him, and then ask him questions. How do I know you're really a member of the MMIA?"

Pods: "Listen, you're a special case; you witness the theft of a Shard."

Mic: "Sir, don't speak aloud! People will hear you!"

Pods: "It's alright, we got the building on lock-down. Everyone here is an agent."

Mic looked around, realizing that Pods was right. Everyone in the cafe, even the employees, were agents of the MMIA. The undercover agents proved this by revealing their listening devices to Mic.

Mic: "Okay, impressive. You locked up the place without my knowledge of it."

Pods: "Oh, yeah, we're good at that! Anyways, about those questions..."

Mic: "Hold it, sir! Does this have anything to do with going into battle; 'cause I'll be ready in no time!"

Pods: "No, not really, but kind of, yes, I guess. Okay, well, we need your help. You know who took the Shard, so we want to know if you know anything else."

Mic: "No, I got nothing, sorry. All I know is that his name is Bruce, and that he's a double agent."

Pods: "Yeah, we know that for sure. Um...we found something else out as well."

Mic: "What is it?"

Pods reached down for his pocket, and pulled a plastic bag out of it. He put the bag on the table, and Mic inspected it. The bag had a single strand of hair in it; Mic could hardly see it.

Mic: "What's this?"

Pods: "It's Bruce's hair--we think--we found it at the scene of the crime. We checked the DNA, and it matches a known citizen in the Colony."

Mic: "Yes, maybe we can find a friend or family member who can give us some information on him!"

Pods: "We already did, Mic."

Pods looked sternly at Mic, and then sighed some more information to Mic.

"Mic, we have reason to believe that Bruce is in your family tree. Father to be more exact."

Mic: "What?"

Mic felt as if he was hit by a freight train going at 75 miles per hour. As a young pup his father died, and he knew it for sure because he watched his father died. His dad died while fighting a small army of Dark Union soldiers that were trying to overrun their village. Before the days of Axel's robot armies. Mic was fighting the commander when a rocket flew into them, killing them both in a large explosion. The Dark Union was defeated, but many bucks in the village died. The village eventually economically collapsed, and Mic and his mother moved to the capital, where Mic trained in the Academy.

Pods: "I know it's hard for you to take in, but your father is possibly still alive, Mic."

Mic: "Sir, am I arrested as of now?"

Pods: "No, Mic, but we'll be asking you questions from time to time. If there's any chance of finding Bruce, we need to pounce on it for the good of the rest of the world."

Pods got up out of his seat, and left Mic there alone. Mic was shocked, confused, and a bit frustrated. He saw his father die in the explosion, and he knew it. He wanted so badly to not believe that his father was alive, especially as a worker for the Dark Union. Mic, in all his frustration and anger, slammed his fist on the table. He grumbled as he quickly got up, and walked out of the cafe. He was going to have a talk with someone, someone being his mother.

The old mouse, now sometime in her 50's, sat on the chair on the old front porch. The house, unlike others, wasn't building into a hillside or into the ground, it was free-standing. The house was built out of pine wood 70 years ago, by someone the old doe didn't know. The house was just barely two stories, the second level had hardly any head room. The roof of the house was covered in green and brown moss, and the brick chimney in the back was under attack by an army of vines. The walls of the house were painted a dark green, but the paint was slowly being chipped away by the weather. Overall, the house was a wonderful example of Victorian architecture. The old doe sipped her coffee, just as a giant guinea pig came walking by on the road. The guinea pig held a black saddle, which was stamped with the coat of arms of the Mech Mice Military. The old doe didn't pay attention to the traveler, until she heard him get off the guinea pig. Looking up, her face smiled as she saw her son opening the gate into the property.

"Honey, how are you?"

Mic: "I'm fine, mom. My arm will be good in no time! How are you doing?"

Mom: "Fine, just enjoying my cup of tea. Just thinking about nothing particularly."

Mic: "Well, I came because I have some questions."

Mom: "About what, Mic?"

Mic: "'s about dad. Is there a chance, any kind of chance, that he's still alive?"

Mic's mother blankly stared at him in shock. She put the cup of tea down on a little table, and slowly got up out of the chair. She placed her paws of Mic's shoulders, and replied calmly.

"You saw him go just as I did. Why do you think he's still alive?"

Mic: "I was talked to by some government officials; they believe a villain, who stole a Shard, is really dad."

Mom: "Are they crazy? Our whole village saw him die fighting, why would they think he's still alive!?"

Mic: "DNA; they got a hair sample of the thief, and it matches dad's DNA."

Mom: "Well, come to think of it, we never found your father's body after he passed. Could it be?"

Mic: "Don't get your hopes up; it could be a massive mistake. But anyways, mind if I stay here for the night? The sun's about to set, and it's a long ride back to the base."

Mom: "Of course you can stay! I have a guest room just begging for a guest."

Mic heard the evil, loud, sharp pitched sound echo in his dreams. His eyes slowly opened up with a faint crackle, as the alarm by the bed ringed. He took his good paw, and slammed his fist into the alarm.


The alarm stopped ringing, but to Mic's displeasure, it was basically destroyed. He didn't realize the antique was so fragile. He pulled the covers off of him, and sat up in bed. Rubbing his eyes he got up out of bed, and walked downstairs to the kitchen where he smelled breakfast. Breakfast in the Colony was usually some kind of bread or bakery item with fruits or berries, and there on the kitchen counter was a plate topped with brown toast drizzled in syrup, and topped with berries. It was a common breakfast and desert meal in the Colony, and was called Berry Toast. It was Mic's favorite. Grabbing the plate, he walked out of the kitchen and into the dining room. He sat down and started to eat the delicious meal quickly.

Mom: "Good morning."

Mic's mom walked into the dining room, with her own plate of Berry Toast and cup of tea. Mic would have responded sooner, but his mouth was stuffed with toast and berries and syrup. Finally he swallowed and responded to his mom.

"Good morning."

He took another large bite of his meal, while his mother started up a conversation.

"So, Mic, I've been thinking lately about the possibility of your father still being alive."

Mic: "Yeah, what about it, mom?"

Mom: "Well, it could be possible since the body was never found. But that explosion should have destroyed him entirely."

Mic: "Hmm...a lot of things could have happened at that moment."

Mom: "Maybe he was severely injured, and taken by the Dark Union as a captive?"

Mic: "They don't take prisoners."

Mom: "Not now they do, but back then prisoners of war were basically a currency between us and the Dark Union. It's very possible, my son."

Mic: "I guess, but I'm not getting my hopes up."

With that, Mic finished off the Berry Toast, and took the plate to the sink in the kitchen.

Mic: "I'm going to get dressed, and go now. I have a doctor appointment today; I may get my cast off finally!"

Mom: "Go then, you've been miserable with that thing."

Mic rocked side-to-side as the WURM suddenly turned tightly to the left. As the roar of the engines and the squeaks of the wheels on the tracks echoed through the cabinet, Mic continually thought about his squad. They fought in a battle-he knew that-but he didn't know anything else, everyone was kind of not saying a whole lot to him about his squad. He stared at the back of the chair in front of him, just thinking about how exciting things will be when he's back in action and fighting for his people and colony. He never liked just being useless, he did nothing but try to help creatures all his life. He saw being a unit in the army the best way to help out as many creatures as he could. The WURM quickly began to slow down, and came to a sudden stop as it arrived at its destination: the military base at Poncho Sotcho. The doors to the cabin opened wide up, and Mic and the other passengers quickly grabbed their stuff and got off. Looking around, Mic saw that many of the passengers on the WURM were the ones seriously injured in the last battle at the base. Mic was happy to see fellow units back in action. He walked off the WURM with his suitcase in paw, and no cast on his arm. He looked around for the general or his first-in-command, but it turned out that the passengers just had to pass security and wander right out into the base. Mic thought that was somewhat rude, these units were injured in battle and they're not even welcomed by someone when they return. Nevertheless, he went through security, exited the loading dock, and walked outside into the base. The sun was shining, and units were busy at work.

Joey: "Mic, sir!"

Mic looked ahead and saw his almost his entire squad walking over to him to greet him...but Grud wasn't there. Joey quickly came over to Mic, gave him a firm pawshake, and then stepped aside so the other units could greet him.

Mic: "It's good to see you guys again!"

Joey: "It sure is, sir. Here, let's head over to the barracks and chat about what's happened lately."

The squad started walking and talking towards the barracks.

Mic: "So, how have things been here?"

Herald: "Good, sir, we fought in a battle; unfortunately we were not able to take the base. Though, sir, we left a real dent on that place!"

Rodger: "Yes, sir, it was one heck of a fire-fight! Blew up seventy more bugs than Joey."

Joey: "We kept track, sir, just to keep spirits high."

Mic: "You guys had way too much fun without me."

The squad walked into the barracks, and they all sat on their cots. Mic through his suitcase underneath his cot, and then sat down.

Mic: "Alright, guys, tell me more."

Joey: "Well, I believe we encountered a new Dark Union weapon, sir."

Mic: "What!? Now I'm really disappointed I wasn't there."

Rodger: "Yep, that bogey was a big one, sir! It took five rockets to take it down; it was furry, tall, and had guns coming out its back."

Joey: "It looked like a raccoon; General Ty figures that the Dark Union is now experimenting on larger mammals, sir."

Mic: "That close to the border, Joey? Odd, the Dark Union is usually never that reckless with their experiments. So it was powerful?"

Herald: "Yeah, it was definitely strong and powerful, Mic....sir."

Mic: "Relax, you don't need to keep calling me 'sir', Herald."

Herald: "Thanks, I'm sick of it."

Rodger: "Same here, but I keep my respect to my officers."

Herald gave Rodger a dirty look, and then a bell rang. Joey swiftly jumped out of his cot, and rubbed his paws together as he licked his lips.

Joey: "Dinnertime!"

Mic looked around the mess hall as he sat down at the table with his squad. Instead of eating his Grub Yums immediately, he looked around the mess hall some more. Joey realized this, and acted quickly to get Mic to stop looking.

Joey: "Mic, sir, not hungry?"

Mic: "No, just looking for Grud. Where is he, Joey?"

Joey: "I...I don't know, maybe we'll see him back at the barracks, Mic."

Mic reluctantly dropped his attention, and started to eat his dinner. The slimy, disgusting, slippery Grub Yums slid down his throat as he ate. He cringed every time he swallowed; swallowing the worms was worse than tasting them. The food disgusted him, but he was glad to be back at Poncho Sotcho.

Mic sat on his cot, looking around as it seemed everyone was leaving the barracks for some reason. Joey himself walked in, oddly not followed by the rest of the Fantas Squad. The Heavy Unit sat on the cot next to Mic, and began to stutter.

"Sir, Mic, um....I have bad news. Grud...Grud well, is, umm, missing. He went missing in battle, sir. I'm sorry to have kept this from you, Mic, but we all thought it was best you news while...while you were healing. I'm sorry for keeping this...this from you, Mic."

Mic's facial expression dropped for the worse. His face tightened, and his head lowered to the floor. Joey heard his commander grumble under his breath, and then suddenly rise back up.

Mic: "Joey, how could you guys lie to me!? Grud is probably dead, and you didn't tell me? WHY!?"

Joey: "Sir, I and our leading officials thought it was best for you not to know. We didn't want you to fall into depression, and lose you as a good soldier."

Mic: "I have a good soul, Joey, I don't fall into bad times like that. Still, you lied to me!"

Joey: "Sir, we didn't! We just didn't told you....see?"

Mic rose from his cot, and looked Joey in the eye. He spoke boldly as he slowly leaned further over the Heavy Unit.

"Know something important and not telling me IS LYING, JOEY!"

Joey: "Mic, we thought it was best, I'm sorry."

Mic: "I'm done talking to you!"

And with that Mic pushed his friend aside, and quickly left the barracks in steaming anger. Joey stood there in the silent barracks sighing, and metaphorically kicking himself for what he had done. What he and the rest of the government just did may had made things worse than they were before.

The white moon reflected the sun's light onto Poncho Sotcho, causing shadows to form just about everywhere. The air was warm, and the sky was dotted with silver clouds. The wind lightly blew through the military base, making flags flap through the air slowly. Mic sat there on the wall of the base, sulking in anger. He looked out over the valley, and to the small mining village under the military base. He rubbed his forehead as he discussed the situations by himself. He couldn't believe that Joey and the government lied to him about Grud. His paw quickly clenched into a fist, but he let it calmly unravel as he grumbled even louder. Laying his head down, he stared up at the dark sky. Joey, unknowing to Mic, was standing behind Mic with his head hung low.

Joey: "Sir, we did think it was best."

Mic: "Well that doesn't matter now, huh?"

Joey: "Listen, I'm sorry. But you should know that being in the military means these things will happen. You need to be ready for them, sir."

Mic: "You're right, Joey. You are definitely right. So why did you lie to me in all those letters you sent to me, huh?"

Joey quickly went silent. His face and whiskers wiggled until he came up with an answer.

"I knew you couldn't handle it, sir."

Mic: "I guess, now that I look at it, you're right."

Joey: "Lights off at 11:00, sir. General's orders."

Mic: "What? Why?"

Joey: "He's not saying, but by the looks of things, there's a Dark Union aircraft coming in to bomb us."

Mic: "We should get inside then."

Quickly, Mic got up off the edge of the wall, and followed Joey down to the barracks. While, above their heads, a large flying beast created by the Dark Union soared through the air silently. Joey was right about the aircraft, but not so much the bombs.

Chapter 5: Kidnapped Edit

The Dark Union commander looked through the cockpit window, staring at the darkness below. All the lights in Poncho Sotcho were turned off or extinguished so that the Dark Union would have a hard time finding their target. The commander smiled at the enemy's attempt, and chuckled knowing that it failed. The DU had a new device that could tell them exactly in Roden where they were, and made it easier to bomb the enemy. The commander Désespoir stared at a red glowing screen, which should a cloudy image of the land below. It was sending sound waves down, and then back up to tell what was down there without revealing themselves. In human terms, it was sonar, but to the Dark Union for now it was called x-scanning; the 'x' being a placeholder for a future name. Désespoir was especially proud whenever the x-scanning device was mentioned, because he invented it. He was very proud and full of himself. In nearly every conversation, he turned the attention to himself as quickly as he could. The cyborg mouse stepped out of the cockpit, and into the red-lighted cabin of the flying cyborg bird. The walls were covered in horrific slimy guts, metal machines, and against the walls were seats filled with cyborgs. The cyborgs ranged from rats to mice, and they were all dark black. They were hardly visible, and that was the point, they were military-hired ninjas who gave their life to the Dark Union. They were transformed into cyborgs, built for stealth and scouting. However, the DU didn't have the technology like the Mech Mice Colony to turn them invisible; so they had to blend in as much as possible. Désespoir walked down the narrow aisle, as he glanced at both row of ninjas. There were 20 in the cabin, and 20 were going to infiltrate Poncho Sotcho, and an unknown amount was going to return with prisoners of war.

Désespoir: "Alright, maggots, listen up! You freaks are going to penetrate that enemy base, and take as many slimebags as you can hostage. Failure is never option, definitely not here! If anyone of you fails, for the good of the Dark Union, execute them silently on the spot. If the enemy knows you came, the entire mission will fail. So don't fail!"

