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Mech Mice Colony
MM flag
The official flag.
Official The Royal Republic of Mech Mice
Common Mech Mice Colony
Coat of Arms [[|px]]
National Flower Pacific Dogwood
National Animal Mouse
National Anthem We Are The Mech Mice!
National Motto "Ears up, Mech Mice!"
Square Feet 45,230,954 ft.
Hemisphere Temperate
Square Kilo.
Map Momms
Map of Mech Mice states.
Capital Mouse City
Largest City Mechtonia Canyon
Culture Strict, Intelligent
Population 66 million
Official Language English
Drives On The Right
Demonym Mech Mice
Currency Dollar
Currency Code $
GDP Per Capita $8 million
Type Republic
Ruler1 President Nickolas
Ruler2 Vice President Zow
Established On August 8th, 750 BC
Time Zone
Calling Code 339

The Royal Republic of Mech Mice is the largest nation in the Mech Mice Region, and is the most well known mouse nation on Earth. It was the first mouse nation to own The Star Shards, and last for over 3,000 years. It is bordered by Xiln to the north, IO to the west, and the URG Wastelands to the south. Despite it's great population, and power, and the economy of the nation is incredibly weak. The nation currently holds a massive debt from Region War 1, that hasn't even begun to be paid off yet.

History Edit

Megiddo Edit

Megiddo was known as the first Mech Mice Colony. Megiddo was a pre-Ice Age nation, meaning the establishment of it is unknown. It is believed to have been around since before 4,000 BC. Megiddo was a nation of mice and rats, which were completely focused on survival. During the time before the Ice Age, many predators were extremely powerful. This included snakes, owls, and more. Smaller animals were forced to hide below, or above ground. Because of this survival issue, no advances took place in the tribes. Megiddo, however, was a thriving nation. It was ruled by a monarch family, the Furtain Family. The nation was 2 square miles large, and half of it was located on a steep mountain side. The mountain was named Megiddocliff, and was a common area for neighborhoods to be located. Megiddo and its citizens was protected by a small military of rats and mice, equipped with primitive spears and shields. Before the Ice Age, Megiddo was connected to the ocean by a massive river. This river was known as Trasporto, Italian for "Transport". In Clicksmack, the most common language before the Ice Age, it was known as Vectura. Translators in the Medieval Ages discovered that Megiddo was rich with Italian and British culture, which would have a strong affect on the modern day Mech Mice Colony. Vectura has been discovered to be an ancient, wide river that connected the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. Before the Ice Age, there was a large landmass that connected Europe with Southern Canada. This landmass was extremely narrow, and couldn't supply plant life on it. Still, creatures of all types used the landmass as a bridge to Canada. Many historians believe this is how Megiddo gained its Italian-British culture, due to the fact that there were many mice in those regions at the time. In 1956, historians discovered ancient scrolls in the Atlantic ocean in a submerged metropolis. The scrolls confirmed that a mouse named Megino was the founder of Megiddo, but it is still unknown when it was established.

Megiddo City Cliff Dwellings

This was considered a suburb before the first Shard was discovered.

In 1989, historian Madeline Reep established the Megiddo Extreme Research Organization, or M.E.R.Ofor short. The organization was funded by multiple governments across the Earth, and was able to discover fifty new facts about Megiddo before 1991. The organization is still in business today, though has lost many of its donators. Megiddo dissipated in 741 BC, after the Shards were found. In 750 BC, the Great Colony was established.

Great Colony Edit

After the Megiddo Civil War, the citizens of Meggido dispersed across the Mech Mice Region (back then named Vallis De Mures). Many of these dispersing mice carried Shards with them, and were intent on establishing their own nations. The original founders of the Shards, Peter Hills and Viridi Mulier Franchise, stayed in Megiddo along with 800 other citizens. Peter was a brown mouse with a rich British history, whereas Viridi Mulier was an Italian mouse with a Latin name. Each had traveled to the Vallis De Mures seeking to establish a sap farm, and both failed. The two joined a mining company, where they found the Shards on a late night trip. Now that Megiddo was destroyed by the Civil War, Peter became somewhat evil. He then sought to establish his own nation, and run down the world with the Shards. In an attempt to gain control of the 800 creatures, he established themselves as a new colony of mice and rats. He called the new nation, Great Colony, for obvious reasons. Peter established himself as king, and led Great Colony away from Megiddo with the Shards. The Great Colony moved one mile away from the previous location of Megiddo, where they found another colony of mice named Quantin Square. Peter led a small army, about 300 mice/rats, and attacked Quantin Square with dirty tactics. They captured the colony of mice, and renamed Quantin Square to Mouse City. Peter had a castle built for him in the top of a tree, where he would be protected by land predators. He then had Mouse City built around the tree, and established sap collecting farms on the side of the tree. He employed 200 mice and rats to work on the sap farms. Viridi Mulier Franchise didn't like this, and tried to coax Peter out of it. Her plan backfired, and she was suddenly banished from Great Colony. Peter gave Viridi Mulier two guides to lead her out of Vallis De Mures, and protect her until they were out of the region. Soon after Viridi Mulier was banished, news spread across Vallis De Mures about this evil deed. The total of 34 neighboring nations soon became enemies of Great Colony, and decided to form an alliance against them. Only 6 of these nations had Shards, and 3 of those nations only had tiny fragments. Great Colony had the Anti-Allianceoutnumbered, and overpowered. Peter soon became greedy, when he realized the exact power he had when he ran into the Galactus. The Galactus foolishly trained Peter how to use the Shard in amazing ways, including becoming immortal. In 764 BC, Peter became immortal, and declared war on the Anti-Alliance, and vice-versa. This sparked the War of Mice, which was the most widespread and long war in Earth's history. The war lasted for 200 years, and covered all of North America, and parts of Central America. This war tore apart trust between nations, and caused many sub-wars. Peter was king of Great Colony during the war, and led the battles from his throne war and on the front lines. In 615 BC, Peter became tired of the war, however, he didn't want to surrender. So in an attempt to not surrender, but stop fighting, he renamed Great Colony to The Amazing Monarchy of Mech Mice Colony. He believed this would work, because the Anti-Alliance's declaration of war was on Great Colony. Peter's plan failed, and the Mech Mice Colony was suddenly over ran by the Anti-Alliance. Peter was removed from position as king, and replaced by the Anti-Alliance's General Puma Brightening. Peter was banned from North America, and set sail on a small boat with month long supplies. Peter's whereabouts are unknown, and many believed he now lives on a deserted island.

