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Explosive Berries
Mech Mice Grenade
Explosive Berries used as grenades.
Vital statistics
Type Fruit
Effects Explosion
Source Explosive Berry Farms
Cost to buy $5
Cost to sell $8

Explosive Berries (Explosivae Fructus) are dangerous berries that are highly explosive. They were discovered by Jerry Urgless on one of his adventures through Kappland. At first he believed them to be flowers, until he accidentally dropped one, and a massive explosion occurred. He called them Boom Berries, and they were later renamed Explosivae Fructus (but are known as Explosive Berries in English). Explosive Berries are being used by the Mech Mice Military as grenades, since they cost little to nothing for the government. The Dark Union and other nations also use Explosive Berries for warfare.

Pros & Cons Edit

Pros Edit

  • Easy to obtain.
  • Bountiful.
  • Cheap.
  • Juice can be used as blaster ammunition and poison.

Cons Edit

  • Highly unstable.
  • Too easy for terrorists to get.
  • Sometimes may be mistaken for consumable fruits.

Uses Edit

Blasterrough animation

Blasterrough animation

A Blaster shooting EB juice.

It is well known that the juice in Explosive Berries are also highly unstable. This allows the Mech Mice Military to extract the juice from EB's, and be used in Blasters. EB juice must be electrically charged in a controlled enviroment, and then suddenly pushed into the real enviroment in order to explode. Otherwise, the juice is completely harmless. EB juice has been used as ammunition by the Mech Mice Military since Region War I.

Explosion Factor Edit

It is still unknown to scientist why Explosive Berries explode, but many hypothesize that their liquid contact may be the cause of the explosion. Others hypothesize that extremely small particles of anti-matter cause the explosions; they back up this belief by the fact that EB's need to be dropped in order to explode.

Farming Edit

EB farm

A Explosive Berry farm.

After the warfare potential for Explosive Berries was realized, many Mech Mice started to collect EB seeds, and create EB farms in the early 1800's. Within a year, EB plantations had taken over 20% of the agriculture industry in all of the Mech Mice Region. These plantations gained much profit from the military, and even some citizens.

Trivia Edit

  • Some Mech Mice Units like to wear EB juice as war-paint.
  • Mech Mice must have a license to harvest Explosive Berries.

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