Just then a door in the back slowly opened up, and a rush of wind filled the cabin. The ninjas stood up, saluted Désespoir, and then ran the opened back door. They jumped off the plane, and instantly started falling to the ground at an intense speed. The wind slammed into their bodies, and blurred out any noise. The aircraft they jumped out of kept flying away. All the ninjas saw below them was darkness and what the moon's reflected light could reveal. Then, in unison, the ninjas turned on jetpacks on their backs. They slowed their decent, and quickly landed below the military base. Since the jetpacks were too loud and made light, they started to free climb the cliff side; it was easy, because they were cyborgs and were able to use metal claws to climb up. They climbed silently in the dark, as the guards up top were completely unaware of any enemies coming.

A guard walked across the top of the wall, looking out into the valley beyond. He couldn't see much because clouds were rolling in, and covering up the moon. It was almost pitch black sometimes, and made it hard for the guard to do his job. As he walked slowly along the wall, he didn't hear the cyborgs climbing up to the wall. When they reached it, they stopped. They did some paw signals, and then one-by-one slowly leaped up onto the wall behind the guard. Within seconds they were inside the military base, and no one even know they were there. They crept through the darkness, and then found the barracks. They quietly opened the door to the barracks, and crept inside the long building. They glanced at the sleeping soldiers, and then identified their targets using computers built into their heads. After finding their targets, one of them being Mic, they picked up as many as they could, and left there in a hurry.

Mic: "ZzZzZzZz. Uh....What?"

The cyborg carrying Mic panicked, as the once-sleeping mouse was suddenly coming to. Mic's eyes opened, showing a blurry moving scene. His body was bobbing up and down, and he felt very tired. He tried looking around, but he had problem seeing without any contact lenses or spectacles. He reached for his eyes with his arms, but then realized he couldn't move them. He tried harder to break the grip, and then realized someone was carrying him. Reacting quickly, Mic kicked his kidnapper in the face and broke free from his break. Mic jumped behind the ninja, and then turned around to look at him. He rubbed his eyes, and was able to make out from the blurry image that his would-be kidnapper was obviously a member of the Dark Union. Immediately, Mic shouted to sound the alarm.

"Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Intruder alert!"

Before he knew what was even happening, Mic was punched in the stomach and then took a knew to the forehead. He fell unconscious, and the ninja quickly picked him back up and started to run off with the others. As soon as the ninjas reached the wall, sirens echoed through the base. Spotlights turned on and danced through the base looking for the intruders, while Units came running out of the barracks with blasters and other weapons ready for a fight. Joey ran out of the barracks with the rest of the Fantas Squad, and looked around. The worry in his voice was noticed.

"Where's Mic?"

The cyborgs scaled down the cliff as swiftly as they could. They glanced down, and saw their escape vehicle fly by them. The leader of the ninjas looked at his comrades, and told them that they would have to jump onto the aircraft. There were no protests, just some groans and grumbles from the other ninjas. They climbed down a bit farther, so that they wouldn't have to jump so far. The aircraft was coming in their direction again, and the ninjas prepared themselves.

Commander: "Jump on 3. Ready? 1...2.......3!"

All the cyborgs jumped at once in unison, and onto the back of the flying cyborg hawk. The cyborgs gripped onto the back with their claws, and held on for the long journey ahead.

Joey barged into the mess hall with Herald and Rodger. The trio separated, and looked around the mess hall frantically for their lost commander. Joey came out of the kitchen, just as the others finished looking around the rest of the mess hall.

Rodger: "Nothin', Joey. Where now?"

Joey: "Well, where would Mic usually go to?"

Herald: "Right now he'd be doing what everyone else is doing: what we should be doing!"

Joey: "Listen, Herald, everyone is doing the same thing now. Didn't you hear over the loud-speaker? A code 5 was sent out, meaning that several units are not accounted for."

Rodger: "What? That and an intruder alert! Wait, who said there was an intruder?"

Herald: "I think I heard that it was someone outside, who shouted to warn the guards."

Joey: "What if that was Mic? Of course, it could be any of the missing units now that I think about it."

Rodger: "Oh boy, this is not good. We just got back one of the military's best units, and now he's gone!"

Herald: "Relax, you two we need to keep looking."

Joey and Rodger agreed, and the Fantas Squad quickly left the mess hall to continue their search of the military base for Mic or the other units.

"Wake up! I said...WAKE UP!"


Mic felt a sturdy kick in his back, and quickly woke up startled. He sat up in a fighting position, and looked around with his blurry eyes trying to figure out his location. The best he could tell was that he was in a dark room, with other prisoners, in shackles. Mic felt his wrists and ankles, and sure enough there were shackles on them. He turned to his left, where he heard the strange voice.

Mic: "Who's there?"

Wren: "It's me, you dimwit."

Mic: "Commander Wren, where are we? Who's in here with us?!"

Wren: "What are you blind!? There's 18 other units in here!"

Mic: "The part about my being blind is kind of true, sir. What else is going on here?"

Wren: "We've been abducted; we're prisoners of war now, rookie. Welcome to the big leagues; you're special when the baddies take you hostage."

Mic (sarcastically): "I'm so flattered."

Wren: "Meh, you get used to it, pup."

Mic: "You've been in these situations before, sir?"

Wren: "Duh, I'm a big target for these guys. Anyone commander related to Ty does a lot of damage to the Darkies."

Mic: "Glad I serve in his branch of the military."

Wren: "You should be. Wait, we're getting off track, pup! We need to find a way out of here. Any ideas?"

Mic: "Considering I don't even know what the cell looks like, sir, no I don't have any ideas, sir."

Wren: "Ugh! Well everyone else is still snoozing over there; so I guess we're alone for now."

Mic (sarcastically): "We could sing songs to pass the time."

Wren (sarcastically): "Yeah...and maybe the guards will let us go because of our wonderful singing talents!"

Mic: "No, but seriously, we should try to wake the others up, sir."

Wren: "Can't, we're chained to the wall."

Mic: "Just shout, sir!"

Wren: "You think I didn't try that already?"

Mic: "Actually I do."

Wren: "Shutup, rookie!"

Mic: "You're not as nice as I once thought, sir."

Wren: "Get used to it."

General Ty's voice echoed through Poncho Sotcho's speakers, warning all the units in the base of the abduction of 10 key units.

Ty: "The Dark Union has taken several of our best units, and have abducted them. We are currently making plans to hunt down, and get back our valued men. Those that are missing include Commander Wren, Recon Jack..."

Joey listened patiently to the list, hoping that Mic wouldn't be mentioned. The general was nearing the end of the list, when he finally said,

"....and Recon Commander Mic."

Joey felt as if he was punched in the stomach, thrown off a cliff, and then trampled by an army of hamsters. Mic was gone, just after getting back from the capital. Joey rubbed his forehead, he was worried now that his friend may actually die; or worse, become one of the Dark Union's cyborg pawns in the war. Joey started to head for the barracks, just as Herald and Rodger came up to him to tell him the bad news.

Joey: "I know! I know!"

Herald: "Well, what are we going to do now, Joey?"

Rodger: "I know what you're going to do! We're going to go guns-a-blazing into that Darkies' base, free our brothers, and BLOW THOSE DARK JERKS UP!"

Joey: "No, Rodger....we're doing what General Ty says we do or don't do even."

Rodger: "Whuh?! Our commander is out there, and so are a lot of other good mice. Joey, we need to help them."

Joey: "I know we do, but we have to do it the way the general tells us to. Or else...or else things may go wrong."

Herald: "Joey has a point, Rodger."

Rodger: "UGH! It'll take forever for the sir to make a plan, we need to act now!"

Joey: "If you want to go rogue and get yourself killed, I fully support you."

Joey was now talking in a whisper, in case anyone else overheard them.

Rodger: "What?!"

Joey: "Quiet, Rodger! Now listen, I'll cover up your tracks, supply you, and anything else that you may need, but I will not go out there not knowing what's out there."

Herald: "Are you mad, Joey? He'll get himself killed in enemy territory; or worse, captured."

Rodger: "Mic taught me some recon skills, and how to be light on my paws. I can get in, Herald, and out alive and with the prisoners."

Herald: "You don't even know where you're going, Rodger."

Joey: "We'll know soon enough. General Ty told the spies behind enemy lines to find the base, and report its location to us. I'll have to somehow get the information out of him though."

Rodger: "Bribery?"

Herald: "Shut up, he won't give you anything if you tried bribing him."

Joey: "You know, I could just sneak into there and look for the info."

Rodger: "But look at you, Joey! Huh...not to be rude, but you are kind of...uhh....fat."

Joey stared at Rodger with angry eyes filled of disgust. Rodger kind of backed off; just because Joey was fat didn't mean he wasn't strong.

Herald: "Fine, I'll go. Rodger would forget the location, Joey would make too much noise; however, I'm small and smart enough."

Rodger: "Well get going, shorty!"

With that Herald jogged off towards the command room, while Joey and Rodger walked towards the armory to get some supplies. The Fantas Squad was going rogue.

Herald came up to the command room, and slowly stopped jogging. He walked casually towards the building, which was more like a high-tec skyscraper. It stood 25 stories, and the roof was covered in radio towers. The skyscraper was built out of metal, and was highly durable. Parts of it glowed blue, and right above Herald was the Mech Mice Military's coat of arms. The building was magnificent, and brand-new. When the Fantas Squad first arrived at Poncho Sotcho it was just half-way done, now it was completed and shimmering in the base. It had one flaw though, it was poorly guarded. A unit could usually just walk on inside without being seen or heard even. Herald slowly opened the front door, and sneaked into the building. He walked down the large hall towards the elevators. He got into one, clicked for the top floor, and the elevator was suddenly zooming up. Almost instantly he was at the top floor, and the door of the speedy elevator creaked open. Lucky him, the floor was empty.

Herald: "Where in the world is everyone?"

Herald walked down another hall, till he reached the war room. He pressed his ear against the door to make sure no one was inside; it was silent. He opened the door by pressing a keypad on the wall, and then walked right on in. He glanced around, no one was definitely in the room. Relieved, he walked past the giant map table and walked to a computer on the other side of the room. Turning it on, he quickly found the log sent by the military's scouts behind enemy lines. There he saw the coordinates for the military base where the prisoners were taken to. He quickly pounded the coordinates into his head, and when he had them memorized, swiftly exited the building. As he came out of the building, he stopped jogging and started to casually walk towards the armory with the information for Rodger and Joey. He didn't know that a mouse in hiding was watching him.

Joey: "You sure about this, Rodger?"

Joey handed Rodger the sniper rifle, while Rodger tied some armor pieces to his left arm. Rodger already had nearly full black armor on, smart goggles covering his eyes, and a backpack at his feet full of ammunition, munitions, and food. He looked like the most professional and supplied unit in the military.

Rodger: "Would you do the same?"

Joey: "I don't know."

Just then Herald walked into the armory. He took one look at Rodger, and was amazed.

Herald: "You sure you can carry all that, Rodger?"

Rodger: "Do I look like it's hard for me to carry right now?"

Herald: "Yeah, but once you're out there walking it will weigh you done."

Joey: "Already have that figured out, Herald. He's going to get a hamster down in the village to ride on."

Rodger: "Problem solved! Hey, Joey, can you load those coordinates into my smart goggles?"

Herald: "Yeah."

Rodger took off the smart goggles, and handed them to Herald. Herald then quickly took them over to the armory's central computer, plugged them in, and loaded in the coordinates.

Rodger: "By the way, I'm going to try to send live feed of my mission back to here for you guys to watch. You can help me out along the way."

Joey: "Sounds good."

Herald: "We could watch you die."

Joey: "Herald, he's not going to die! I hope."

Rodger: "Guys, I don't care. I died trying to help my friends, that's all that matters to me."

Joey: "You could have a better chance if you weren't going alone. Maybe I should go with you."

Rodger: "Joey, this is a stealth mission! You couldn't go, you'd get us both killed!"

Joey: "Alright, fine. What about you, Herald?"

Herald: "Ha! I'm not going to die this early in my career; sorry, Rodger."

Rodger: "You guys should have been prepared to make sacrifices when you joined this army."

Joey: "We're sacrificing our jobs just to help you, Rodger! We could be removed from the army for doing this."

Herald strapped the smart goggles back on Rodger's face. Joey double checked his weapons for him, while he checked his backpack for supplies.

Rodger: "Look's like I'm ready, guys."

Rodger pressed a button on his smart goggles, turned invisible, and said his possible final goodbyes to his squad. He left the armory, and sneaked out of the military base. He made his way down the steep mountain to the village below to get his transportation, and head out to free his fellow units.

Rodger sneaked through the quite, somewhat empty village. In the middle of the night, not many creatures are up and about; except those stumbling and mumbling around the local tavern. Rodger slowly walked by the tavern, watching the drunken rats joke and trip over their own tails. His suit's invisibility was turned off to save power, so he was somewhat vulnerable. A little bit down the main road from the tavern was a stables full of beasts that mice and rats typically ride: lizards, hamsters, guinea pigs, you name it! Rodger walked into the stables, picked a hamster, and then shook it awake. The beast violently grumbled as it woke up, and nearly attacked Rodger.

Rodger: "Woah! Easy, easy......uh.....boy. Easy does it; we're going on a midnight trip if you don't mind."

Rodger coaxed the hamster by feeding it grain, and then placed a saddle on its furry back. The saddle was black, and had the Mech Mice Military's coat of arms on both sides of it. He hung his bazooka and sniper rifle on its sides, and equipped a smaller gun on his belt. He opened the creaky wooden gate, and guided the hamster out of the stables.

Rodger: "Quiet, boy, quiet. Wait, watch out for that..."

It was too late; the mighty hamster's head walked into a hanging group of wind chimes. The clanking sound echoed through the street, and Rodger stopped still and quiet. He stood there for a few seconds waiting for something to happen, but nothing did. He wiped some sweat off his forehead, and continued to guide the creature to the road. Once out of the stables he took the lead off the hamster, tossed it on the ground, and mounted onto the creature's back. He shook the reigns, and the hamster slowly started jogging along the road.

Rodger: "Alright, boy! Let's go get my friends back from those Dark scums!"

Mic breathed heavily, his stomach was aching and he had a slight fever. Just not having his contacts on for a few hours made him vomit at least once already. The blurriness of his vision messed with his brain, and he felt absolutely terrible. Every time he had the urge to vomit out anything left his stomach, he regretted not having spare contacts in his pockets.

Wren: "Unit, are you alright?"

Wren helped Mic lie down on the stone floor, as Mic tried to answer without gunk shooting out of his mouth.

Mic: "Ugh, no, sir, no. Bleh. I feel horrible! I should have...uh...brought extra contact lenses. I forgot sick I can get sometimes."

Wren: "Well, it won't matter unless we're rescued soon. The Darkies will probably torture us for information. It is important that we do not tell them anything! Do you hear me?"

Mic: "Yes, sir. Ugh."

Almost immediately Mic vomited again, this time all over Wren's torso. The commander simply glanced at his shirt, and groaned.

Wren: "Don't worry, unit, I've had worst things happen to me."

The hamster squeaked as it trudged over the grassy hill. Under the cover of darkness, Rodger and it reached the top of the hill and saw slightly below them a massive forest of pine and spruce trees that reached off into the horizon. It was beautiful in the moonlight; somehow the soft blue light made Rodger feel as if he was home. He stopped the hamster from going any further, just so Rodger could get a good look at the woods. At the horizon he saw some mountains, and figured that was the legal border of the Mech Mice Colony and the Dark Union. However, the Dark Union claimed all of Roden as theirs, but no other nation recognized that so latest war began.

Rodger: "There little buddy, that's what we're fighting for."