Middle Ages Edit

The Middle Ages, 100 BC - 1,333 AD, was the most prosperous age for the Mech Mice Colony. In 99 BC, the Mech Mice Colony was declared free from the Anti-Alliance. This new freedom encouraged inventors, scientists, and others to do what they've wanted to do. As a result, scientific, warfare, and astronomic advances took place. The first telescope was invented in 80 BC, and scientists discovered a method of calculating how old different objects were. Amazingly enough, these advances were not charged by the use the Star Shards. Philosophers of the Middle Ages described that "everyone was rejoicing their freedom by creating, inventing, and designing". In 1 BC, the Mech Mice Colony had become the most advanced mouse civilization on Earth. The Mech Mice government became very powerful economic and military wise; this encouraged for the country to grow. So in 1 AD, to celebrate the 4,500th recorded year, the Mech Mice Colony extended their western borders over IO. They also expanded eastwards, and southwards; they did not, however, expand northwards. The Mech Mice government then advertised the colony in neighboring nations, declaring that "move to the Mech Mice, and become free of primitive ways". This 'slogan', however, made many neighboring nations angry.

In 5 AD the Mech Mice population grew from 4 million, to 14 million. This was a new record, and made the government excited for the nation. The population then started to grow 3 million more each year, increasing the border lines, military, economy, and government. In 50 AD, the Mech Mice Colony expanded all the way to present day Kelowna, BC. This expansion surprised everyone, considering that Kelowna was inhabited by primitive, dangerous Humans.
Sioux Indians

The Sioux Indians haltered the expansion of the Mech Mice Colony


Due to the humans, the Mech Mice government was forced to pull back their borders to the edge of IO. In 200 AD, the Mech Mice Colony became the most powerful nation in the Americas. The Colony was drawing in millions of immigrants each year, and many neighboring nations started to die. Already because of The Grand Migration, 5 nations had fallen apart. This caused more powerful nations to fight over new territories, and many wars to start across the Earth. Several mouse nations in the Eastern North America became extremely angry of this migration, and devised several ways to stop it. The Royal Republic of Todd, located in present day New York City, demanded that the Mech Mice Colony stopped advertising itself. When the Mech Mice refused to, the Toddin government banned all of its citizens from migrating to the Mech Mice Colony. This plan failed, when it was discovered that immigrates just fled to a neighboring nation and went to Mech Mice from there. In 213 AD, all the American Eastern nations became furious of the Mech Mice Colony. This fury spread like wildfire, as nearly every nation in North America turned on the Mech Mice. These angry nations eventually attacked the Mech Mice Colony one-by-one, weakening the Mech Mice. The majority of these small wars were lost for the Mech Mice, and caused its borders to be shortened. Eventually the common wars shrunk the Colony down to the size it is currently. The attacking armies also captured all the citizens, and forced them to establish their own nations only with 50 soldiers, and $10,000. These new nations were funded by many of the attacking nations, in an effort to stop the Mech Mice Colony from expanding again. These new, small nations lived in the forever fear of the Mech Mice. As a result, many of these nations' citizens fled from the new country to other countries. This caused some of the small nations to die off, as the others then started to grow. This created larger nations, that were able to defend themselves. In 300 AD, the North America became once again peaceful. The Mech Mice Colony was still the most powerful mouse nation, until the Age of Treasurecame to in 314 AD. This age allowed smaller nations get their 'paws' on vast amounts of treasure, and extremely grow. This age only affected nations by the sea, which meant bad news for the landlocked lands. The Mech Mice Colony's economy suddenly dropped, when trading in the area decreased. This threatened the survival of all the nations in the region. The Mech Mice decided to expand southwards, and in attempt to connect with the ocean. In those days, many areas of Earth had not be explored by intelligent beings yet. When the Colony expanded fifty miles southwards, they hired mapper Regnal Thomas, and explorer Polpa Meals to map and explore the new territory. The exploration begun on March 15, 315 AD. The explorers were gone for one year, and the Mech Mice government soon became worried. They sent a search and rescue team to find the missing exploration group in Summer 316 AD. The rescue team returned the next Spring, but with none of the explorers. The rescue team had discovered the final campsite of the explorers in ruins. "It appeared to have been stormed by predators. We buried all the bodies we found respectfully," Captain Cougar Jonesexplained to the president of the Mech Mice Colony. Despite the horrible failure of the expedition, the Mech Mice government did not draw back the borders. As the Age of Treasure continued, the Mech Mice economy dropped significantly. It wasn't until 321 AD, that trade came back to the Mech Mice Colony. However, with this newly restored trade system, came outlaws, rebels, and criminals. Many of these criminals were members of commercial mafias, which used trade systems, and product distribution to spread members out across the land. The Mech Mice police and military was not prepared for such a horrifying change, and the Mech Mice Colony's peace was soon destroyed. The Colony became a horrible place to live in, as crimes such as robbery, and murder continued to grow. The Mech Mice government tried to fight back by passing laws such as the Migration Turnback Law, the Crime Law, and the Mafia Law. These laws had little affect on the community crimes, and the Mech Mice Colony was falling apart. Until in 330 AD, when the government passed the Government Enforcement Law. This law allowed any government force to assassinate any criminal, no matter the crime or person. This law did leave a major affect on the amount of crimes, but itself was illegal due to the Murder Lawcreated in 100 AD. The Mech Mice government reluctantly removed the law, and the crimes rose again. The government had given up all chances of fixing the situation, which made situations even worse. This failure sparked the hope of local mafias, and they continued to break the law. This failure also spread to the military, and the police forces; causing them to just give up also. All law enforcement just stopped, and left the citizens to fend for themselves. In the capital of the Mech Mice Colony, at that time Red Wall City, there was absolute chaos. The mafia criminals did whatever they wanted, and the government didn't get involved unless the situation involved a politician. This angered the citizens in Red Wall City beyond belief, and many started to think of crazy theories. One group of families figured that the the government was promoting the mafias, and taking all the profit from them. This idea quickly spread throughout the capital, and soon many citizens believed the theory. This led to a massive protesting at the capitol, which ended in the murder of the president, and destruction of the capitol building. After that the citizens went out, and killed every criminal or mafia member they saw. In the massacre, three innocent mice were killed. The rebel citizens did succeed in killing 99% of the local mafia members, the other 1% were captured for interrogation. This massive rebellion was known across the country in a matter of days, and other citizens did the same thing. By the end of 332 AD, all known criminals and mafia members were killed or captured by citizens. The nationwide assassination was dubbed The Mafia Wars, by an unknown poet. The unknown poet was a witness of many of the slaughters, and described them in a poem he/she called 'The Mafia Wars':

Fires blazed through the towns
as dead criminals were stacked by the pounds.
We, the Mech Mice, so kind and true
how could we become so rude?
The fires light the night
as fights breakout alright.
The Mafia Wars
these are.

