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Their coat of arms.
Vital information
Title Maximals
Type Mech Mice Squad
Leader Optimal Optimus
HQ Mech Mice Colony
Members 5 Mice
Archetype? Good
Status Unknown

The Maximals are an advanced team of mice. The members are Optimal Optimus, Cheetor, Rattrap, Rhinox, and their newest member, Dinobot. It is unknown why most of their names are similar to animal names.

History Edit

Optimus Primal was once a member of one of the alpha squads in the Mech Mice Military. However, that squad started doing evil things, and Optimus Primal didn't like that. He left the squad, and founded his own one. When Optimus' old squad learned about this, they tried to kill him. Pretty soon a massive riot started, and the Maximals were right in the middle of it. After the death of one of Optimus' soldiers, he renamed himself Optimal Optimus. Later, Dinobot was transferred to the Maximals.

Members Edit

Optimal OptimusEdit

Optimal Optimus is the leader of the Maximals. He tries to spread rumors that he was once a gorilla, but ultimately fails. He has a huge sense of humor, and may laugh at all jokes. He wants to someday drive a Frightliner Cabover Truck.


Cheetor is a very immature mouse. He loves cheetahs and wishes he is one. But, he is naturally handy with tools, and builds stuff every day, including a rollercoaster, a football stadium, and a time machine.


Rattrap is a second-in-command member of the squad. He is very weak, and often wants to abort his missions. The members of the squad likes to tease him because of his name, and the fact he is a scared all the time. he hopes to someday become the official leader of the squad.


This member is the strongest of the group (hence the name, rhinox). He is often asked to destroy something. He once got in trouble for accedently destroying the computer. He wishes to get a break because he is forced to work 24/7.


Dinobot is the newest member of the squad. He was once part of their nemesis, but turned to the good side. He often fights with Rattrap, and is often called the immature one by Cheetor. He will often go on solo missions without approval from Optimal Optimus, and almost never gets caught.

Theme Song Edit

This squad doesnt have one.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Maximals rank 8.5/10.0.
  • They seem indestructible, however they do have a weakness: they are very slow to react.

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