The hamster squeaked, seeming as if it was responding to Rodger's statement. Rodger shook the reigns again, and the hamster trudged forward towards the dark, calming woods ahead. Usually a dark woods with a full moon strikes fear into mice, but oddly this forest was pleasant for both Rodger and the hamster to hike through. Inside the forest, Rodger watched the night animals go about their business. Suddenly the smart goggles dinged; someone was calling Rodger. Rodger swiftly pressed a button on the goggles, answering the call.

Rodger: "Hullo, Joey and Herald. I'm coming up near the border. Just a couple hundred tails I think to go."

Herald: "Good, how soon do you think you'll make it?"

Rodger: "At this five hours until I reach the enemy base."

Joey: "Slime bugs! That's too late, Rodger!"

Herald: "Joey, language and volume! Turn both down!"

Rodger: "Never thought I would heard that word from your mouth, Joey."

Joey: "Sorry, I'm stressed out. It's 1:00 a.m; five hours will be when the base wakes up. We won't be able to help you."

Rodger: "Hmph! I only need you guys when I'm in the base. Go, Joey, get some sleep while I'm traveling there. Communicate me as soon as possible. Rodger out."

Herald: "Herald out."

The two units hung up on each other, and Rodger shook the reigns of the hamster.

Rodger: "Faster, buddy! We got to get there sooner; maybe you and I could get some sleep if we get there on time."

The hamster snorted, convincing Rodger that the hamster somehow understood him.

Chapter 6: Saving a Friend, Saving an Enemy Edit

Mic sat in the prison cell, trying to keep his eyes closed so that he wouldn't become ill again. His stomach finally began to calm down, and he was able to relax a little bit. However, everyone else in the prison could not; the smell of the vomit filled the cell, and made everyone else sick.


Unexpectedly, the door to the cell slowly opened up. It was hard to see them, but the Mech Mice speculated that the cyborgs were standing at the doorway. The cyborg then crept in, and walked straight towards Mic. He stopped suddenly, stared at Mic for a moment as if he was identifying him. In the blink of an eye, the cyborg smacked sick Mic in the back of the head. Mic collapsed to the ground unconscious, and the cyborg bent down and picked him up. None of the Mech Mice dared to act; they knew they would be killed in seconds. So the units reluctantly watched one of their own get carried away out of the cell.


One of the cyborgs slammed the cell door closed, and left with the other. Wren ran over to the bars to look out, but couldn't see Mic or the cyborgs. A Commander Unit walked up beside Wren, and looked as well.

Commander: "Where do you think they're taking him, sir?"

Wren: "I have no idea, unit."

The commander Désespoir stood by the fireplace, staring at the only double-door that entered the room. The room was tall, wooden beams held the roof above, and the walls were crafted from white sandstone. Decades of wars, carelessness, and vandalism left the walls more scorched black than snow white. The floor was made of rickety wooden planks, which now were beginning to rot out making the room unsafe. There were two windows in the room, and they were on opposite sides of a kind-sized bed across the room from the fire. Unlike everything else in the room, the bed had clean linens and looked inviting. By the double-door entering the room were two cyborg guards, and to their right was a small pile of maps, books, and other documents. By the fireplace, where Désespoir was standing, was a big comfy chair being used by a cloaked figure. The figure wore a black cloak, that made his face invisible from most angles. His paws barely reached out of the sleeves; and the cloak was just a fraction of a tail from exceeding his height. The cloaked figure was evidently the leader of the base.


The double doors to the room were thrown open, and the two cyborgs stepped in dragging Mic across the floor. They brought him towards the center of the room, and then dropped him on his own face. The cloaked figure had gotten up out of his seat quickly, and was now staring down at the beaten unit.

Cloaked figure: "Commander Mic, of the Fantas Squad, you have quite a life don't you?"

Mic slowly woke up, and realized what was going on. He rolled over onto his back, and sat up rubbing his eyes with his paw.

Mic: "Where am I? I can't see."

Instantly, the cloaked figure snapped his fingers. The doors to the room opened up, and in walked a slave doe. She did everything not to make eye contact with the mysterious figure.

Cloaked figure: "Go fetch this slime-bag some glasses. Mic, are you near-sighted or far-sighted?"

Mic: "Uhh...I'm far-sighted. Why the sudden kindness, Darkie?"

Apparently the cloaked mouse took great offense to that saying. The term 'Darkie' was common among the Mech Mice, but in the Dark Union it was a horrible swear word. The figure smacked Mic across the face, and watched the helpless unit fall down to the ground. The doors opened once again, and in came the slave doe with the pair of glasses. She placed them down near Mic, bowed to her master without making eye contact, and then quickly left. Mic swiftly put on the glasses, jumped up, and assessed where he was. He was about to put up a fight, but then realized he was badly outnumbered. He looked around the room, looking for a loose beam or something to cause destruction in the room.

Mic: "Nice room you got here."

Cloaked figure: "Thanks, Mic. You shall call me Trompeur, your new master."

Mic: "Trompeur, I will not serve one who wishes the destruction of everything."

Trompeur: "But I don't; I wish for a new world order, Mic. One where mice and rats have equal recognition, no greed, no evil, no death! One where there are no secrets, no rebellions, no starvation, nothing horrible."

Mic: "Just how do you perfect an imperfect world?"

Trompeur: "By burning the old, fool!"

Trompeur walked back over to his chair, and sat down staring at the fire. Mic followed him over there; but he didn't look at the fire, he looked right at his captor.

Trompeur: "You see, your foolish republic calls for freedoms, and rights. BA! Individual freedoms only encourage death and destruction; domination by one collective brain is what will bring peace to Roden."

Mic: "You want to put all creatures under a Communist dictatorship with absolutely no freedoms?"

Trompeur: "No, it will be a democracy. The collective brain will be a small group of rats and mice that rule with absolute control. When the technology becomes advanced enough, the collective brain will be an artificial intelligence with my ideas, thoughts, and my intelligence."

Mic: "Creatures deserve the freedom to think for themselves!"

Trompeur: "And where has that gotten us, Mic? The early discoverers of the Shards thought for themselves, and just look at what happen! The land was split by two factions, warring with each other constantly it seems."

Mic: "Because the northern colonies are full of radicals and horrible creatures! The Mech Mice stand for all needful creatures; unlike you Darkies."

Trompeur: "I wish you could have seen the errors in your Colony's ways, Mic."

Trompeur slowly stood up out of his chair, and then unexpectedly took off his black cloak. He turned around, and Mic stopped doing anything. He looked at Trompeur; it wasn't some unknown mouse, it was Grud.

Rodger tied the hamster to a stump, and coaxed it by feeding it grain. The creature lied down on the mossy ground, and quickly fell asleep. Rodger tightened the gear on him, and grabbed his weapons off the hamster. He turned around, and saw the desolated land caused by the Dark Union. Smoke rose from almost everywhere, every tree was either cut down to the stump or burned, nothing but insects roamed the landscape, and the land was about five degrees warmer from the massive flames of war and destruction. Rodger sighed as he gazed upon the scene, seeing what the DU do to the creatures and their homes when they conquer. He looked off into the horizon, and not far away he spotted a castle surrounded by a burnt village.

Rodger: "That's where Mic and the other captives must be."

Rodger looked back at the hamster, and waved goodbye. With that, he started jogging towards the castle.

Mic: "No! You couldn't!"

Mic seemed to yell bloody murder as he realized that one of his own units was not only working with the Dark Union, but was leading the Dark Union! Mic stumbled backwards, absolutely shocked at how much Grud had fallen to horrible ways.

Trompeur: "Shocked, yes, yes, you are. Even more shocking, my name isn't Grud in the first place!"

Mic: "You, you really go by the name 'Trompeur'?"

Trompeur: "Indeed, the name 'Grud' was just a cover-up. You see, Mic, I infiltrated the Academy under a false identity created by Dark Union spies in your government's records. I was born in the very northern part of the DU, and my father was a great general during Roden War II. He was killed sadly by a special unit of Mech Mice. I swore from the time I heard of his demise to exterminate the 'free' creatures of the south, and usher in a new world order!"

Mic: "You traitor! You gave your life to the Mech Mice cause!"

Trompeur: "Yes, but I sold my soul to the Dark Union's."

The doors to the room creaked open, and in walked Bruce. He wore cleaner and more splendid clothes than Mic had usually seen him in. Bruce appeared as a renowned, honored, and glorified spy in the Dark Union.

Trompeur: "Ah, Bruce, I feel you have met Mic before, right?"

Bruce: "More than I would have wanted to, sir. What is he doing here? Why aren't you in disguise?"

Trompeur: "Before his execution, I wanted to clarify some things for him. Or maybe get him to join our cause."

Mic cursed out at Trompeur, and then spat on the ground.

Mic: "I won't usher in a new world of domination of creatures' very thoughts! By the Shard..."

Bruce sprinted up to Mic, and punched him right in the face. The surprised commander stumbled backwards, but didn't fall. He wiped some blood from his lip, and charged at Bruce.


In a bright blue spark, Mic fell to the ground unconscious again. Bruce turned around confused, when he realized Trompeur had shot Mic with an electric gun.

Trompeur: "Do not harm him, Bruce, without my command!"

Bruce: "I am sorry, sir. Shall I escort him to the prison cells?"

Trompeur: "No, keep him here. I want to try to convince him more."

A determined Rodger crept through the burnt village, just tails away from the castle. He looked around, but saw no creatures. Smoke still rose from some buildings, but hardly anything remained besides some left buildings and piles of rubble. He walked down the main road till he came to a large house. The clattering of small metallic feet was heard ahead, and Rodger panicked. Instead of turning on his invisibility suit, he sneaked into the large house. He hid behind a boulder on the first floor, as he heard the drones scour by. Once they past, he breathed a sigh of relief and stood back up. He glanced around the desolated house, and spotted something beneath some rubble. Being curious, he crept over to it and moved the rubble aside. There, underneath it all, was a slightly burnt chest. Rodger easily opened it, and found it full of drafts of letters and pictures. He searched through it, ignoring the letters.

Rodger (thinking): "What am I doing? Wait...what's that?!"

Rodger pulled a picture out from the bottom of the chest. It was a maintained black-white picture of himself with a signature on the bottom right corner. Rodger looked at the black ink, and sighed not with sadness but with anger. He desperately looked at the letters he ignored, and found that they were letters from someone to him. His face tightened with unbelievable anger, the letters were from his once-thought dead girlfriend. He looked over the letters, recognizing them from years ago when he was still training college. Rodger searched through more of the letters, till he found a diary bound in leaves. He opened it up, and swiftly skipped to the end. With sudden horror, he read the last entry in the diary.

They've began their invasion on the city. The units and squads are massively out-numbered, and the bugs are walking in the streets now. They're slaughtering all in their path, and burning everything in sight. They've been throwing bombs into the center of the city, killing innocent civilians. They don't want any survivors, and all communications are down. I will put this diary and my most precious treasures in a chest for safe-keeping. I hope anyone who finds this will see the evil of the Dark Union, and joined the Mech Mice cause if they haven't already. Goodbye. -Zena Rodger: "Zena...they, they will PAY FOR THIS WITH THEIR LIVES!"

Rodger placed the diary in a pouch, turned on his invisibility suit, and picked up his pace for the castle.

Rodger (thinking): "Whatever they did to her, they will answer to me for it!"

Mic rubbed his forehead as he got back up on his feet. He leaned on a nearby railing, realizing that he was no longer in Trompeur's room. His eyes began to focus, and he soon realized where he was. He was on a high tower of the castle, looking out over the barren landscape and burnt city. Mic sensed that Trompeur was behind him.

Mic: "This is why I will not join the Dark Union, Grud! They destroy; they don't liberate!"

Trompeur: "If there's no other available canvas, paint over the old one. That's what our great founder Smackler James said before he was killed by your 'war hero' Rodney Wheeler."

Mic: "How dare you compare the lives of millions to a simple painting!"

Mic turned around and stared at his old friend straight in the eye. Behind Trompeur was Bruce, and a cyborg holding an Engineer's battle wrench.

Trompeur: "Analogies should not be judged that way, my friend."

Mic: "I am no traitor's friend!"

Trompeur: "I'm no traitor, Mic, I never worked for the Mech Mice; I only worked for the Dark Union. Join the cause, help end this ruthless war and help usher in peace."

Mic: "At what cost? Millions of deaths, freedom taken away, and the enslavement of all creatures?"

Trompeur: "Now when you put it like that, I'm portrayed as a monster."

Mic stood up to Grud, puffed out his chest, and looked him straight in the eye. He breathed on Trompeur's furry face.

Mic: "Because you are!"

Trompeur punched Mic in the stomach, and laughed as he watched his enemy stumble back again to the railing.

Trompeur: "I heard you had a stomach problem down there, Mic."

He went to swing a another punch, but unexpectedly Mic caught it with his right paw. Swiftly, Mic swung his other fist into Trompeur's stomach.

Trompeur: "Ugh!"

Stumbling back, Trompeur grumbled. He stood back up straight and tall, and charged at Mic. The two got into a fist fight, while Bruce and the cyborg watched; completely unaware that there was an intruder in the castle.

It was 9:00 o'clock in the morning now. The sun had risen above the horizon, but its shining rays were blocked by silver clouds in the sky. Rodger was about to creep up to the fortified wall of the castle, when his smart goggles informed him that someone was calling. He sneaked back behind a wall, and pressed a button on a control panel on his wrist. He knew who was calling, and quickly answered when he picked up.

Rodger: "Herald, I'm almost to the castle wall."

Ty: "Full back, Rodger, you are breaking military protocol! Return to Poncho Sotcho immediately or risk being tried for directly breaking my commands!"

Rodger: "Sir, how did you know?"

Ty: "My spies told me they found a hamster with out coat of arms on its saddle! Full back now!"

Rodger: "Uh...ugh, sir, I cannot full back now. I've come to far to let Mic go, sir, and all the others too."

Ty: "Rodger, full back to Poncho Sotcho now or you will be put on trial for deliberately breaking orders!"

Rodger: "Saving my fellow units overcomes any punishment the military can put on me, sir."

Ty: "You dare, traitor!"

Rodger: "Sir, I am no traitor. I am simply, sir, being a...good soldier. I, sir, am doing what is right."

Ty: "Unit, return to..."


Rodger ended the call, and then blocked his smart goggles from all radio transmissions. He was on his own now, and more than ever determined to break into that castle. He clicked his rifle into position, activated his invisibility suit, and jogged over to the wall. Coming over to it, he walked along side it until he found the gate into the castle. The gate was made of iron bars, and was shut solid. Rodger simply pulled a grenade off his belt, activated it, and then tossed it into the already destroyed city.



The explosion shook the ground slightly, and almost instantly the alarms in the castle activated. The iron gate to the castle lifted open, and a cyborg and a few dozen droids soon ran out to investigate what happened. But once they ran through the gate, it remained open. Rodger seized the opportunity, and raced through the gate. He ran completely invisible through the courtyard, and headed directly for the keep. He didn't pass many drones; they were on high alert and many were on the walls. Rodger ran up the brick steps to the grand door to the keep, which to his luck was wide open. He walked into it easily, and found himself in the throne room; however, it was much of a throne room anymore. On both sides of the room were shelves upon shelves of droids, all deactivated but ready to turn on and attack when needed. Pillars lined both sides of the center of the hall, and the center path was a tattered stained rug on the moldy floor. At the end of the hall there was no throne, but instead a newer stair case that led up a few tails, and then turned around splitting into two stairs. On both sides of the stairway there were two hallways leading downwards to who-know-where.