This poem became popular after The Mafia Wars, and the name stuck. The Mafia Wars came to a slow end, as large mafia groups retreated from Mech Mice. After the slaughters, the government was repaired by the state governors who were able to hide during the Wars. The governors convinced the citizens that they were not supporting the mafias, but only by killing an entire mafia group. The government came back to power in 333 AD, and decided it was time to end the silly wars, and instead make peace. So from 333 AD, to 340 AD, the government changed all the punishments of the laws to much more strict punishments. Over 13% of the law punishments were changed to death, which did make some citizens angry. After this, the country became peaceful once again. Not another war happened in the country for another 200 years. Seven hundred years without war extremely benefited the country, as inventors and scientists went back to work discovering. This age was called The Centuries For Science.

The Centuries For Science Edit

The Centuries For Science was an age that shortly begun after the Mafia Wars. The age lasted until 673 AD, when the Medieval Ages began. During The Centuries For Science, inventors and scientists went busy at studying. Inventors created more advanced telescopes, and scientists discovered five new planets in the solar system with these. Scientists also discovered three new marine life species, historians uncovered artifacts from before Megiddo, and inventors created two new inventions each year. This age quickly repaired the economy, and excited the Mech Mice. In 340 AD, inventors started to focus on more luxury products. From 340 to 350 AD, inventors created soap, toilets, warm showers, and advanced rain gutter systems for the rich. These inventions would only be available to all social classes in 355 AD, when inventors discovered how to mass produced the products. The Centuries For Science didn't just advance inventions and scientific knowledge, it also advanced the culture. During the age, mice invented five new instruments: the violin, flute, tuba, piano, and harp. This new instruments were created by famous musicians, who committed their lives to music. Famous songs, such as Canto degli Alberi, were composed by musicians like Van Holder Hen, Jericho Quacker Mass. Van Holder Hen and Jericho Quacker Mass were, and still are the most famous mice music composers in the world. They died in 400 AD, just a month after they composed the two most famous songs in the world. Another advances included art, sculpting, and media. Many play writers with a rich, British history, created unique plays for audiences across the country. About 13% of these plays are still performed in the Mech Mice Colony; such as Singing Soldiers, and The Well to Another Realm. These many advances in the arts, and science attracted thousands of immigrants to the Mech Mice Colony. These new advances soon spread throughout the mouse and rat world, as mice across the world followed in the Mech Mice's steps. These advances also attracted hundreds of immigrants from countries that the Mech Mice have never heard of, such as The Massive Monarchy of Hong, The Mouse Kingdom of Scotland, and The Frosted Republic of Everglade. These immigrants brought their culture to the Mech Mice, altering the already odd culture. However, over just ten years, the culture reverted back to British-Italian. In 450 AD, the Mech Mice Colony had regained its position as one of best mice nations in the world. This was officially declared on January 20th, 450 AD. This date was soon known as Best Day, and is now a celebrated Mech Mice holiday. The Mech Mice celebrated by having a massive, week long party in town squares across the country. The mice enjoyed delicious pastries, folk music, games, and massive dance parties. This celebration was acknowledged even in prisons. In 453 AD, a new invention came to life. This invention was called the Triple Crossbow, a daughter invention of the crossbow. The triple crossbow was created by General Steven Pops, and was a deadly weapon of warfare. The triple crossbow was able to fire three crossbows either at the same time, or individual. Soon after the triple crossbow was invented, 5 daughter inventions of it were created. This included the Double Crossbow, and Hundred Crossbow. The hundred crossbow was able to launch over 150 arrows at once, and was extremely accurate. This weapon, however, disturbed the Mech Mice population. It had been many years since a conflict happened involving the Mech Mice, and many worried that this new weapon was the deliverer of a new war. The triple crossbow did not deliver a new war onto the Mech Mice, however, it did start a chain reaction of new warfare weaponry. There were a total of 100 newly designed weapons by 475 AD, and new weapons were still being created. In 478 AD, William Spacks created the Will's Weapons Production Association. WWPA was a company that mass produced weapons for the government, and public. These weapons were quickly bought up by mice and rats alike. This large supply of weapons, however, made it easier for criminals and outlaws to collect weapons. In 500 AD a massacre took place in the capital of the Colony, and in the process 10 mice and 3 rats died. The assassin's name was Rato Swiss, who simply liked killing others. Rato Swiss soon founded a mafia, that he called the Swiss Mafia. He and his mafia robbed banks, stores, and especially murdered. The government and the public tried to stop the Swiss Mafia, but they were professional. Soon panic struck the Colony, as rumors spread that a second Mafia Wars was about to begin. In 501 AD, rumors spread that every rat in the Colony was plotting to overthrow the mice and take over the Mech Mice Colony. Many began to believe these rumors, because of the social class of those times (rats were legally lesser than mice, and were primitive). This social system is what caused the Swiss Mafia to be founded, and scared rats and mice alike. To fix the situation, the government, in 502 AD, passed a law declaring that rats could no longer legally own weapons. In the next 6 months, more laws such as that were passed. These laws kept rats from being within 10 feet of a mouse, own houses, have a career that paid over $100,000 a year, and ride in the same vehicle as a mouse. These laws angered the rat population to such a large extent, that the whole mouse world became involved. The neighboring nations of the Mech Mice Colony passed rat laws as well, even though foreign nations disapproved it. In 505 AD, Rato Swiss was murdered by a citizen, and the Swiss Mafia retreated to the wilderness. In 510 AD, things became worse for the rat population. Rats were soon legally demanded to begin a career by age 10, only eat food three times a day, and not even come in physical