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Magenta smiling (a rare thing for her).
Vital statistics
Title Lieutenant Magenta
Gender Female
Race Brown Mouse
Faction Martial Arts
Health Amazing
Level 712
Status In the Genesis Squad
Location The Colony

Magenta is a beautiful brown mouse, and member of the Genesis Squad. As a child she was trained in martial arts, and when in her 20's, she joined the Mech Mice. There she joined The Elites, and trained with them. She was very good at it. She was soon kicked out of The Elites, and was no longer a part of Mech Mice. She went on to have bar fights, and living on her own. She soon joined the Genesis Squad, when they needed a new lieutenant.

She enjoyed the Genesis Squad, and stayed with them even after the recon mission. Since then she's changed, and has become a kinder mouse. Magenta still has a particularly bad temper.

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