Rodger (thinking): "I need to find the armory, so that I can supply the prisoners with weapons.

Mic: "Uhhhh....UGH!"

The fallen Mic was kicked again in the chest by Trompeur, who had knocked him down to the ground and was now mercilessly kicking him while laughing.

Trompeur: "Hahaha! You were a great warrior, Mic, but I learned your motives and moves quickly. You can't beat me, fool!"

Trompeur kicked Mic again, and continued to laugh. Mic groaned with every kick, but got more and more angry too. As Trompeur readied his foot for another kick to the chest, Mic suddenly pun his legs around and knocked Trompeur to the ground. He then leaped on top of the Darkie, and Mic sliced Trompeur's face with his claws. He then proceeded to quickly and continuously punch Trompeur's face without mercy. Trompeur was helpless, Mic had his legs and arms pinned to the ground. Mic punched Trompeur until blood began to spill from his enemy's mouth. Realizing their master was helpless then, Bruce and the Cyborg quickly pushed Mic off of Trompeur and helped the beaten enemy back up on his feet.

Trompeur: "Haha. We...we all have...a dark side...uh?"

Mic spat on the floor again, and looked at Trompeur with a glare of hate in his eyes.


Wren looked up to see the cell door mysteriously open up with no one opening it. Suddenly, Rodger's invisibility suit turned off and his figure faded back into visibility. Rodger pulled down a black scarf on his face, so that the units could see he was one of them.

Rodger: "Commander Wren, I'm Rodger, the Bazooka Grunt Unit of the Fantas Squad. I'm here to save you all, and Mic, sir. Where is, Mic, sir?"

Wren: "Unit, I don't know. A couple of cyborgs walked in and took him away just an hour ago!"

Rodger: "Pick a weapon, men! We're going to storm the enemy's armory, and take what we can."

Rodger began to hand out weapons to the captives, before Wren stopped him.

Wren: "Just because you are rescuing us, unit, doesn't mean you're in charge. I outrank you if I must remind you. I say instead of storming the armory we plant some explosives and set the castle to blow. We'll escape in the utter chaos of random grenades going off around the castle."

Rodger: "Sir, how are you going to enforce that if you're chained to a wall?"

Wren looked at his paws, remembering that he had both paws chained to a wall.

Wren: "Ugh...fine, we'll do it your way! Why exactly will we do it your way, unit?"

Rodger: "We're not escaping the castle, we're taking the castle if we can, sir."

Rodger cut the chains off Wren, and helped him up to his feet. Rodger handed the commander a small blaster and some ammunition, and then guided the group out of the cell.

Rodger (whispering): "The armory is on the other side of the castle. I'm going to go up to the throne room and throw a grenade in to distract them."

Now relived of carrying a rifle and several blasters and grenades, Rodger quickly sprinted up the stairs and into the throne room. He sneaked behind one of the shelves holding the drones, and place a timed grenade at the base of one in the center of the row. He clicked it on, and ran. He leaped back into the stairway where the other units were, and...




The explosion rocked the keep, and set off another alarm. Mic saw several cyborgs and drones run over to where the explosion happened to investigate. He tapped on a nearby captive, and whispered..


In a blurry cloud of tails and ears, the captive Mech Mice ran up the stairs; shooting, throwing grenades, and yelling out at the cyborgs and drones. They shot the enemy in the back, and in seconds were down in the armory. They shot down the drones guarding it, and ran into the armory. They quickly grabbed any weapon they could work, and some ammunition. Rodger didn't grab anything but some ammunition.


Mic was hit in the back of his head, and stumbled forward. He turned around and saw Wren standing there with a blaster in his paws.

Wren: "Who's got the control now, unit? You're under arrest for breaking orders, and ordering your superior what to do."




Wren's eyes turned towards the back of his sockets, and then he turned around to see that all the Mech Mice had their blaster pointed at him. Wren snarled in seeing that all his units had betrayed him.

Wren: "Units, I order you to stand down!"

A unit stepped up, and replied to Wren boldy.

"No, we're taking this castle, rescuing that Stealth Commander Unit, and taking what information we can from the DU computers."

Wren: "Traitor, obey your superior officer!"


Wren fell to the ground unconscious, with Rodger standing above him.

Rodger: "Traitors!? You're the real traitor for betraying Mic."

Rodger slapped some handcuffs onto Wren's paws, and then picked him up. He looked amongst the group of units, and then handed the short commander to a bulky Heavy Unit.

Rodger: "Carry him on your back, and make sure he doesn't die."

The Heavy nodded in agreement, and prepped his blaster. Rodger looked around the group of units, pulled his scarf back over his face, and hollered.


Trompeur walked back onto the balcony, seeing Mic lying on the ground beaten up. He smiled a sick smile, while the sound of explosions and shots could be heard in the background. Mic groaned as Trompeur gradually walked closer to him.

Trompeur: "Mic, you should have joined me. We could have been great mice, rulers of a new world."

Mic: "I want nothing to do with your new world, Grud."

Trompeur: "Stop calling me that!"

Trompeur kicked Mic over onto his back, and Trompeur lifted his boot over Mic's face. Mic looked up, and saw metal spikes protruding from the bottom of the boots. The horrifying site startled Mic.

Trompeur: "Many Mech Mice have died from their simple but genius weapon."

Trompeur raised his foot, and readied to trample Mic's face. In a blur, a large mouse tackled Trompeur before he could stomp Mic. The big mouse pinned Trompeur to the ground, and began to punch him repeatedly in the face. Trompeur was completely caught off guard, and couldn't fight back. In seconds he was knocked unconscious, and lying the floor groaning. The unknown mouse stood back up, walked over to Mic and helped him up to his feet. When Mic stood up, he looked at the mouse's face and was momentarily shocked. He almost ran off, before the mice could explain things.

Bruce: "Yes, I was your enemy, but I'm really not. Hard to explain, so I'll explain on the way. Come on! Mech Mice units are keeping the enemy below busy, we have enough time to escape."

Bruce, surprisingly was Mic's rescuer. Bruce led Mic back into Trompeur's room, and ran over to the door. Still being suspicious, however, Mic picked an Engineer's wrench up off the floor and carried it with him as he followed Bruce. Running down the hall, Bruce shot any incoming enemies, while explaining everything to Mic.

Bruce: "I'm a triple agent for the Mech Mice! They sent me in to keep an eye on the Dark Union, but I excelled quickly in the ranks. Eventually I became a spy for them, while I was still spying on them."

Mic: "Wait, so you're one of us? After all you've done to me and our brothers!"

Bruce: "Hey! I had to stay inside the Dark Union's infrastructure at all costs, but now, I've been relieved of my duty by the MMIA. We have enough information now to regain an advantage over the Dark Union."

Mic: "What about that Shard you stole from Poncho Sotcho?"

Bruce: "I wish I knew where it was. Once I gave it to Trompeur, he sent it away. All I know about its location is that's not this castle."

Bruce slowed down to a near stop in a hallway, walked up to a corner, peered behind it, and then turned around to Mic.

Bruce: "Alright, there are some escape pods in that hallway next to us. I'll activate one, and..."

Mic: "Now wait, Bruce, I don't feel so comfortable with you guiding me. How do I not know this is some trap?"

Bruce: "Uhh...that wrench. If you don't feel safe with me, just knock me out with that wrench. Though it will..."


Bruce fell to the floor as if he was a sack of bricks. Mic quickly picked him and his blaster up, and carried him over to the nearest escape pod.

Chapter 7: Evacuate the Castle Edit

The Mech Mice ran up the stairs from the armory, and shot the oncoming robots. They ran into the throne room, taking the enemy by a small surprise. The group quickly made their way to the shelves of robots in the hall, and started to push the shelves over and destroy the sleeping bugs.



Two cyborgs from outside ran into the throne room to see what was happening, but were quickly shot down by a couple of Heavy Units. Out of the blue, several bugs and cyborgs came running down the stairs at the end of the room screaming at the Mech Mice in a foreign tongue. Several units were shot down, while Rodger and the majority instinctively leaped for cover behind pillars and shelves. The throne room quickly turned into a battlefield. As Rodger shot down an enemy, the castle's alarm system suddenly activated. The siren echoed throughout the whole castle, from the smallest closet to the stables in the courtyard. Almost immediately, scores of bugs ran into the throne room and started to shoot at the Mech Mice.

Rodger: "Close the doors! Secure the room!"

Following orders, two Heavy Units (one of them holding Commander Wren) jumped in front of the rest of the mice and shot down the droids while several other units raced to the heavy doors and quickly closed them. They reinforced the mighty doors with a nearby shelve, and determined that the throne room was captured.

Rodger: "I want several units to stay here by the door, and the rest will search the level above us. We have to take the keep if we want to take the castle."

All of the units agreed with him, and followed Rodger's orders.

Mic laid Bruce on a chair in the escape pod when the castle's alarms went off. Worrying that the bugs were coming for him, Mic quickly walked over to the control panel and slowly prepared the escape pod for departure. The Dark Union's technology was slightly confusing because it was written in a different language, but Mic knew a little about the language and figured out how to operate the escape pod. He pulled a lever, which closed the hatch to the escape pod, then he pressed a button, which shot the escape pod out of the keep's side.

Mic: "WOAH!'

The pod glided for a few tails, and then two wings and a stabilizer folded out of it. The escape pod became a flying machine now, but Mic had never flown before.

Mic: "Oh, slime! I'M FLYING!"

Mic grasped the controls, and tried to get the flying pod to calm down. As he stabilized the pod, as luck would have it, a sudden turbulence knocked the pod to the right side. Mic fell to his right, and hit a lever by mistake. The pod then quickly self-corrected, and became stabilized again. Mic got up off the now level floor, and walked over to the control panel.

Mic: "Hmm, I turned on something called auto-pilot it looks like."

Mic sat down in the pilot chair, and breathed a sigh of relief. He worked on the control panel, seeing if he could direct the escape pod to Poncho Sotcho where he would be safe.

Rodger paced the old throne room, waiting for the units to return from upstairs, if they ever do. Rodger's ears perked up as he heard heavy footsteps in the background. He heard arguing between two creatures, and one of them was pushing the other one. Rodger motioned to the units near him, and they quickly ducked behind the pillars. Rodger turned on his invisibility suit, and simply stood in the middle of the throne room waiting for expected Darkies to walk right up to him. Two cyborgs, as expected, walked out of a hall and into the throne room. The two were arguing with each other, but for some reason one had his claw behind his back like he was holding something.

Darkie 1: "We should just leave this slave! We don't need it!"

Darkie 2: "Slow us down or not, Trompeur wants the little worm."

The two cyborgs began walking down the center of the throne room, when the second one pulled whatever was behind him forward. The cyborg pulled a young doe, bound in shackles, out from behind him. He pushed her forward, ordering her to walk faster. Rodger, in all his fury of seeing slavery, turned off his invisibility suit and walked towards the two Darkies. The first one quickly yanked the slave girl back, while the other pointed his blaster arm at Rodger.

Rodger: "I suggest you let her go, or I will brutally murder you, your families, and your nation!"

Darkie 2: "Ha! I thought you Mech Mice were supposed to be honorable. So much for that."

Rodger: "At least we don't enslave our own kind!"

In a blur, Rodger jumped the first Darkie and swiftly pinned him to the ground. He and the cyborg struggled, until he jammed a knife into the cyborg's exposed neck. He panted as he stood back up, and then quickly turned around pointing his blaster at the second cyborg. The cyborg laughed, poking the slave's head with his own blaster.

Darkie 2: "What are you gonna do? Any move, and she's dead!"

Rodger stared at the cyborg for a few seconds motionless, but under his black scarf a grin quickly formed on his face. He lifted his blaster up at the ceiling directly above the cyborg, and quickly shot several blasters. The cyborg laughed with the likeness of an evil scientist.

Darkie 2: "Haha! The universal sign of surrender in Roden. Pleasure doing....AUGH!"

The ceiling began to fall on top of the cyborg, as Rodger leaped forward and grabbed the slave out of the cyborg's grip. The two tumbled across the floor, as the ceiling collapsed on the enemy. Reacting quickly, the other units came out from behind the pillars to check the rubble for the cyborg. Rodger got up on his feet, and stretched his neck before lowering his paw to help the slave girl up. He quickly cut the shackles off of her paws, and asked if she was alright.

Slave (timidly): "Yes, I'm alright. Thanks for rescuing me."

Rodger pulled down his scarf, smiled, and responded cheerfully.

"You're welcome."

The doe only stared at Rodger in shock, and her jaw opened wide. She suddenly hugged Rodger, crying. Rodger smiled as he hugged her back.

Rodger: "Hey, Zena. You're okay, right?"

Zena nodded as she looked up at Rodger, and wiped some tears from her eyes.

Zena: "It was horrible! They came into the village, and set it ablaze. Everyone was either sold to slavers, or executed in the name of 'a new world'. Trompeur bought me as a personal slave, to do his bidden. Why didn't the Mech Mice come?"

Rodger's smile went away, as he slowly pondered how to answer the question. He stepped back from Zena to think, and lowered his head as he answered her question.

"General Ty thought the city was obliterated, and hopeless to take back. But we'll talk about that later, Zena. Right now, we need to take back this castle!"

Trompeur stared at the security camera monitors, with a grim look on his face. The Dark Union troops were taken by surprise, and the Mech Mice had the upperhand by taking key places of the keep. Trompeur was in the castle's control room, which was located underground a little bit outside of the keep. Several technicians and cyborgs were in the room as well with him. Staring at the monitors, and looking at the facts, the commander made up his mind.

Trompeur: "Evacuate the castle. Destroy all evidence of Project Mammal, and set the base to self destruct."

Chief technician: "Yes, sir. But, sir, why don't we just transfer the project information?"

Trompeur slowly walked over to the technician, and grabbing him by the throat he boldly responded.

"Fool! The information has been copied across dozens of storage devices; there is no need to go through the trouble of downloading the data!"

The technician struggled for air, but Trompeur's grip became stronger with each passing second. The commander looked the technician in the eye, and saw the life leaving the technician's face.

Trompeur: "I will not tolerate stupidity such of that in my forces. Clearly your brain is not advanced enough to serve under me."

The technician fell to the floor, with no air in his lungs, and still blood in his vessels. The other technicians just glanced at their dead coworker for a second, and then went back to work on setting the castle to self destruct. Trompeur walked out of the room with his cyborg guards, not giving a second thought about what he just did.

Rodger lowered his blaster as the last bug dropped to the floor dead. The units race into the cell hall, and checked for anymore bugs. Rodger followed behind them, with Zena behind him, while double checking the cells. Rodger had a look of confusion on his face, and the startled Zena could see that. She thought nothing of it for awhile, but as the group left the cells she saw the same look on Rodger's face.

Zena: "What is it?"

Rodger: "Hmm? Oh, I'm just wondering why I don't see many bugs or cyborgs. It's oddly empty here."

Zena: "Okay. Uh...I think this tunnel leads to the outside."

Rodger: "Inside the castle or outside the castle?"

Zena: "Not sure, but I've heard Darkies say that the command room is down this hall."

Rodger readied his blaster, and shouted at the Mach Mice units with him.

"Be ready, bucks, command room may be down this hall."

The other units readied their weapons and continued walking down the dark hall. Water was leaking through the ceiling when the group reached the end of the hall. At the end was a large metal door, locked shut such as a vault. A Grenadier Unit smiled as he placed a bomb on the door. He activated it, and then yelled everyone to run.