contact with mice. After these laws were pass, over 1,000 rats left the country over night. Another 2,000 quickly created rebel groups, protesting groups, and some gangs. Soon riots began in The Eastern States, and towns were being ran over by rebels. The Military easily destroyed the rebel army, and captured every rat in the Colony. The rats were then being held in detention camps, where they were beaten, and fed only once a day. In 520 AD, the rats were released from the camps and back into society. These rats quickly left the Mech Mice Colony, in fear of being attacked again. By 521 AD, there was only one rat living in the Colony. This devastated the economy actually, because the rats had been working the factories for much of the past decades. Soon the Colony came into a recession, and life became rough for the Mech Mice. The government quickly removed all the laws that restricted the rats, and advertised for them to come back into the Colony. When none came, the government started to bribe the rats. All rats who migrated to the Colony to work in the factories would be given $350, and a yearly salary of $2,000. In The Centuries for Science that was an extremely large amount of money, and such a payment would require higher taxes from all citizens. So behind the rats' backs, the government increased their taxes from 1% to 20%. This angered the rats, and many were leaving again. Overnight the government passed a law declaring all government paid rats as government property, meaning that the rats couldn't leave the country even if they wanted too. The rats were literally locked away in factories to work horrible shifts, and by law they couldn't leave the factory until after a month of working. When the month was over, 5 rats had died in the factory because of the lack of Vitamin D. The rats did not have access to fresh food, or soap. When they left the factories, mice all around fled for their clean lives. This saddened the rats, and many decided to leave the Colony. Thousands of rats migrated towards the borders of the Colony, hoping to escape. But when they arrived there, they were stopped by government officials. The officials arrested all the rats, declaring that they still had crimes to pay for. This was not true, however, but the rats couldn't fight back. The officials were actually a outlaw militia, that planned to capture rats and sell them as slaves. This militia took the rats to farms and ranches far away from civilization, and sold them to the farmers and ranchers there as slaves. These rats were forced to work in the farms as harvesters, planters, and other jobs. This enslavement was illegal, but the government had received no information about it. In 527 AD, the slavery was finally discovered by the public and the government. The government didn't do anything about it, however, which angered even the mice citizens. Many declared that the government would have done something if mice were enslaved, and not rats. The community had given birth to a new generation, a rebellious generation that didn't believe what they were told. This community demanded that rats be free from slavery, and live equally to the mice community. This demand was called The Rat Protesting, and happened for over 20 years in a row. In 540 AD, the community had became extremely upset with their government. The protests did not turn into riots, but they did become more violent. Many rats started to take place in the protesting, by not obeying the laws that discredited them. In 541 AD, Ruther Dictator founded the Association for Rats' Freedom(ARF). ARF was funded by protestors, and used the money to provide protection for rats, and buy up the rats from slave systems. They also supporting protestors trying to get into the government, to remove the laws. ARF succeeding in buying the freedom of over 3,000 rats from the slave system, and protecting over 6,000 protestors. By 545 AD, the violence between enslavers and antislavers became horrible. Massacres and riots started up all over the country, and the nation was on the edge of a civil war. ARF had gotten several of their agents into the government in The Western States, and were slowly removing rat discrediting laws. In 550 AD, the antislavers took control of The Western States. They quickly destroyed all laws that discredited rats, and made a paradise for them. Enslavers demanded that The Western States revert to the slave laws, because what they did was illegal. When The Western States refused to, they did it with force. The Western States quickly attacked the largest city. also the enslavers' capital, in The Central States. They burned the city to the ground, and without regret. The enslavers had had enough, and soon stockpiled on weapons and ammunition. The enslavers then attacked REDWALL City, and took control of the capital. They murdered and imprisoned many of the Mech Mice soldiers, and established themselves as the new rulers of the Colony. All antislavers in the capital were arrested, and tortured to death in public. The Eastern and Western States decided that this was enough, and sent troops into the capital to restore peace. The battle happened on November 4th, 551 AD, and started one of the most brutal wars in Mech Mice history: The ARF Civil War. The attack on the capital, Invasion of REDWALL, was the first sign that the coming war was going to be brutal. Invasion of REDWALL was a major failure for ARF, when over 1,000 soldiers had died. The Mech Mice had only lost 500 soldiers. The nation was suddenly split in two, as the Mech Mice (enslavers) supprted slavery, and ARF (antislavers) declared war on each other. Two weeks after the war was declared, The Eastern States joined ARF after attempts at peace between the two rivals were discovered to be impossible. ARF held continuous invasions on the Mech Mice, and would not stop until slavery was completely illegal. The ARF War lasted until 558 AD, when the Mech Mice population dropped too low for a military. ARF took back Mech Mice, and became the government. The Colony was transformed back to a monarchy, in order to keep strict peace. The country was no longer the ARF's and the Mech Mice, it was once again Mech Mice. The war left a horrible mark on the Colony however, as the population had dropped tremendously during the war. The population dropped down to just 1 million, 5 million less than it had been. The Colony was ruined, but rats were now free creatures. The Colony was now in a defenseless state, with only a military of 2,500. A miracle, however, happened in 560 AD when word spread across the Region that rats were free creatures in the Mech Mice Colony now. Soon millions of rats migrated back to the Colony, and restored the economy, industry, and military. King Henry Dictator, the son of Ruther Dictator, said about the events:

