MM goldenfield 13113
The tall grass found in Goldenfield.
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Vital statistics
Type Field
Level 90
Location Western Border
Inhabitants Mice

Goldenfield is the name of the IO-Mech Mice Colony border. It sits right at the very edge of the New Borderland-IO lands and serves as a passing border from unorganized lands out of the reach of the colony. It consists of tall yellow grass that mostly resembles wheat from a farm. It suffers from small squads of marauders and, very rarely, the Dark Union.


The medium sized base of Goldenfield itself consists of burrows dug into the earth within trenches. On the very border of the territory (a mile from the last trench) sit 5 recon towers that warn of invasions from various civilizations. The grass is a very challenging obstacle to overcome, as it blocks most ground reinforcements from being seen. If left within the grass, soldiers fear getting lost outside of the territory, or being captured by an unseen foe. Also, if a fire is accidentally started, it is possible for the entire field to be set ablaze. Within the vast trench system lies numerous gunnery bunkers containing light machine blasters and mounted blasters. The burrows (nicknamed dugouts by new recruits) contain the soldiers barracks for when they aren't carrying out orders. The doorways of the burrows are thick wooden planks that hold up the terrain. No doors are aloud, to minimize the chance of commanding officers locking themselves within their offices during war.

Mounted WeaponsEdit

  • Ten sets of mounted light machine blasters within concrete bunkers.
  • Four sets of Howitzer mortar cannons sitting a mile away from the trench systems.

Known SkirmishesEdit

  • Mech Mice Military - Rat Clan Skirmish
  • Intermittent Border-Wars between the Dark Union and the Military
  • The Liwan Accident
    • When 3 members of the Liwan Tribe were wandering near the western border were opened fire upon when mistaken for Dark Union reinforcements. The tribe currently knows nothing of this event.


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