Rodger: "Run!"

The group ran back down the hall, when suddenly...


The door blew open, and the hall was quickly filled with smoke and debris. Rodger coughed as he waved the dust away from his face. He stood up, and looked down the hall and through where the door once stood. He saw computers inside, and grinned.

Rodger: "That's the control room, alright! Charge!"

The group ran into the control room, and readied for the fight. The shouted a war cry as they ran into the control room, only to find it empty. The dumbfounded group looked around the room, but found nothing. Rodger activated one of the computers, and started to search through its memory and programs. Zena stayed close by his side, a watched him scroll through the endless stream of code.

Grenadier Unit: "Rodger, I found someone!"

Rodger leaped up from the chair, and rushed over to the unit. There on the ground, at the Grenadier Unit's feet was a dead mouse. Rodger checked for a pulse, and finding none he turned the dead mouse over onto his back. The mouse was clearly a Darkie, but Rodger was confused why the Dark Union would kill off one of their own.

Rodger: "Weird. Maybe he betrayed them somehow?"

Grunt Unit: "Or maybe he failed them."

The Grenadier Unit and Rodger looked over to the Grunt Unit, who was looking at security camera footage of the command room. The blurry footage and scratchy audio revealed what the Dark Union commander had done. While everyone was stunned by the commander killing the technician in cold blood, Rodger stared at the commander's body structure and face. Even in the blurry video, he thought he recognized the commander.

Rodger: "Hey! Pause it, now."

The grunt quickly paused the video, and Rodger looked very carefully at the commander's face.

Rodger: "Uh, zoom in."

The Grunt Unit zoomed the video in on the commander's face.


The Grenadier Unit looked over to Rodger, who had dropped his baster to the floor. His mouth was wide open with shock, but his eyes were full of hatred.


Words could not describe Rodger's internal anger. Inside of his thoughts he had already imagined 50 ways of killing Grud. He shook his fists in the air, and yelled out aloud.


Zena tried to cool down Rodger, but the mouse's face was bright with anger.

Zena: "Rodger, calm down."

Zena got Rodger to finally sit down in a chair, and tried to get him to control his anger. The Bazooka Grunt Unit just shook his head, and grumbled about betrayal. The other units in the room soon got word of what happened, and did too want to hunt down Grud and kill him for his actions. The Grunt Unit continued to explore the computers. Clicking on a certain button, a countdown suddenly showed up on the main screen.

Grunt Unit: "Uh, Rodger, we got more bad news."

Rodger looked up at the screen from his chair, and grumbled again. Everything written on the screen was in a different language than the Mech Mice spoke, but all Mech Mice Units were trained to learn the most common Dark Union languages. Everyone but Zena knew what the words on the screen meant.

Rodger: "Evacuate the castle! Get all units out of here!"

Zena: "What is it?"

Rodger: "This landmark is set to self-destruct. We're leaving now!"

Two Mech Mice spies peered through their binoculars, and looked at the castle that the Dark Union turned into a military base. One spy focused his binoculars towards the right side of the castle. Peering through, he saw scores of bugs and cyborgs retreating from the castle.

Spy 1: "Hey! The Darkies are retreating."

Spy 2: "What?"

The second spy focused on where his partner was looking, and saw some Darkies retreating as well. He nodded and moaned, and quickly radioed General Ty back at Poncho Sotcho.

Spy 2: "General, sir, this is scout group 4 reporting in. We have reason to believe the Darkies are retreating from the captured castle, sir."

Ty: "Unit, can you send video confirmation of this?"

Spy 2: "Yes, sir, I'm sending it now."

Back at Poncho Sotcho, General Ty sat at his big desk staring at the computer screen. He looked intently at the monitor, and saw what the spies saw: the Darkies retreating.

Spy 2: "Sir, should we supply backup to Rodger and the captives if they are alive?"

There was silence on Ty's end for a few seconds until he finally responded.

"No, it's too dangerous. Get close, but do not enter the castle unless you're absolutely sure it is safe to."

Spy 2: "Yes, sir."

The two spies nodded as they turned on their invisibility suits, and began jogging across the barren landscape to the castle. However, there was a seed of doubt in the spies' minds about the general's orders.

The ear-piercing siren echoing throughout the castle and the retreating Darkies forced the Mech Mice Units to make a run for it. The captives fled out of the castle, and into the surrounding city. Rodger was still in the castle making sure every last unit had retreated from it. Zena ran up beside him as he looked around the courtyard.

Rodger: "Zena, what are you doing here? Get out!"

Zena: "I'm here to get you! Everyone's out, COME ON!"

Zena quickly grabbed his paw, and yanked him out of the castle. Eventually Rodger willingly ran with her, realizing that the castle was barren. The two ran into the city, and were nearing the center of the city when....


In a spectacular, massive, and loud explosion, the castle was obliterated as 100s of Explosive Berry based bombs exploded in the castle's walls, buildings, and basements. The shock wave spread out across the city, and sent small rocks and pieces of wood and dust flying into the air. The units were in the center of the city, so when the castle exploded they hid behind rubble and half-fallen walls. The shock wave came ramming into them and their shields, and the explosion made their ears sting with pain. The ground shook, and gravel and dust flew into any body part not behind a wall or a rock.

The two spies were jogging towards the castle when the explosion happened. Before they could find shelter, the shock wave slammed into their small fragile bodies. The spies were knocked into the ground, and were killed almost instantly by the explosion. Now only one mouse in all of Megiddo knew what they were truly doing when running towards the castle.

After a few seconds, the dust finally settled and the units climbed out from their hiding places. They looked towards where the castle was, but there was absolutely no castle there anymore. Taking the place of the castle was now a big steaming crater, and the city was even more destroyed now. The units sighed with relief, and took roll call of where everyone was. Everyone was accounted for, but Rodger and Zena weren't. The explosion obviously woke Commander Wren up, and his anger was comparable to that of a pup that was hungry. He was grumbling and cursing when he found he was behind carried around like a pup on the back of a Heavy Unit. His paws were cuffed, but he still hit the heavy Unit in the back.

Wren: "Treason! Treason! Bounding one of your leading officers as a traitor! You'll all pay for this!"

The units just laughed as they watched the commander struggle on the back of the Heavy Unit. He really did appear as a pup riding its mother. Of course, all the mocking only made the commander angrier.

Wren: "Where's Rodger!?"

The laughing stopped instantly, and the group all turned to look back at where the castle was in unison. Some stared at the steaming crater, others began looking in the streets and under rubble. The group started to become worried as there was no sign of Rodger or Zena. A unit, trying to assume role of mission leader, yelled out to the other units.

"Some of you go down that street, you two watch over the commander, and the rest and I will look down this street."

Wren: "No, no, no! I am in command, and I order that we retreat back to Poncho Sotcho and get reinforcements and medical aid."

Grunt Unit: "All due respect, sir, but no one is going to obey you under these circumstances."

To prove the now commanding Grunt Unit's saying, all of the units did what he said and the search began for Rodger and Zena. Wren rolled his eyes, and cross his furry arms in fury. He grumbled and cursed some more as he shook his fists at the departing units.

Wren: "You'll pay for this!"

Rodger: "COUGH! UGH...COUGH! UH."

Rodger waved the dust away from his nose as he climbed out from under the rubble. He slowly stood up, and looked around for Zena.

"Zena? Zena!?"

Zena: "COUGH! Over here, Rodger."

Rodger ran over to where Zena was and helped her up off the ground. They were both covered in dust, had some scars, but at least they were alive; but, of course, Rodger asked Zena if she was alright and checked for any wounds on her.

Zena: "I'm find. COUGH! Just some dust in my lungs."

Rodger: "Alright, sure, Zena?"

Zena: "Rodger, I am perfectly fine. COUGH! ACK!"

Zena stated to violently cough up some dust, making Rodger not trust her statement.

Rodger: "Well, you say you're fine but you're coughing a lot. Come on, let's find the others."

Rodger led the coughing doe into the street, and the two walked down the dusty road together. The damage caused by the explosion was immense. The city was destroyed before the explosion, but now it was really destroyed. Many buildings Rodger recognized standing up when he was sneaking through the city were now piles of dust and rubble.

Rodger: "That castle was packing a lot of ammo."

Unit: "Hey! I found them!"

The small group of units ran over to their buddy, and saw Rodger and Zena walking down the street towards them. They waved to them, and called out to them.

Grunt Unit: "You okay, Rodger!?"

Rodger: "Just splendid!"

Grunt Unit: "Let's start heading to the base, it's a long journey!"

Rodger: "Yeah, I know, I traveled here on hamster; take that for a long journey."

Rodger shook paws with the Grunt Unit, and the now larger group headed back to the center of the city.

Mic tried to pilot the escape pod through the mountains. He flew the pod over a mountain, and on the other side he saw Poncho Sotcho shining in the beautiful daylight. He flew closer to the base, hoping no one would shoot him down. He steadied the pod as he flew it over to a level area by the mountains behind the base. He flew in from the south, and rocketed just by the control tower in the military base. He slowed the pod down, and lowered it to the ground. He clinched the controls, and his muscles tightened up.

Mic: "I hope this doesn't hurt to bad!"

Mic drove the pod towards the ground, but suddenly the auto pilot took over and began a landing procedure. To Mic's amazement, the pod had landing gear, and it landed smoothly onto the ground. He breathed a big sigh of relief when he saw he didn't crash into the ground at 200 miles per hour. When the escape pod stopped rolling, Mic turned off the engine and opened the door. He dragged Bruce out of the escape pod and into the outside where there were at least 20 squads there already. They all had their weapons pointed at the escape pod, but lowered them when they realized it was just Mic. General Ty suddenly came out of the crowd, and walked over to welcome Mic back to the base.

Ty: "Commander, what do you have to report?"

Mic: "I have a Dark Union here, sir, he's knocked out. He claims to be a double agent on our side, sir."

Ty: "Is that all?"

Mic: "We still have captives at the Darkies' base, sir. We need to send in rescue teams now, sir!"

Ty: "Well, your Bazooka Grunt Unit acted alone. He infiltrated the base, but we do not know what happened after that. He has not communicated with us at all."

Mic: "Whuh!? Sir, Rodger broke in alone?"

Ty: "Yes, AGAINST my orders. He'll be tried for breaking my direct orders if he returns."

Mic: "WHAT!?"

Mic stepped up to General Ty, and boldly looked him in the eyes.

Mic: "Sir, I mean you no disrespect, but I don't agree with putting Rodger on trial. He went to save his brothers in arms and me his commander. Sir, if anything he should be tried as a hero if he...if he lives."

Ty: "MPH! We'll see about that, Mic."

Chapter 8: Mixed Feelings Edit

Rodger trudged over the grassy hill, and looked off into the distance. He could see the hamster he had ridden on still standing where he left it. He turned around to the group of Mech Mice behind him, and told them the good news.

"Guys, I found the hamster I rode on to get here. We can send one mouse to Poncho Sotcho for help."

Wren: "Well you better send me than!"

Everyone blankly stared at Wren as he dangled from the back of a Heavy Unit.

Rodger: "Uh, no, sir."

Wren grumbled at the Rodger's and the rest of the group's choice. While Wren grumbled, Rodger stood up amongst the group and asked who could ride the hamster to Ponch Sotcho and get help. While the rest of group murmured about what to do, a Grunt Unit looked off into the distance and saw a dust cloud coming in their direction. The grunt focused his eyes on the incoming vehicle, and soon realized it was Mech Mice.

Grunt Unit: "Guys, I don't think we need that hamster!"

Rodger ran up beside the Grunt Unit to see the incoming vehicle. He waved at it just to make sure it saw the group on the hill. The giant vehicle drove towards them at top speeds, and within a few minutes it was parked right in front of Rodger. The front part of it lowered down and opened up, and a group of Medic Units came out to help the group of refugees. Rodger smiled as he looked into the vehicle and saw Mic, Joey, and Herald there.

Rodger: "You guys missed the party!"

Mic: "Meh, I had my own."

Mic walked over to Rodger and patted him on the shoulder.

Mic: "How are you feeling?"

Rodger: "Not too bad, those bugs didn't do much."

Mic: "Good to hear that! Hey, who's that?"

Mic's attention turned to Zena, who was standing not far behind Rodger. At first, Mic thought she was a Medic Unit kidnapped by the Dark Union like he and the others. Rodger's happy face somewhat faded away as he explained to Mic who she was.

Rodger: "An old love of mine; I and her family thought she was dead when the Dark Union took that city."

Mic: "Wow! Why did the Dark Union keep her alive?"

Rodger: "Umm...curse those slimeballs; they kept her alive for slave labor."

Mic's face turned grim as well; slavery was very much frowned upon in the Mech Mice Colony. If any Mech Mouse was found owning a slave, the penalties could be very large on him. Zena eventually walked up beside Rodger, and was welcomed to Mic by Rodger.

Rodger: "Mic, this is Zena. Zena, this is Mic."

Zena: "Thanks for coming to help us."

Mic: "Honestly, I don't know if we would had done anything else."

A Medic Unit walked over to Mic and told him all the refugees were accounted for and were on the vehicle. Mic smiled as he led his friends onto the vehicle.

Mic: "Alright! Guys, we're out of here!"

The units loaded onto the vehicle, and the door closed quickly. Inside, Joey and Herald greeted Rodger as the transport started to shakily drive back to Ponhco Sotcho.

General Ty angrily sat at his desk, staring at the two agents on the other side. The two agents came from the Mech Mice Investigation Agency, and they were here to release Bruce from prison. However, Ty would not give up his prisoner who had important information on the Dark Union.

Ty: "I'm not buying it, Lewis; how can I trust you he's really one of our spies?"

Lewis: "Oh, for the love of the Shards! Here are the files, the fingerprints, and even a photograph, General Ty! Bruce is one of our agents, release him now."

Ty: "These fingerprints, from what I hear, don't match up with his."

Lewis: "Isn't the picture and records enough already?"

Ty shook his head. Suddenly, Lewis threw the files into the air and jumped up from his chair.

Lewis: "AUGH! That's it; I can't deal with this trigger happy lunatic anymore!"

The furious agent stomped out of the office, while his colleague stayed sitting at General Ty's mighty desk. He nervously looked at Ty, and asked.


The agent got up from his seat and walked out as well. General Ty sat there grumbling. He got up from his comfortable office chair, and walked over to a large window in his office. The window let him get a bird's eye view of the military base, and a little bit of the village in the valley below. He looked off into the northern horizon, and not far from the base he could see a large military vehicle coming towards the base. He simple looked at it, and then headed towards downstairs.

Mic walked out of the vehicle with his squad and into the military base. There was a small crowd to greet the refugees, and walked out from amongst them was General Ty and his most trusted squad following behind him. He marched over to Rodger, who was standing next to Mic. The angry general looked Rodger in the eye, and then started to rebuke him.

"How dare you disobey my orders! Unit, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Rodger: "Uh, let's start with I saved all of these mouses' lives, I indirectly destroyed a Dark Union base, and...oh...yeah, I got Dark Union weapons to study, and I rescued an enslaved civilian who just so happens to be an old friend of mine."

General Ty sternly looked at Zena, who was standing behind Rodger.

Ty: "This one behind you?"

Rodger: "Yes, sir."

Zena nervously looked up at General Ty, who was much taller than she was.

Zena: "Hi."

Ty turned his attention back to the rebellious Rodger. He angrily looked at the Bazooka Grunt Unit in the eyes.

Ty: "Good work, unit; however, next time follow my orders."