A marvelous irony that the very thing we were fighting against, saved us. The rats repaired our country, and put it back on track. Even though they were beaten down in our land and beyond.

Henry Dictator was the new king of the Colony, and the Dictator family would be the royal family until the destruction of REDWALL. Henry became a great leader of the Colony, and was able to completely free the rats from segregation, slavery, and discrediting laws. Henry died in 589 AD of the flue, and since then has been known as the greatest king the Mech Mice Colony had. His descendants would become greedy, foolish, power hungry kinds and queens.


Henry V's Crowning. Painted by cartoonist Derek Scott.

Henry's daughter became queen in 589, her son became king in 514, his son became king in 545, his daughter became queen in 550, her cousin became king in 582, his daughter became queen in 600, her daughter became queen in 630, etc. Henry V(5) Dictatorwas an inventor in The Eastern States. He lived far away from civilization, and didn't even know he was in line for the crown. When his friend murdered all of Henry V's opponents for the crown, Henry officially became the next in line for king. The government searched for Henry V from 650 to 651 AD, until they finally found him in the Fall. Henry was reluctant at first, but agreed to be crowned king in the middle of Winter. Henry quickly became a popular king, and peaceful king. Unlike the kings before himself, he believed in negotiation and peaceful unity. He made friendly relationships with the surrounding nations, and even cut funds to the Mech Mice military. This sudden movement for peace surprised the citizens, and The Great Council. The Great Council was created just ten years before Henry was crowned king, in ordered to keep Queen Izzyunder control. The Great Council attempted to restore large funds to the military for security issues, but Henry denied their requests. This was the first time any mouse nation had become fully peaceful, and swore to it. This movement was called the Peace Movement, but was redeemed as part of The Centuries for Science in 1867. Soon many mice decided to become fully peaceful. Weapons were outlawed for civil ownership, the military weapons were replaced with non-lethal weapons, and the police forces now had water based, non-lethal weapons. This Peace Movement actually lowered criminal activity, repaired the social classes, and made things overall better. In 660 AD, the Colony had become nothing but peace. However, Henry was becoming a very secretive king. He started to disappear from the public notice every night, and leave the country a lot. The media decided to turn their focus on Henry, and figure out what he was up to. A reporter in early 661 discovered that Henry was leaving the country every night, and going to Quandan(a heavily uncontrolled, and evil nation). The reporter was not able to follower Henry into Quandan, but his findings shocked the public. Mostly because Henry left without guards. This news spread like wildfire across the Mech Mice Colony, and even some southern nations. More reporters hunted down Henry, and some even dared to follow him into Quandan. Sadly, every reporter that entered Quandan was murdered for unknown reasons. As the public grew more curios, the more Henry left into Quandan. Finally, in 662 a reporter was able to follow Henry into Quandan without being killed. He discovered that Henry was going to a local tavern, and discussing a coming war with weapon bearing thugs. The reporter officially moved to Quandan, in order to receive more information on this war. He even got a part-time job at the bar, to get up and close. This reporter's name was lost over time, but he soon became the most popular media worker in North America. His discovery horrified the Mech Mice government and public, and actions to exactly discover what was going were taken. Henry was interrogated on March 5th, 662, just a month after the reporter's findings. It was discovered that Henry was working with a massive militia, that controlled Quandan. The militia was called Civil Army of Control, and they planned to invade the Colony. Without thinking, The Great Council removed Henry from crown, and prepared the military for invasion. Lethal weapons were restored to the citizens and government, and the government sponsored recruiting for the Military. But the peaceful culture didn't agree with the government, and many citizens decided that if the Colony was going to be attacked, it was going to be attacked. In 665, the Civil Army of Control invaded the Mech Mice-Quandanish border. They destroyed the massive, red wall separating the Colony from their country, and entered without failure. They looted the border towns, and did what they want without problems. They easily took over 50% of the border towns, and controlled the border. This started the second war of The Centuries for Science, Bellum Mala Facta (War of Evil Doings). This would be the war that would destroy the Colony for good, and enter an age of darkness, evil, pain, suffering, corruption, and more. Bellum Mala Facta destroyed The Great Council, the monarchy, the country, and everything else. The militia became a country, and officially controlled the Mech Mice Colony and Quandan. At the end of the war, Civil Army of Control dominated the Region's most two notable countries. The army erected their commander 'n chief as dictator, made a socialist country, and named it The Socialist Monarchy of REDWALL. In 673, the Medieval Ages began.

Medieval Ages Edit


The red wall repaired.

The Socialist Monarchy of REDWALL took over the Mech Mice Colony, and started the horrible Medieval Ages in 673 AD. This new country was named after the red wall that protected the Mech Mice borders, and were seen as a wonderful sight to many. REDWALL was the first country to be named in caps, which was and is still odd naming. The Mech Mice became REDWALL Insiders, and others were called REDWALL Outsiders. The first Insider king was Joseph X(10) Sea, who was also the commander 'n chief of the Civil Army of Control. Joseph decided to repair, and build up the red wall surrounding the Colony. He paid over 5 million dollars to repair, and strengthen the wall. After the wall was repaired and upgraded, he ordered over 3 million guards to work on the wall daily. This was a huge cost to the government, and weakened the economy in seconds. Joseph then sent out tax collectors in every state, now called 'social centers', to collect 60% of each family's balance. This huge tax then weakened the citizens' economy, which caused the government to turned to socialism. Joseph wrote the Socialism Act Law, that forced all different citizen classes to be separated by social centers. The rich class was sent to The Eastern States, the middle class was sent to The Central States, and the poor class was sent to The Western States. This separation of social classes ripped families apart, and destroyed the citizens' joy and courage. Joseph then did things commonly seen as