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Field Bar
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Vital statistics
Type Bar
Level 321
Location The Colony
Inhabitants Off-duty Mech Mice

Field Bar is a large bar out in the middle of a field in The Colony. It's where many off-duty Mech Mice go to hang out, fight, and drink beers. It's full almost every night, of mice and rats alike. It's well known for the great food sold there, the beer being the #1 sold product. There's also some dartboards, and pool tables in the bar. It's about 500 tails from The Mech Mice Academy, which is why most of the people there are off-duty Mech Mice.

History Edit

Field Bar opened in 1985, during the Beer Boom in the Mech Mice Colony. Field Bar became the #1 busiest bar in the colony within a month, and grew in fame. It was extremely known for the wines, and beers sold there. The drinks consisted of ingredients from foreign nations, and tasty seasons from the Mech Mice Colony. Field Bar was opened by five retired Mech Mice, who always wanted to own a bar. So the five friends, Ruck Ashe, Steve Piggo, Jacob Swimmer, Daniel Freeze, Quint Harold, opened up Field Bar before they passed away 5 weeks later. The bar was handed over to Steve's grandson, William Piggo. William had also always wanted to run a bar, and was very glad to take over Field Bar. He fixed up the place, and attracted customers in with advertisements across the Colony.

Menu Edit

Field Bar has a small menu for food, because it's full of wines and beers. They usually serve fish sandwiches, pizzas, and soups.

  1. Red Wine
  2. Red Beer
  3. Worm Beer
  4. Worm Wine
  5. Fire Juice
  6. Liwa Sap Beer
  7. Sugared Beer
  8. Cod Sandwich
  9. Cod Pizza
  10. Pea Soup

Reception Edit

Field Bar gets great ratings on its wines, and beers. Though since the chefs don't get much practice with making the food items, they come out pretty sloppy. Though since the majority of customers are Mech Mice, who usually eat Grub Yums, the food is great tasting to them.

Gallery Edit

Finical Information Edit

Field Bar usually makes a gross profit of 600 dollars a month, before taxes, but after taxes they end up with a gross profit of 550 dollars. Then they need to pay their expenses (supplies, food, employees, electricity, etc.), which range from 100 dollars to 220 dollars, so their overall profit is 330 dollars for the owner alone.

Trivia Edit

  • Their #1 selling food item is Cod Pizza.
  • Mech Mice have had to be called in when serious fights would flare up, and the owners couldn't do a thing.

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