Rodger saluted as he replied.

"Yes, sir."

With that, General Ty walked back towards his office. Rodger glanced at Mic, who just shrugged his shoulders. The Fantas Squad and Zena were walking back to the barracks, when they heard General Ty yelling suddenly. They turned around, and saw two unknown mice walking out of the cells with Bruce. There, blocking their path, was a very angry General Ty. He was yelling at the agents to stand down, and to give the prisoner back to him. The Fantas Squad watched as the general got more violent towards the agents, who stood in front of Bruce. Very soon, a crowd started to form around the confusion. Mic told his squad to go about their business, while he went to go check on what was going on. As Mic walked over to the small crowd, he could understand a little more clearly what the general was saying.

Ty: "You do not have permission to take my prisoners!"

Lewis: "Technically we do; its was the president's orders."

Ty: "I don't care what that memory foam padded office chair owner recreational mouse thinks! You have no right to take my prisoners."

Lewis: "General Ty, please don't do this to yourself. You wouldn't want to be removed from your position would you?"

Ty: "No, I wouldn't want to, but you cannot take him. We all know what happened with Axel and the Genesis Squad! Your orders could be from a Dark Union insider."

Lewis: "General, now you are acting paranoid. What if you were the Dark Union spy you speak of, huh?"

At that statement, the furious general stopped talking. Small mumbles came out of his mouth, but no one could understand him. He snarled as he waved the agents off, and walked away. As the general disappeared into the control tower, Mic walked over to the agents and Bruce to see what was going on.

Mic: "So, you really are a spy on our side?"

Bruce: "Yes, been one since the whole Axel and Genesis Squad mess. It's a good thing too that I was a spy; I have some bad news."

The agents and Mic looked at Bruce in shock. Bruce sighed as he explained what he discovered.

"The Darkies have a new plan to take the capital: Operation Mammal. They've taken dozens of massive mammals captive, mutated them, and turned them into massive weapons."

Mic: "They did to the mammals what they did to the bugs!"

Bruce: "Everything from moose to wolverines, the Colony will be overrun."

Lewis: "I'll contact the president immediately, and initiate a code orange."

Bruce: "No! The government is full of sympathizers and spies, I've seen spies in so many places. The military currently here is all we can trust."

Mic: "But..."

Bruce: "We have time, Mic. Operation Mammal is planned to launch a long time from now; no need for emergency actions."

Lewis: "Alright, this sounds like it's something we need to talk about in the war planning room; not in the open."

Bruce and Mic agreed, and the small group headed towards the control tower. Entering it, they walked down the hall and into the elevator. They rode it up to General Ty's office, which also served as the war planning room. The elevator dinged when it reached the floor, and the doors slowly opened up. The group walked into the room to see General Ty starring at the complicated planning table. There were little figurines on it representing Mech Mice, Darkies, and allies of the Colony. General Ty turned to face the group when he heard the other agent cough.

Ty: "Lewis, Zap, what do you want to take away from me now, huh?"

Lewis: "Your since of peace."

The general looked bewildered as the group walked over to and surrounded the planning table. Bruce quickly explained Project Mammal to the general, and then started to give more details than he did last time.

"You see, the Darkies have disguised these cyborg mammals as military based around the Mech Mice Colony. There are giant weapons sitting at our tight borders and we didn't even realize it! These cyborgs will quickly traverse the Colony, and attack the capital."

Ty: "How many are there?"

Bruce: "From what I know, there are a dozen."

Ty: "What's it take to beat them?"

Bruce: "Too much firepower; if we beat one, another will just come from behind and attack the capital."

Lewis: "Than how on Megiddo do we beat it?"

Bruce: "The Darkies always make at least one big mistake. All the mammals' brains were killed before they were experimented on, so they're all connected to a computer system that links all the way back to the capital."

Mic: "So we take out that one computer at the capital and all the cyborg mammals are destroyed?"

Rodger: "Even better: program them to self-destruct!"

Suddenly the room went quiet, and everyone was looking towards the elevator. There by the door stood Rodger by himself, with a slight smile on his face.

Ty: "How dare you enter my office without permission, unit!"

Rodger: "Sir, my name is Rodger."

Ty: "I'll call you what I want to call you, unit!"

Mic: "Rodger, what are you doing here?"

Rodger walked up beside Mic at the planning table as he answered.

"Meh, I figured you guys needed some help planning. As I can see, you don't know that Project Mammal has a self-destruct feature?"

Bruce: "They never told me that!"

Rodger: "Looks as if Bruce didn't have as much access to Darkie secrets as he should have."

Ty: "That is besides the point! You should know, unit, not to enter my office without permission."

Rodger: "Sorry, sir, I just figured you needed help."

Mic: "General, Rodger is correct, he did just give us a lot of good information."

Ty: "Ugh! Fine, why don't you just break all the rules and laws, unit?"

Rodger: "Sir, I'm just trying to do what's right. Anyways, what's the plan?"

Bruce: "Well, so far, attack the capital and set Project Mammal to self-destruct."

Rodger: "Sounds kind of like a suicide mission. How do we even get in?"

Mic: "Hey! The escape pod I traveled in; we could refuel it and fly it past enemy lines! They'll think it's one of theirs."

Ty: "We fly on by and blow up their chancellor's precious castle."

Bruce: "I've been in that castle; it's huge and unbelievably protected. However, the servers that contain Project Mammal are located in a tower that juts out from the keep. The servers are very close to the wall, making it easy to get into. However, it might be easier to get in through a transport; there is constantly vehicles coming in and out of that castle. It seems like the chancellor is always having some kind of party."

Rodger: "That's how we break in!"

Ty: "Fair idea, but which squad goes?"

Bruce: "Well, they would need me. What's the nearest high-ranking stealth-based squad?"

Ty: "Well...huh...hmmm."

Rodger: "That would be us the Fantas Squad. Right, Mic?"

Ty (quietly): "Oh, slime."

Rodger: "What was that, sir?"

Ty: "Whuh? Oh, nothing."

The engineers were busy drilling, hammering, and overall just fixing up the Dark Union escape pod. Bruce supervised them and guided them on how to rebuild the foreign technology. The Mech Mice had not created a machine that could fly yet, but as the engineers repaired the escape pod they also studied it. Hopefully what they find out could help the Mech Mice build a flying machine, and even the odds in the war. As Bruce watched over the repairing of the pod, the Fantas Squad was in the armory preparing themselves for a stealth mission. All the units were wearing invisibility suits and dark clothing, because they planned to go in at night. As the units loaded their weapons, General Ty and a Shield Grunt Unit unexpectedly walked into the armory. Mic turned around, and saw them.

Mic: "Hello, sir, who is this?"

Ty: "This is May, she will be your Shield Grunt Unit for the mission."

May: "Hello, Commander Mic. I come from the Oak Squad; however, I have decided to leave their ranks and join your squad because of Grud's betrayal."

Rodger: "He's going to be a dead mouse when I get my hands on him."

Mic ignored Rodger, and put his focus back on General Ty and May.

Mic: "Well, we've never had a doe on our squad, sir."

Ty: "She'll do just fine; trust me, Mic."

The general quickly left the armory, as Mic greeted May to the rest of the Fantas Squad. May was a strong looking mouse, and was slightly shorter than Mic. She had bright orange fur, and a peppy spirit showing in her face and body movement. She was a beautiful mouse, and appeared to be a very good Shield Grunt Unit. Mic was impressed with her.

Mic: "So, May, what have you done in your past few squads?"

May: "I've been a Shield Grunt Unit my entire career, and I've been told I'm spectacular at it, sir."

Mic: "What battles have you been involved in?"

May: "I've worked closely with the Coaxs Squad and other squads in large cities, sir. I've hardly fought the Dark Union; I usually battle terrorists."

Mic: " sound no better or worse than us, so you might just be a perfect fit for our squad!"

May: "Thanks, sir."

Mic went back to prepping his gear, while Rodger prepped himself up with the help of Zena. Rodger strapped some ammunition to his belt, as Zena nervously talked to him.

"Rodger, please can you stay?"

Rodger: "Zena, I can't. I'm going to fight for my Colony, even if that means I die."

Zena: "I just got you back. Please, don't go?"

Rodger placed his paw on her shoulder, and he stared at her sadden face.

Rodger: "I can't stay, Zena."

Zena lowered her head in grief, and then suddenly hugged Rodger. She slightly cried as she whispered to him.

Zena: "Get back alive so we can marry."

Rodger: "I'll see what I can do."

Bruce loudly barged into the armory, and then called out to the Fantas Squad.

Bruce: "Alright, escape pod is ready for take off! All that's going to the enemy better finish gearing up and then load up!"

Bruce left the armory in a hurry, as the Fantas Squad picked up their gear and followed him. Rodger gave Zena one last hug, and then kissed her on the forehead. He picked his bazooka off the ground, and walked out of the armory. He stopped at the door, and turned to look back at Zena. He smiled at her, and then waved goodbye to her. She waved back, and soon her love was gone.

Zena (thinking): "Please come back, Rodger."

The escape pod's engine roar as the Fantas Squad and Bruce loaded their gear onto it. General Ty and his most trusted squad watched the Fantas Squad load up, and wished them good luck on their mission. The Fantas Squad and Bruce boarded onto the pod, and Bruce sat at the pilot seat. Mic looked through the door before closing it, and saluted to the fellow Mech Mice. They and the general salute back, and with that Mic closed the door. Inside the cramp escape pod, Bruce prepared the pod for takeoff. He pressed buttons, pulled a lever, and turned some dials. He gripped the controls before calling out to the squad.

"Ready for liftoff?!"

Fantas Squad: "YEAH!"

Bruce pushed the controls forward, and the engines roared louder. Then the pod moved forward across the flat ground, and quickly picked up speed. After a few seconds of picking up speed, Bruce pulled back on the controls and the escape pod's landing gear lifted off the ground. The pod climbed up into the sky at high speeds, and then leveled out when it reached its cruising height. Mic looked out the front cockpit window, and saw the forests and rivers and mountains below them. Joey looked out the window as well, and gasped at the beauty of the clouds and the woods and the hills. He knew what the Mech Mice were fighting for, but he never saw it in such a way that it took his breath away. He couldn't take his eyes off the landscape, the beauty simply paralyzed him.

Bruce: "Nice view, huh?"

Joey: "You can say that again."

The pod zoomed through the sky and was nearing the Dark Union's capital. The pod passed the border awhile ago, so it was now in Dark Union territory. The Fantas Squad was slightly on edge, but Bruce seemed to be just fine. The landscape was no longer a lush, beautiful forest with lakes and mountains, but it was now a barren, desolate, and ruined landscape. Pools of sludge and filth took the place of lakes, ruins of war machines took the place of trees, and piles of garbage and trash covered mountains. Smoke rose from random fires set off by the Darkies, and the air was filled with poisonous gasses. No one wanted to look out the cockpit window anymore, the landscape wasn't just ugly now, it was also terrifying. Terrifying because the Mech Mice knew that the Dark Union would do that to their Colony.

Bruce: "It's important to be reminded of what we're fighting for."

The group in the pod was silent as the pod soared over the ruined, desolate, and destroyed landscape.

Chancellor Mal of the Dark Union sat on his massive throne, while looking down at the beaten Trompeur. Trompeur stuttered as he slowly explained how a small group of Mech Mice had taken his castle, and how a tool in Project Mammal was destroyed.

Trompeur: "The castle was a rabbit, Master Mal, it wasn't that large of a loss."

Mal: "Fool, now our forces are smaller! The smaller the number, the higher the chance the Mech Mice might live!"

Mal slammed his furry fist into the arm of his chair. Mal was a tall black rat, with a swift tail and evil pouring from his eyes and every facial expression. His fair stood on end, and his paws nervously twitched about. He wore a large red and black crown on his head, and his royal robes bore the same color as his crown. His very appearance suggested that he was the very physical form of evil in the universe; however, there was a since of likeness that everyone had towards him. He had somehow tricked the member states of the Dark Union into giving him great powers over the Dark Union. Mal's deep scratchy voice echoed throughout his throne room as Trompeur tried to explain himself

Trompeur: "Master, I am so sorry about our loss."

Mal: "What if the Mech Mice discovered Project Mammal because of your foolery!?"

Trompeur: "The castle was destroyed, Master, they didn't discover anything."

Mal: "They discovered that we had the castle self-destruct! Trompeur, they know that much!"

Trompeur: "Master Mal, I am sure that will just encourage them to stop attacking our bases."

Mal rose up from his throne, and grabbed his scepter which was leaning on the side of his mighty throne. His scepter was long, and it had a black orb at the top of it, and its rod was a dark red. Trompeur was kneeling at Mal's throne, so when Mal walked up to Trompeur, Mal stood taller than Trompeur. He looked down at Trompeur with disgust, and then hit Trompeur's head with his scepter. He cursed at Trompeur, and then sat back down on his throne. He scratched the hair on face, and watched Trompeur wipe the blood from his head.

Trompeur: "I am so sorry, Master Mal."

Mal: "Take him away, guards. Put him in his chambers, and do not let him enter my throne room until I say so!"

Two cyborg guards picked up Trompeur, and carried him out of the throne room. Trompeur was led out of the throne room and into a hallway. He rubbed his forehead as he trudged down the long hallway with the guards, and began cursing out Mal in his thoughts. He hated the mouse like most of the Dark Union leaders, but Mal had the thoughts of the citizens and military under his control. The Dark Union basically worshiped the disgusting rat, even as he burned and destroyed his own cities and people. Anyone or group that attempted to rebel against him would be brutally destroyed, along with their families and cities, despite if the family or city had anything to do with the rebellion or not. In short: Mal was a tyrannical monster. Finally, Trompeur reached his quarters, and was pushed into it by the cyborg guards. They closed the door to it, and remained outside guarding the door. Meanwhile, Trompeur walked around in the main room of his quarters. The room was circular, and contained all of Trompeur's experiments and inventions. The walls, like most of the castle, was dark red brick, and the floor was a midnight black tile. The ceiling was a dome, and hanging in the middle was a large chandelier that emitted red light. The center of the room was empty, while the sides were cluttered with inventions and random bit of technology. In the center of the room lied a giant cyborg raccoon, the first cyborg mammal that Trompeur created. The beast was awoken by Trompeur's entry, and got up to greet its master. Trompeur patted the beast on the nose, and it snorted in response.

Trompeur: "Oh, my only creation that's mine and not Mal's."

Trompeur trotted over to one of his desks, and sat down at it and began to mess around with some random pieces of metal and bolts and gears. He sighed with anger when he touched his head and got his paw stained in blood. He grumbled and cursed under his breath at Mal.

Trompeur: "One day I'll rule this government, and I will conquer all of Megiddo!"

On the edge of the horizon, the Dark Union capital slowly crept into view. The Fantas Squad peered out the cockpit window, and saw the capital glowing red. Tall black buildings sprinkled the landscape, and everything looked the same to them. There was one thing that confused the Fantas Squad, however: there were living plants and the city was beautiful. Despite being red and ominous appearing, the city itself was lush and spectacular. Mic pondered for a minute, and then Bruce suddenly started to talk.

"The Dark Union makes their cities look nice so that their citizens believe that they do good. In reality, however, the Dark Union wishes for the destruction of everything."

Mic: "They brainwash their citizens using propaganda and false information on the war and Mech Mice Colony."

Bruce: "Yes, basically the Darkies think that the Mech Mice do what the Dark Union really does. It's a country full of lies."

Joey: "That's horrible."