foolish, he taxed the poor class 10% more than he taxed the other classes. This was basically seen as "using the poor class as a money machine". The poor class paid 60% income tax, the middle and rich class paid 50% income tax. This socialist system would be the primary government system of the Colony until the end of the Medieval Ages (1500 AD). Over the years the economy became so bad that food banks had shut down, crime skyrocketed to 15 million a year, the poor class starved to death, hospitals shut down, fire stations shut down, and the The Western States literally became a landfill for the other social centers. This system disgusted neighboring nations, and many demanded that REDWALL revert its socialism law(s) in 700 AD after Joseph X died. Joseph's daughter, Mary Sea, only 13 years old, took the throne. She did not bother disrupting the laws, and instead spent her time wasting money on shopping. As she matured, however, she did become more focused on ruling the nation. Like her father, she was a cruel leader (possibly even crueler). She brought back the rat discrediting and slave laws, but applied it to even the poor class. This allowed the other social classes to buy poor class members, no matter their species, as slaves. Fortunately many citizens didn't bother with the laws, or slave the system. There were only a couple hundred slaves in the nation, until Mary bought over 1,000 to work at her castle. When Mary was 16 she fell in love with one of her male slaves, and married at 19. Her husband, Zack Wits, was never actually crowned king, even though the law ordered that all husbands of queens be crowned kings. Mary gave birth to triplets when she was 23, and just a month after that Zack committed suicide. Mary entered mourning, and refused to care for the pups. Only one of her pups survived, and lived onto to be the 2nd Insider king. Gary Wits was soon realized to be the kindest Insider king. Gary decided to cut taxes on the poor class, and instead raise taxes on the rich class. He was able to balance out the economy, however, REDWALL still had a massive debt to pay. Gary supported local business, and even created several commercial business laws that prohibited large business from doing certain things. He also sent out a cleaning task force to properly remove the waste covering The Western Social Centers. He had all the garbage placed in landfills outside of the country borders, in non-inhabited land. He then cut funds to government agencies in 741, like the Agency for Health and the Food Investigation Agency. He was killed in 756 by a rattlesnake that sneaked into REDWALL, and terrorized the nation for over 2 years. His cousin, Lindsas Wits, who was actually only 5 years old. The government agencies and citizens agreed that a child shouldn't rule the country, but by law it was illegal to remove a king from throne. The citizens reacted by killing Lindsas in obscurity, and investigators didn't bother discovering who was the murderer. After Lindsas, Larry Wits took the throne. Larry was a very evil mouse, and was hated by the citizens. He first passed a law declaring that the red wall be built on the borders of The Social Centers, in order to stop each from "contaminating" each other with a fake disease known as 'Rich Disease. Larry spread government propaganda about how deadly the disease was, and that it spreads rapidly through dirty, and cluttered areas such as The Western Social Centers. He said that there were different versions of the disease too, and some accumulated in cleaner areas with fine goods. This panicked the entire nation, and many donated to expand the red wall to stop the disease from being spread by mice. Larry then demanded that citizens couldn't pass foods, product, or citizens across the newly expanded border. As a result news did not spread throughout the country, low amounts of food starved citizens to death, and many real diseases remained in only one area of the country. In truth, Larry just wanted the Social Centers to be more separated. The country was literally divided into three groups now, and the three groups had no way of contacting each other. As a result news didn't spread easily, new advances in science weren't known, landfills built up in the richer areas, companies were shut down, families were separated from each other, and more. The next generation of Larry's reign soon came into their adulthood, and many were now realizing that Rich Disease was fake. The citizens quickly started to pass the red wall as they pleased, and refused to believe that Rich Disease was real. This angered King Larry, who was now growing old. Larry passed the Rich Disease Enforcement Law, that demanded that all citizens believed that the disease was real. The second generation didn't obey the law, and passed through the Social Centers as they please. The government retaliated by killing are trespassers of the border, and in very cruel ways. The citizens then bought firearms, and attacked the red walls separating the social centers. They killed all the border patrolmen, destroyed the walls, and decided to attack the capital to make their standpoint clear to Larry. The rebel citizens arrived in the capital on August 10, 769. Before they invaded the capitol building, Larry committed suicide. And thus ended the Wits Family's rule of the throne. The government elected Thomas Guileas the new king, not realizing that his last name would be the perfect description of him. Thomas Guile was at first a very brave, intelligent, and nice king. His laws and speeches were wonderfully written, and unlike other kings he made laws based on what the citizen's wanted. Things made a turn for the worse in 772, however. At that time the country had a Parliament, called The Great Council, which advised the king, and elected government officials for certain regions. They also passed laws, and had the power to veto. Well, Thomas finally decided that it was time for him to take charge. In secret, Thomas hired assassins to kill the council members one by one. By the end of the month, every council member was killed. This instantly meant that Thomas had become a complete monarch, and was not affected by his own laws. Swiftly, Thomas banned The Great Council from reforming, raised taxes on the poor, and gave extreme funding to the military. The citizens didn't like this sudden change, so they decided to fight back. The small uprising was crushed in a matter of hours, and soon Thomas removed the uprising from the media. He then burned the city that the uprising took place, and killed everyone in the town. The uprising literally disappeared from history, until several soldiers confessed the assassination years later. Thomas was soon named King Guile I, whereas before he was named King Thomas Guile. King Guile then "bought" all of the media companies, so he could control what the citizens knew. Many historians of that time wrote about King Guile's reign, and how terrible it was. In 775, King Guile sent letters to the neighboring nations of REDWALL. It read:


The scroll sent to President Aglea.

Ruler of country name here,
I demand a surrender of your nation, military, and people to me immediately. Resign from your positions as a political leader, or military force will be implied. You, leader name here, will be given a small mansion, with guards and zero tax for the remainder of your life span if you do so. Failure to comply to this demand will result in death and destruction of your nation. Surrender.
-King Guile I of The Socialist Monarchy of REDWALL

The nation leaders that received these letters were furious, and extremely terrified. These nations were weak in military and economy, and had little chance of being able to defeat King Guile. Nevertheless, they didn't comply with his demands. As a result King Guile sent an invasion force of 1 million soldier to the north, to start the invasion of all of the other nations. The invasion successfully conquered two, small, northern nations, yet the North-western and East-western nations were able to put up a fight. The next month King Guile sent a invasion force of 1.5 million soldiers to the North-western nations, but commanded them to restrain from destroying national monuments. When the Insider invasion force attacked a Latin country named La República de Tierra de La Libertad, it wasn't long before the Outsider army realized that the Insider army was trying to not harm national monuments. That gave the the Outsiders an idea to set up all major military bases on or in national monuments. President Aglea allowed the military to use the national monuments as military headquarters, on the grounds that they wouldn't damage them. Soon the Insider army had conquered half of Tierra de La Libertad, and were coming close to conquered another neighboring nation. In 778, the Insiders invaded Tierra de La Libertad's largest city, in hopes of gaining control of Turris Flowers. The invasion, however, failed when Aglea sent over 2 million soldiers to attack the 6,000 Insiders. This victory boosted moral in Tierra de La Libertad, and they continued to attack the Insiders. It wasn't long before King Guile I had to pull his army out of Tierra de La Libertad, and invade other nations. However, Aglea had other plans. She decided to join forces with the other nations, and gain up on REDWALL. The Land War then started in 779, when Aglea formed the Alliance of Aglea and invaded REDWALL from all sides. In 801 the Alliance of Aglea transformed into the Large Republican Empire By Aglea, meaning all the alliance members became one nation. King Guile was impressed, and even slightly worried, but he still believed that he could destroy Aglea. King Guile had constant attacks on the Insider-Aglean border, and was sure that he could bring President Aglea to her knees. In the last month of 801, Aglea quickly hired scientists and engineers to mass produce a special war machine. The next week, the first blimp was created. When King Guile's spies told him about the blimp, or "flying blanket", he thought they were joking. The first day of 802, Aglea led a massive air strike on REDWALL. This was the first air strike in history, and the Insiders were horrified. Aglea led the invasion personally, all the way to the capitol. Soon a massive battle broke out in REDWALL's capitol, and Aglea's forces were winning. Filled with anger and stupidity, King Guile had the largest catapult placed on the highest point of the capital building. As soon as the catapult was set up, King Guile got into the catapult. He brought his family's heirloom sword, and was planning to use the Agleans' own weapon against them. When King Guile was launched, he crashed right into the command ship where Aglea was. Guile killed all the crew members, and charged into a duel with Aglea. The two fought for over an hour, constantly shouting, and smack talking. Soon King Guile kicked Aglea in the head, causing her to become unconsciousness. King Guile landed the blimp near the capital, as his men quickly used the single blimp to attack the enemy. The battle was over, and President Aglea had been captured. In truth King Guile loved Aglea, and planned to marry her. He wanted to have a son, to take the throne after him. Guile forced Aglea into marriage, and months later, on 803, Aglea gave birth to a male pup named Thomas Guile II. When Thomas II was able to naturally survive without his mother, King Guile banned Aglea from REDWALL. On her escape out, she was robbed and murdered. Thomas Guile II matured quickly, and grew a strong bond with his father. Though Thomas had different ideas than his father, and didn't like the past of how he came to be. He disagreed with the ways his father ran the country, captured his mother, and more. When he was 13, Thomas rebelled against his father. Thomas started with a friendly debate with his father, but it ended with his own father cutting off his right leg. Thomas was locked in the dungeon, and wasn't going to see sunlight until he was 15. He was given a peg leg by the jailer, and during his two years in prison, drew 50 fullproof plans for peg legs. When Thomas was released, he left REDWALL in a hurry. He traveled to Large Republican Empire By Aglea to became an inventor, and avoid prosecution by his father. There Thomas went to school, and learned mathematics, mythology, and grammar. He also learned Latin and Spanish, so he could communicate with the Agleans better. Thomas eventually won a scholarship to Magnus College, where he earned a degree in engineering and politics. In 820 he was nominated to be the mayor of Increíble Falls, but lost by 2 votes. He did, however, became a member of the Increíble Falls City Council. In REDWALL, King Guile was becoming extremely greedy and old. All his fur turned a light grey, and his voice turned scratchy. He had also become even more evil with age. He built up the military greatly, and continued to raise taxes. He also began a serious of raids on the South, to try to expand the Insider territory. He did conquer the South, but there was little there to help the country. He decided to have joint-stock companies build colonies there, but all colonies failed because of a lack of resources. When it realized that a colony could only survive with a Shard, the companies begged for a loaned piece. Guile was extremely protective of the Shards, and refused to let the public use them. Ironically, he still had the companies attempt to establish Insider colonies in the South. In 822, REDWALL once again went to war with Aglean Empire, but this time over trade routes, and unclaimed land. The war was originally named The Trading War, but was renamed King Thomas II's War. Thomas decided that he should fight in the war, and take down his father's dangerous empire. So he enrolled in the military, and gradually rose in the ranks. Withing a year of the war, Thomas became a knight in the war. He led daring attacks on REDWALL, and almost always won. When King Guile discovered that his own son was attacking his nation, he became furious. In the spring of 823 he had 30 knights storm Thomas' house, and capture him. The knights successfully captured Thomas, and brought him to REDWALL City. There Thomas was tortured, and beaten. Amazingly he escaped the dungeons, but hid in the castle. In the fall, after the war ended, King Guile held a massive victory feast. Just as the main course was presented, Thomas ran into the room through a vent. He swiftly killed his father with his sword, but was captured by guards. The guards didn't kill Thomas, because he was next in line for the throne. They had no choice but to keep him alive, and crown him king. Thomas was crowned king the next week, and officially ended the war. His brave assassination was the reason the war was renamed. Thomas quickly restored peace in the Region, and stopped all government efforts in placing colonies in the South. He also lowered taxes, and made REDWALL a nicer place. He made a peace contract with the Aglean Empire, that would last for another 100 years. The two countries opened their borders up to each other, and almost became a single nation in 825. REDWALL soon became a thriving nation, as King Thomas Guile II (Thomas' new, official name) helped the trade system thrive. King Thomas supported mines, and inventors. He usually gave an award to a inventor who could best remake something. As a result the mining industry accelerated, as new mining equipment became available. Insiders discovered large amounts of gold, and silver in the local non-mined mountains. They also found salt, which was extremely rare at the time. King Thomas married in summer 826 to Queen Calliste March, whom he met in the Aglean Empire. Calliste wasn't interested in politics, and instead took many vacations. She and King Thomas would live almost two completely different lives, but would never divorce. In 829, Queen Calliste gave birth to twin boys. In 832, she gave birth to a girl. In 834, she gave birth to twin girls. This massive amount of children worried King Thomas, fearing that all of the kids would fight for the throne. But for the time being, Thomas loved his children. In 840, the country was becoming bankrupt. King Thomas' tax cuts had dropped again, but this caused major problems. The government went bankrupt, when its money mysteriously disappeared. Soon all government agencies and branches lost their funding, and workers went on strikes. Prisoners escaped, and REDWALL's peaceful times ended within a week. King Thomas quickly stopped all government spending, trying to save enough money in taxes to restore order. His efforts failed however, when 32% of the community wouldn't pay the higher taxes. Things became so bad, that King Thomas had to sell one of the Shards to the Aglean Empire for $40 million. King Thomas quickly restored enough funding to the military to keep it running, and to capture all the escaped criminals. He then saved the money and taxes, until he can restore enough peace for the economy to get back on track. The small economic crash ended in 842, but the worse was yet to come. In 845, King Thomas died of old age. His twin boys shared the position as kings, until distrust between the two led to their deaths in 850. After that Queen Jannel Guile took the throne, and held position as queen for 35 years. When she died, her son took the crown. This was because her two younger twin sisters had died before her. Jannel's son, King Thomas Guile III, became somewhat like his grandfather. He was interested in helping the industries, but instead of