Bruce: "Well, that's what we're fighting against."



The control panel of the pod beeped, and Bruce quickly clicked a red button. A crackled voice came over the speaker, and the Fantas Squad quickly stopped talking.

Voice: "Darkish Airfield Air Tower North to unidentified aircraft, please state your pilot's name and flight number. Over."

Bruce: "This agent Bruce of Trompeur's army. I request an emergency landing. Over."

Voice: "Praise our Master Mal. Clearing nearest airfield, and preparing a landing setting. What is your status, agent Bruce? Over."

Bruce: "I'm flying in a severely damaged escape pod, and I request an immediate meeting with my superior. Praise our Master Mal. Over."

Voice: "Rodger that, agent Bruce. I am contacting the military as of now, and will have your superior be there. Over."

Bruce turned off the communication system, and steadied the pod as it flew closer to the capital.

Bruce: "Alright, everyone knows the plan right?"

Fantas Squad: "Yes!"

Bruce: "Alright, then buckle up and hold onto your blasters!"

Chapter 9: Crash, Break In, Blow Up, Retreat Edit

Mic tightened the gear on his suit, and readied his invisibility suit. He glanced at Bruce, who was flying the pod closer to the enemy capital. He sighed as he finished messing around with his gear, and grudgingly crept over to Bruce. He hesitated, but he knew he had to ask just to be sure.

Mic: "Bruce, while I was on medical leave, the MMIA came to me with some questions about deceased father. They said that he may be you. Why did they bother me with that?"

Bruce: "When I got news of them doing that to you, Mic, I wasn't pleased. It was a test to check on your mental condition, to make sure your brain was ready for war again."

Mic: "So, you're not my father."

Bruce: "You should be glad I'm not! If I raised you, you would be one odd mouse."

Mic: "My father died when I was a very young pup; he never raised or taught me."

Bruce: "My apologies, Mic, I thought he raised you your entire life."

The two went silent for a few seconds, until Bruce started to shout out at the Fantas Squad.

"Alright, units, we've reached our destination! I'm opening the door now, and setting the pod to crash not far from here! With that distraction, we'll sneak onto a transport, break into the castle, blow up Project Mammal, and get out of there! I'm opening the doors now; get ready to jump!"


The back door opened up and a gush of wind flew into the pod. The pod flew down to the tops of the trees, just close enough that the mice could jump out and onto the trees safely. The Fantas Squad jumped out one-by-one, and Bruce finished setting the auto-pilot. Once everyone had jumped out, he turned on the auto pilot and jumped out himself. He quickly landed onto the top of a tree, and turned around to see the pod soar through the air and then suddenly tip towards the ground. The pod dropped to the ground, and crashed not far away. The escape pod was filled with grenades, so the explosion was big and bright. Immediately, sirens went off at the capital castle. Search lights pointed towards the wreckage, and bugs and cyborgs were jogging towards the explosion. Bruce smirked as the plan worked perfectly, and then turned around to see the Fantas Squad climbing down the tree already. He quickly followed behind them.

Mal grumbled as he looked at the monitors surrounding his throne. The screens showed nothing but bad news for him and the Dark Union; the Mech Mice had pushed the Dark Union far back north, and the Darkies couldn't push the Mech Mice back. Mal leaned back in his throne as the massive door to the keep creaked open. Several transport vehicles drove in a single file line into the throneroom, and stopped just a little bit before the throne. The driver in the first vehicle hopped out of the vehicle, and approached Mal.

Driver: "Master Mal, live forever, we have arrived with the feast food."

Mal: "Good, loyal servant of the Dark Union. Now, take the food to the kitchen; of course, after I inspect it."

Mal rose from his comfy throne, and slowly walked over to the first transport vehicle. The back end was covered in a thin tarp, and when he lifted the tarp up he saw melons. He nodded as he looked closely at the melons, and then walked over to the next transport. He checked each transport and all of its cargo, and was pleased with each one.

Mal: "Take the food to the kitchens, and prepare it! The Darkish Congress will be arriving soon, and I plan to please them so that they will pass the new bill."

Driver: "The one that will give you, our great master, more economic power in the union, Master Mal?"

Mal: "What are you doing asking questions?! GET THAT FOOD OUT OF HERE, AND PREPARED FOR THE FEAST, FOOL!"

The driver nervously got back into his vehicle, and drove it and led the others towards the kitchens and out of the throne room. Mal returned to his throne and grumbled and cursed under his throne.

"I am surrounded by idiots."

However, Mal was the true idiot in this case.

Mic fist pumped Joey as they both quietly chuckled underneath the melons. Even though the cargo they were hiding in was investigated, they still we're not found. Bruce was in there with them, and the rest of the Fantas Squad was hiding in the other vehicles. As Mic and Joey celebrated, Bruce explained to them where Project Mammal was located.

"It's not far from the kitchens; actually it's sort of just down the hallway. We can get there really quickly."

Joey: "Mic, do we sneak in through like the air vents or do we just walk right on through the hallway."

Mic: "Hallway; we don't have time to look for a secret way through."

The vehicle rattled as it came to a quick stop. The three could hear Darkish slaves lifting the tarps up off the foods, and pulled the food out. They were definitely near the kitchens, because they could hear water boil, grease burn, and knives chop up vegetables. There must have been at least 50 slaves there, because almost every other sound was drowned out by the murmur and groans of the slaves. Mic shot a glance over to Bruce, as if to ask if they should go now. Bruce nodded, and the tree popped out of the melons with their blasters firing in all directions.

Mic: "CHARGE!"

When they heard Mic shout, the rest of the Fantas Squad jumped out of the other vehicles as well. The kitchens were sprayed with blasts, and the Darkies were completely caught by surprise. The slaves ducked for cover, but it was difficult for some because of the shackles weighing them down. Cyborgs were guarding the immediate area, but they were quickly shot down by the Fantas Squad and Bruce. Mic led the squad out of the kitchens and into a nearby hallway. They ran down the hallway, meeting some Darkies along the way. They shot down every Darkie in their way, and kept running down the hall.

Bruce: "To our left: that's Project Mammal!"

The squad raced over to a steel double-door to their left, and gathered around it. The door was locked closed, and a keypad on the wall controlled it. As the Fantas Squad guarded him, he quickly opened up the panel and began hacking it. He pulled a couple of wires, turned a dial, and then ripped something out of the panel. Just as a squadron of cyborgs were running down the hall towards the Fantas Squad, the doors opened and the Fantas Squad escaped inside. Inside the computer room they quickly shot down any Darkies, and, once everything was clear, Bruce ran over to a computer and started to type away at its keyboard. The Fantas Squad got in defensive positions, while Bruce set the computers to self-destruct.

Mic: "Bruce, how long will it take you?"

Bruce: "Hmmm...they really encrypted everything on this computer; it will take me much longer than expected."

Joey: "Uh, guys, I think I hear Darkies coming for us!"

Bruce: "I'll lock up that door, but you guys be ready for a fight!"

Mic: "We'll be fine; just work quickly."


Mal banged his scepter on the floor, and snarled as the nervous guard explained to Mal that a group of Mech Mice had broken into the castle. The angry rat grumbled more and louder as the news got worse.

Guard: "They've broken into Project Mammal, Master Mal my great master."

Mal: "Grrr...wait! They most likely will destroy Project Mammal using its self-destruct feature. Hmmm...I now know of a way to take out two birds with one stone."

Guard: "How, Master Mal?"

Mal: "Tell Trompeur that his precious Project Mammal is being destroyed by the Mech Mice. He will undoubtedly go in on his own, probably in that fancy pants battle suit of his. When the time is right, we will destroy the tower and kill Trompeur with it! His family will think it's just an accident."

Guard: "Shall I give the orders, Master Mal my great master?"

Mal: "Yes, but be careful, servant; Trompeur must not know."

The guard bowed to Mal, and then left the throne room to give the orders. Mal leaned back in his throne, and chuckled at the thought of killing both enemies with one blow. He gloated about his genius aloud while twirling his whiskers.

"I am a genius."



The busy Trompeur's work was disrupted as he heard a furious banging at his door. He walked over to the door, and angrily opened it. There he saw a sweating and energetic and worried guard looking at him nervously.

Guard: "Trompeur, sir, an enemy has broken into Project Mammal! They are destroying it as we speak!"

Trompeur: "WHAT!? Why didn't I hear an alarm or message over the loud speakers?"

Guard(lying): "They took out our communications systems, sir."

Trompeur: "UGH! I will deal with this enemy alone; using my new weapon! Do not bother sending any troops in, I shall go alone."

Trompeur slammed the door shut in the guards face, and swiftly walked over to the center of his circular room. Standing in the middle of the ring painted on his floor, he lifted his arms out from him.

Trompeur: "Computer, prepare Suit 54 with mode set to defensive battle."

Computer: "Yes, Master Trompeur."

Suddenly, the ring on the floor slowly lifted up of the floor to reveal random machine parts underneath. As it rose up, the machine parts underneath began to move, and it soon appeared that the ring was pulling armor pieces out from itself and putting them on Trompeur piece-by-piece. Once the rest of the armor was on, a separate hatch directly above Trompeur opened up and a robot arm holding a helmet came down to Trompeur. The arm rest the helmet onto Trompeur's head, and then the helmet automatically locked into his chest piece and his armor was then activated. The armor was a light yellow color, and fitted Trompeur perfectly. He clenched his fist in the air as he laughed a evil laugh.

"HA! Let's see how much of a fight those intruders can make while in my home!"




The cyborgs drove their metallic fists into the locked door, desperately trying to get into the room containing Project Mammal. As they were punching away, Trompeur in his suit walked up behind them. He parted the group, and stepped up to the door.

Trompeur: "I'll show you fools how to open a door!"

Angrily, Trompeur readied his fist and then slammed it into the door.




The door appeared to have exploded off its hinges, and dust quickly flew up into the air. Just as the door broke open, however, the cyborgs were secretly ordered to evacuate the area. Trompeur didn't hear the order, because it was sent to the cyborgs digitally. Not knowing that the group of cyborgs quickly left, Trompeur walked into the room. Immediately, he was shot at from everywhere in the room. His suit protected him, but he stumbled over as the blasts kept coming. Landing in the hallway, he slowly got back up on his feet. He snarled as he leaned slightly forward, and then suddenly sprinted into the room. He raced into the room, punched the nearest enemy across the room, and then went to fighting the others.

Trompeur: "So, it is the Mech Mice attacking us!"

Trompeur lifted up Herald, and then threw him across the room.



Joey sprayed Trompeur with berry blasts, while Mic turned on his invisibility suit to get up closer. Trompeur raised his paw up towards Joey, and then a small blaster unfolded from the wrist part of his suit. The little blaster began pelting Joey with small blasts. Joey stopped shooting and ducked for cover, while Mic made it to behind Trompeur's back.

Trompeur: "Fools, you can't harm me in this suit! AUCK!'

Trompeur gasped for breath as the invisible Mic strangled him. Trompeur reached for his neck, and grasped Mic's arm. He lifted Mic up into the air after he removed him from his neck, and then tossed him across the room too. Of course, his back was now turned to Joey and immediately he was once again pelted with blasts. Trompeur stumbled forward, and then turned around to fire at Joey again. While shooting at the Heavy Unit May ran up with her shield behind Trompeur, and rammed into him with the shield.


Trompeur went flying to the other side of the room while Joey suddenly started to pelt him with bullets. Trompeur crashed into a shelf, and knocked it over. He fell onto it, and groaned as he quickly got back up on his feet. He shook his head as he glanced at May, and then he fired a couple more shots at Joey. This time he hit the loose ceiling above Joey, and caused it to collapse on top of him. Pleased with himself, Trompeur looked back at May and laughed.

"Ha! So, your my replacement, huh? A doe; sounds like the Mech Mice are desperate for fighters."

Trompeur immediately regretted what he said, as May angrily charged him with her shield and rammed him against the wall.


Trompeur was pinned to the wall by May's shield, and Mic was quickly running over. He pulled out his blaster, and shot at Trompeur's head. The blasts simply crashed into the helmet, and hardly left a dent or scratch. Mic raced over by Trompeur, and placed his blaster right by the helmet's side. He placed his finger directly over the trigger, and looked Trompeur in the eyes angrily.

Mic: "Any last words, traitor?"

Trompeur: "Yes, goodbye."


Mic and May flew across the room and crashed into the ground as Trompeur pushed them away with his powerful suit. He landed on the ground because he was slightly off the ground when he was pinned to the wall. Instantly, however, he was being shot at by Herald. The small blasts simply bounced off Trompeur's armor, and he laughed at Herald.

"You will need a much bigger gun to hurt me, Herald!"

Herald: "Taken care of!"

Herald swiftly stepped aside, just to reveal Rodger aiming his bazooka right at Trompeur. Wasting no time, Rodger fired and the massive blast crashed into Trompeur's chest and sent him flying out of the room. Trompeur flew for a couple of tails, and then crashed into the floor in the hallway.

Rodger: "Bruce, close the doors!"

Bruce: "There's nothing to close! Hold on, I'm almost done decrypting the programs. This place will light up in no time!"

Rodger: "Well, I don't think we can hold on much longer! Every time we put a hole in that supersuit it just heals itself!"

Mic: "I have an idea, Bruce! Give me your Engineer Wrench, Fantas Squad you fire everything you can at Grud's back!"

Responding to the command, Joey suddenly popped out from the rumble he was under. He rubbed a cut on his head, and sighed as he picked up his blaster. He grinned as the mighty weapon's barrels rolled into position.

Joey: "No one pulls a fast one on me and gets away with it!"

Just then, Trompeur ran back into the room and now he had two small blasters on either of his wrists. He shot at both sides of the room, as the Fantas Squad ducked for cover quickly. He ran into the center of the room, and began shooting randomly around the room. Mic readied the Engineer Wrench in his paws, and nodded at the rest of the Fantas Squad to fire.


Trompeur's back suddenly heated up as every blaster in the squad fired at one spot on him. He yelled in pain, but the suit couldn't heal because it was constantly being struck by a blast. Since it couldn't heal, a hole just big enough to jam in a Engineer Wrench was made. Mic swiftly got up from hiding, and ran over to Trompeur's exposed back. Time seemed to slow down; what was really seconds felt like minutes. Mic's hearing became slightly fuzzy because of all the loudness, and it seemed as if everything had slowed down around him. He dived underneath the blasts firing into Trompeur's back, and then jammed the wrench into the hole in Trompeur's back.

Trompeur: "AUGH!"

The wrench crashed into Trompeur's exposed back, and shattered his spine. He immediately fell face-down onto the floor, and dramatically passed out. His once perky tail landed harshly onto the ground, and the suit healed around the wrench which was jammed into him. The rest of Fantas Squad stopped firing as Mic got back up off the floor, and he wiped some dust off his uniform. He looked up at his squad, and he saw them smiling with glee. He smiled as well, but they couldn't see it because he was wearing a mask.

Bruce: "No, no, no! Oh, slime!"

Mic's attention quickly turned to Bruce, who was nervously fumbling with the keyboard and computer on the other side of the room. Mic raced over to him to see what was happening.

Mic: "What is it?"

Bruce: "This place is set to self-destruct, but only if someone holds this button till the countdown ends! This is a safeguard set up by the Darkies; someone has to stay behind or else our mission will fail."

Joey: "Can't we just lay something on the key?"

Bruce: "No, it's able to tell the difference between a finger and an object. Go! I'll finish decrypting this program, and hopefully solve the problem."

Mic: "Just take your finger off the key than and work on it with more time."

Bruce: "And risk letting Project Mammal live? The Darkies will be here to kill us any minute now, and Project Mammal will live if I take more time. The grenades we have can't destroy it either; we brought too few."

Joey: "Bruce, there has got to be another way."

Bruce: "Believe me, I wish so too."

Bruce furiously typed away at the keyboard, but to no avail. The clever trap set up by the Darkies was full proof; only by someone sacrificing themselves could Project Mammal be destroyed for sure. Bruce sighed as he turned around to the Fantas Squad.

Bruce: "I'll stay. No arguments, just go! NOW GET OUT OF HERE!"

Mic: "Bruce, but what about your friends and family?"

Bruce: "Mic, it would be better for them to deal with my death than having to deal with the Dark Union ruling them."

Mic lowered his head and jogged over to the door, but looked back at Bruce one last time. With sad eyes he said fair well to the bulky friend.

"I will tell them of what you did, and the entire Colony will celebrate your heroic spirit!"

Bruce: "It's been an honor, Mic, serving along side you for the Mech Mice. Kill a couple of Darkies for me!"

Mic: "I will."

Mic saluted Bruce, and Bruce saluted back. Mic ran out of the room, leaving Bruce in the smoking mess of the computer room. He held his paw firmly on the key, and sighed as he stared at the computer monitor. As the time ticked by, he thought about his life: everything from his childhood to the beginnings of this very mission. With his other paw, he wiped away some tears from his eyes as he thought about his wife. He thought about his mom and dad, his best friend and all his other friends, his leaders, and his pups who he would never be able to see be born into the world.


Bruce spun around to see Trompeur lying on the floor, paralyzed by the Engineer Wrench jammed into his back. He groaned loudly in pain, but laughed evilly at the same time. His mad eyes looked up at Bruce as he mocked the double agent.

"They...ugh...left you! Where are your friends...uh...Bruce, now?"

Bruce: "You know, I was about to ask the exact same thing about your friends."

Everything clicked in Trompeur's head. Every little piece of evidence, every odd word or phrase, every action by his superiors fitted together like a puzzle in his head. Trompeur figured it out, he was betrayed by Mal. There was a moment of silence while the computer counted down to five seconds before the explosion. Just before the tower exploded, Trompeur lifted his head up to the ceiling and screamed with anger that can not be described.







In one massive explosion, all of of Project Mammal was set ablaze. The tower itself blew up and spread debris across Mal's Castle. The explosion happened at the tower's base, where Project Mammal was stored, so the tower tumbled over and crashed in the courtyard. By the time the tower fell, there was not much left of the tower. The thing was burning, and the stones that were the tower were red hot. Repair crews moved in to stop the flames from claiming the rest of the castle, while Mal sat in the comfort of his throne while watching everything happen on a computer monitor. The evil rat grinned as he clasped his paws together.

Mal: "Well, that worked."

Mic ran up to the top of the hill, and quickly turned around to look at Mal's Castle. He could see flames dancing up above the walls, and he could see smoke rise up from the burning tower. He looked at the smoking wreck with sadness because Bruce was now gone, but he had a sense of joy in his heart as well. He and his squad completed their first real mission with complete success, and the traitor Grud was now gone. Rodger soon climbed up the hill, and patted Mic on the back.

Rodger: "That jerk Grud or Trompeur or whatever you want to call him is now dead!"

Mic: "Yes, but we lost a new friend."

Rodger: "Yeah, but Bruce's sacrifice saved the Mech Mice Colony. Better to give away one life than over a million."

The Fantas Squad gathered at the top of the hill, with their backs to the wilderness that they would soon have to traverse to get back to the Colony. Before the squad moved out, Herald took one of his blasters and jammed it into the ground on the edge of the hill. He stepped back and then Mic draped the blaster with the Mech Mice flag.

Mic: "We won't forget you, Bruce, nor will the entire Colony forget you."

The squad tightened up their gear, and headed off into the wilderness. It would be months till they made it back home, unless the Mech Mice Military would be able to send in a transport and meet them halfway.

It was now morning, and the sun was rising over the rubble of what was Project Mammal in Mal's Castle. There was still some smoke rising, but the flames were extinguished. Bugs were cleaning the rubble out, and several cyborgs paced the area keeping a watch on the bugs. One cyborg walked over to where a bug was moving a boulder, and, when the bug moved the boulder, he called out to his superior.

Cyborg 1: "Sir, I think I found someone!"

The superior quickly walked over to see what it was, and when he was what it was he was shocked. He contact Mal immediately, and within seconds a medical crew and Mal himself were at the wreckage. The medical crew ran over to the cyborg, and quickly helped him pull something out of the rubble. Mal didn't know who or what it was, so he was interested to find out. Once the medical crew put the creature on a gurney, Mal walked over and looked to see who it was. Mal's eyes widened as he look and saw Trompeur lying on the gurney. Trompeur was injured and burnt beyond comprehension, but he was still alive and breathing. Mal thought for a second, and then shouted at the medical crew.

Mal: "Take him to the Shard healing chamber! We must save him."

Cyborg Superior: "Yes, Master Mal."

The superior and the medical crew left with Trompeur, while Mal smirked as he looked at the wreckage. He thought about how the Mech Mice destroyed Project Mammal, but now he had a stronger weapon to use in the war. He chuckled a little bit, and then quickly walked back into his castle.

Chapter 10: This Is Just the Beginning Edit

Rodger tightened the tie around his neck, and fastened the buttons on his military uniform. He was wearing green military clothing worthy of an award ceremony. As he quickly tinkered with every little thing on his clothes, Zena walked out from the restroom while hanging some earrings on her big ears. Rodger glanced up and smiled at her, and then finished prepping his suit. The Fantas Squad returned to the capital after a five month trip, and they were immediately invited to an award ceremony at the President's Tree the structure which housed the Mech Mice president and his wife and pups. The Fantas Squad were stationed at the Academy, but Rdoger came to Zena's hotel room to get dressed in his finest clothes for the ceremony.

Rodger: "Feels good to be back in the Colony."

Zena: "Why haven't you talked much about your journey back, dear?"

Rodger: "Simply put, I don't want to be reminded about it."

Zena: "Hmm...okay."



Mic(from behind hotel room door): "Come on, Rodger, we have to go now!"

Rodger: "I'm going as fast as I can; I have to wait for a doe! Hehehe."

Zena playfully slapped with her purse Rodger in the arm. Rodger just chuckled and then walked over to the door with Zena. He opened it up, and there in front of him stood Mic in his fine uniform as well. The two had no medals on their jackets, but they would very soon have one of the greatest a Mech Mice could get. Rodger patted Mic on the back, and Mic shook paws with Zena.

Mic: "Come on, we're gonna be late for the ceremony!"

Beautiful music created using strings and flutes played in the background as dozen of couples danced on the oak dance floor. The entire awards ceremony was behind hosted in the event hall, which was centered in the middle of the tree where there was a large hole carved out so that the event hall could have a balcony, of the President's Tree. The ceiling was high up off the floor, and a giant magnificent chandelier dangled from the ceiling. Across the room from the balcony was a large stage with a podium in the front and two flags on poles towards the back. Two guards constantly kept creatures from walking onto the stage, while the President walked around and enjoyed the party while talking to his guests. As the party went on, the Fantas Squad accompanied by Zena walked into the hall from the balcony. They were all in their finest uniforms; Joey's didn't exactly fit all that well on him. Rodger softly grapped Zena's paw, and then he looked down at her.

Rodger: "Care to dance?"

Zena nodded, and the two walked off onto the dance floor. Mic smiled as he looked around, glancing Joey running over to the buffet to fill up on real food, Rodger dancing with Zena, Herald flirting with a doe sitting near the stage, and May standing by his side. Mic looked over to the May, and smiled at her.

Mic: "So, what do we do?"

May: "Eh, let's dance, sir."

Mic: "You don't have to call me 'sir' here, May."

May grabbed Mic's paw, and the two were quickly out on the dance floor dancing with everyone else. The music started to slow down more, and all the couples started gentle slow dances. While Mic was dancing with May, he started to see her in a new light. When they first met she was gritty and tough, but here she looked soft but still brave. Mic became more impressed with her as they slowly danced on the dance floor. Just as the song was ending, a tap from a paw on a microphone came over the speakers. Everyone's attention turned to the podium on the stage where they saw the humble president tapping the microphone with his paw.

President: "Good evening, Mech Mice. Sorry about cutting the song short, lovers out there, but I just really want to thank the Fantas Squad tonight. Mic, Herald, Rodger, Joey, and May get up here!"

The crowd clapped and cheered as the Fantas Squad walked up onto the stage. The squad lined up in a row shoulder-to-shoulder, and Mic shook hands with the president. The president held six medals in his paw, and smiled as he walked up by Mic.

President: "Mic Zelo, for your determination and strength behind enemy borders, I give you the Medal of The Leader."

The president took the golden Mech Mice symbol and pressed it into Mic's jacket. He then shook paws with Mic, and gave him a pat on the back. The president then walked up to Rodger.

President: "Rodger Ve, for your heroic action in saving your fellow units, I give you the Medal of the Good Unit."

The president took a silver colored Mech Mice symbol, and pressed it into Rodger's suit. He shook paws with Rodger and patted him on the back as well.

President: "Joey Upton, for your and Herald's helping Rodger free your fellow units, I give you the Medal of Friendship."

The president took the silver colored Mech Mice symbol, this time there was a paw in the middle instead of a gear, and pressed it into Joey's uniform as well. The president shook paws with Joey and patted him on the back, and then moved onto Herald.

President: "Herald Yontop, for your and Joey's helping Rodger free your fellow units, I give you the Medal of Friendship as well."

The president pressed the medal into Herald's jacket, and shook his paw and patted his back. The president then moved onto May.

President: "May Quop, for your willingness to suddenly switch squads to help your home, I give you the Medal of Caring."

The president pressed the ruby colored Mech Mice symbol into May's uniform, and patted her on the back and shook he paw. Finally, with the last medal still in his paw, the president walked back up to his podium. He held the medal up high for everyone to see. The medal was a beautiful Mech Mice symbol carved out of pure diamond. The president then gave a speech while holding the medal still up.

President: "And for Bruce Getto, for his sacrificing his life for the Mech Mice Colony and all of Megiddo, I give him the Medal of Sacrifice. It shall be encased in his gravestone, and his family will receive a million dollars in condolence money."

The crowd clapped their paws and claws together as the band started to play a dramatic song with a choir. The beautiful song echoed throughout the event hall, and the crowd went back to dancing. As the rest of the Fantas Squad went back to enjoy the party, Rodger stared down at the medal pinned in his uniform. He pulled the medal out, and deeply looked at it in his paw. He sighed as he pinned it back to his uniform and then quickly left the stage. He walked through the crowd ignoring everyone, even Zena. He walked over to the buffet and swiftly grabbed a glass of water with Zena following him close behind. He walked out onto the balcony of the event hall, and leaned on the railing. He looked out at the beauty of the landscape with the capital city in the distance. He sighed as Zena walked up beside him.

Zena: "Alright, what's bothering you?"

Rodger: "This medal, Zena, it's this medal on my uniform. It's the Medal of The Good Unit. In the academy they taught us that a good unit follows orders, not necessarily do what's right."

Zena: "What are you getting at?"

Rodger: "What if...what if I could do more for my home, for my family, for my friends, for you if...if I left the military."

Mic: "What?"

Rodger turned slightly around to see a shocked Mic standing then with a glass of water in his right paw.

Zena: "I'm just gonna let you guys talk this over between yourselves."

Zena left Mic and Rodger and went back into the party. Mic walked up beside Rodger, and looked off into the distance with him.

Rodger: "Listen, sir, I've been thinking about this for a long time."

Mic: "I'm sure you have; you've only had like five months to think clearly about it in the woods."

Rodger: "I just...well, I've come to believe that I can't trust anyone in the government or military. Grud was our friend, and he betrayed us! How can we be sure who is and isn't a spy, sympathizer, or something else from the Dark Union?"

Mic: "You're paranoid."

Rodger: "No, Mic, I'm thinking logically here. We never even had the slightest thought Grud was evil nor did we with Axel. What if there are more spies, what if the president is a Darkie?"

Mic: "I never thought of it like that, but we have to have faith in each other."

Rodger: "But at what risk? It seems as if the Dark Union is getting stronger each day, and we keep finding new spies and sympathizers even in the highest of ranks. The Darkies are everywhere, and I can't handle it! I can't fight an enemy who keeps popping up as the unit next to me in the battlefield, or the general giving me orders, or maybe even the politician who calls for an end to the war."

Mic was speechless at this point. Rodger made good points, and Mic couldn't find any argument to use.

Mic: "I see what you mean and why you want to resign."

Mic patted Rodger on the back as they looked at the glorious capital city.

Mic: "Rodger, buddy, you will make the right decision; I'm sure of it."

Rodger looked at Mic, and patted him on the back as well.

Rodger: "Thanks, and I always got your back."

Mic: "Me too."

Rodger: "I'm resigning tomorrow; goodbye, sir."

Mic: "Goodbye to you too, unit."

The Dark Union council, Axel is a member of the council as well, gathered around a war planning table with Mal at the end of it. A red lamp shined on a map of Roden on the table, and the map was decorated with little plastic figures representing Darkish forces and Mech Mice forces. The council angrily looked at Mal. One of the council members King Täuschen yelled at Mal angrily.

"Idiot, your prized project failed and yet you wish to pass this law granting you more power!?"

Mal: "It is the only way to secure Darkish victory in the war."

Axel: "Hey! If anything I should be granted these powers; I did give you your most powerful army ever!"

Täuschen: "You are but a petty scientist, Axel, you should have stayed in your lab."

Quickly the council was transformed into a group of yelling and arguing politicians who couldn't agree on anything. Mal grumbled as he looked around, and then banged the table with his scepter.


The sudden noise calmed down the angry council and brought attention to Mal.

Mal: "Axel, your armies are about to be outdone by my new machine. Imagine a self-healing suit that's indestructible."

Axel: "Self-healing technology is years away, Mal!"

Mal: "Ah, not for my greatest inventor and spy and military leader Trompeur."

Täuschen: "You actually made something that's useful for once, Mal!"


Axel: "Hmmm...but what use is it with Project Mammal gone because of Mal's negligence?"

Suddenly a old voice came from a dark corner in the room. The unknown mouse walked forward as he talked, revealing a cloaked muscular and tall mouse.

"I believe I can help."

Mal: "No, Traître is that you?"

Traître: "Of course, Mal, I have returned. You all thought I was dead, but in reality I intercepted the Mech Mice Military and have gained their greatest trust."

Täuschen: "Remarkable! However, why do you return now, old friend?"

Traître: "The time is right. I know the location of a copy of Project Mammal, and can delivery it to you immediately."

Mal: "Ha! Just give it to me now or I'll behead you, fool!"

Traître: "Mal, beheading me will leave Project Mammal lost to time. All I want in return for Project Mammal is complete control of the program, an infinite budget, and a lab."

Mal: "Never, it belongs to me!"

Axel: "Mal, no, we need Project Mammal back!"

Täuschen: "Agreed, we will now vote. All for giving Traître his needs for Project Mammal."

The entire council expect for Mal and another member raised their paws in agreement.

Täuschen: "It is settled than. Traître, you will now deliver us Project Mammal and we will deliver you your needs."

Traître grinned with joy as he stared at the council in front of him.

Traître: "Good, let's get started!"