mining, he helped exploration. He knew that there were miles of unclaimed territory out there, and he wanted it. So he sent explorers to the North in 895, to map what's up there. The explorers discovered hostile land, and several deserts. They did re-discovered Forest of Rama, and named it after their leader Ramasa Pies. They also discovered the Liwan Tribe. The explorers brought sap back to REDWALL, and King Thomas III was very pleased. He had more expeditions take place in the North and the South, and soon many other nations were having expeditions to the North. King Thomas III claimed all of the new North for REDWALL, not knowing that the land was already claimed by unknown Northern nations. This caused a later conflict, when the Insiders tried to establish a colony in the North. When the first Insider attempt at a colony, Henrimsburg, in the North failed, Thomas III decided to try the South. This was especially dangerous however, because the South had no Shards. This meant that the soil had little nutrients. Nevertheless, Thomas III was determined to establish South Henrimsburg (a.k.a New Henrimsburg). South Henrimsburg was a successes, once explorers discovered fertile land to plant crops. Planting crops was essential for the colony, because they needed a source of food. Henrimsburg started to grow in population and size; this was only because there was enough room for agriculture. Five years later, the soil quickly lost nutrients. To keep the colony going, Thomas III gave the colony a small piece of a Shard. At that time it was unknown how to use the Shards to return nutrients to soil. The colonists didn't know what to do with it, and decided to plant it in the ground. They succeeded; the soil was quickly replenished. Agriculture continued to prosper, and the colony soon grew. Back in REDWALL, however, things were failing. Hordes of murders and assassinations were happening, the community was terrified. These murderers said they were avenging their ancestors by killing the Insiders merciless, yet to this day no one is sure why. Thomas III forgot about Henrimsburg for 7 years, as he desperately tried to end the murders. In 917, Henrimsburg realized that the mother country forgot about them. They decided to declare their independence, because they had a Shard. They literally turned the Shard into a highly, dangerous weapon. When Insiders tried to visit Henrimsburg in 920, they were killed by the weapon for trespassing. When it was realized in 921 that the Insiders traveling to Henrimsburg were killed, an investigation was carried out to find out why. Thomas III put all government efforts into the investigation, and vast amounts of money were spent. When it was discovered that the citizens of Henrimsburg did this, Thomas III had the military neutralize the new nation. The attack force was defeated, and the citizens of Henrimsburg demanded that Thomas III leave them alone. Thomas III was furious, however, there was little he could do about. He was aging quickly, and about to die. Thomas III died on June 8, 925. He gave the crown to Martin 'the Warrior' Clover, the commander and chief of the Insider army; however, there was no written documentation or will of this. Therefore many didn't believe Martin, since he himself was power-hungry. As the government discussed about the matter, REDWALL went under siege. Without a king, government control was lost. Eventually the government dissipated, anarchy broke out, and the military took control in 930. Martin took action, and quickly collected as many Shards as he could. He led whatever was left of his army to victory, and regained control of REDWALL in 932. These two years were named Two Seasons of Horror. Martin became a Tyrant, yet the people followed him willingly. Martin married once, but had 21 pups. He trained his kin in self defense, and mythology; failing to teach them politics. As a result, the heirs to the throne were unprepared to rule REDWALL. The oldest of Martin's children, Darth Clover, was heavily affected by the teachings of mythology and self defense. Darth rarely socialized, and developed a mix view of the world. He began to see everyone and everything as a threat, and believed in the mythology he was taught. Martin had trained, and created one of the most horrifying kings in history. As Darth grew in age, Martin continued to rule REDWALL with complete power. In 934, the citizens began to rebel against Martin. There was truly no reason for this, though many historians have agreed that the Insiders wanted a democracy. Soon many Insiders became Outsiders, as they left REDWALL to rot. Martin tried to stop the mass migration, but he couldn't. Soon Outsiders began to plot stealing Shards from Martin, and they succeeded. Through 935 and 937 over 50 attempts to steal Martin's Shards took place, and as a result he lost 3 of his 6 Shards. Martin lost his military, citizens, and power. He and his royal family couldn't support themselves, and the sons scattered across the Region; only Darth stayed with his father, mother, and sisters. In 940, the Clover daughters also scattered across the Region. All of Martin's children were married, and bore massive families. These 21 pups became known as the Mech Mice Parents, since tradition says that they were the ancestors of the current Mech Mice population. Martin died on September 23, 948, and his wife died a week after. Darth was alone in the wilderness now, which would affect him even more. He became sinister, and sought revenge on the world (believing that all that happened in mythology truly happened). When Darth's siblings came back into the abandoned, decomposing REDWALL, he decided amongst them that they would reestablish REDWALL. They eventually banded together, and formed The Oligarchy Land as REDWALL (the 3rd Mech Mice nation). Oligarchy REDWALL was controlled by Darth and his brothers; the sisters were given positions as tribe leaders (mayors). The Clover brothers ruled REDWALL by no power, they simply called themselves rulers. Darth slowly created and changed the Oligarchy REDWALL government, every year given him slightly more power over his brothers. In 953, Darth had given himself 50% more control over REDWALL than when he started with. His counsel of brothers became nothing more than advisers to him, yet he still considered the nation an Oligarchy. When Mitcher (Darth's younger brother) realized what their older brother was doing, he told all his siblings but Darth. Yet, even with all their secrecy, one of Darth's loyal servants found out. The servant reported the news to Darth, and he became mad. Darth had all his brothers and sisters put in prison, fearing that they might try to overthrow him. Darth then fed his siblings one-by-one into a snake hole, until one of them finally surrendered: Ju, who became the last of Darth's siblings. Ju was locked up in a special cell, an underground library that used to belong to the original castle (but was destroyed and cleared of all books). While down there, Ju tried to dig to escape; she failed. She did find a secret compartment, and discovered an ancient text written by King Peter thousands of years ago. This discovery amazed her, and she soon learned the secrets of the Shards. Hidden in the book was a Shard as well, and she learned all the secrets of it. She left the prison with the Shard, and travel far away from REDWALL. Darth had his military chase after her, but they never returned. Ju was still alive, yet, she didn't want war with her brother. she felt sorry for him, and left him. She vanished without a trace, and is believed to have the same fate as Peter. Darth, like past kings, ruled REDWALL with great strength. Darth was an odd king, doing odd things. He outlawed taxes, outlawed weapons, outlawed protesting (but rebellions were still legal), and outlawed open hatred to any politicians. These laws changed the REDWALL community, and military greatly. With the outlaw of weapons, the military was completely defenseless. Today, historians are baffled how the citizens obeyed Darth when he truly had no power. Darth died in 974, and his position was passed down to Ju's son: Turner. Turner basically made everything legal, but still this did not hurt the country. Darth's past laws affected the very culture of REDWALL. Turner died in 1020, and his position was passed down to his daughter: Ju II. Ju II died of the flue in 1023, and was replaced by her brother: Donlo Po (a politician). Donlo brought REDWALL back to greatest, "preparing" it for the Age of Gears. Donlo supported scientific and engineering advances, and unlike past monarchs, tried to give himself less power. He created the Insider Oligarchy Council, that worked as an advisory group to the king. Insider Oligarchy Council also had the power to fire, and hire absolutely any politician. Donlo died in 1050, and instead of an individual, the Insider Oligarchy Council took complete control the country. They transformed then nation into the first Federal Democratic Oligarchy government, also known as a Fedcratarchy. The council elected Agapetus Jons as its chancellor. Agapetus had 1% control over the council, and could make 2 votes in any vote. Agapetus was an extremely wise mouse, and he helped prepare REDWALL for the departure from the Medieval Ages. When Agapetus was mysteriously murdered in 1076, the council elected Roger Coaxs as the next chancellor. Roger is an ancestor of Feye Coaxs, and his descendants will continue to have a great effect on the Colony. Roger extremely pressured the council to dedicate more funding to scientific advancements; especially in geology, and meteorology. These pressures caused the Scientific Awakening to spread across the country, creating over 500 new scientists and engineers. REDWALL became the #1 scientific country in the Region, and possibly the world. Roger retired in 1092, and was replaced by his grandson: Caspian Coaxs. Caspian was a great chancellor in the council, and like his grandfather, promoted scientific advancements. Caspian was also a big fan of history and literature; which is why he heavily supported public library systems, and public schools. In 1094, he finally had the government start funding school systems and public libraries. The Insiders became extremely intelligent with these new things, and things drastically changed. The Insiders began talking in olde English, and Latin. Their grammar, and style became extremely sophisticated as well. After all of this, the council was extremely impressed. They decided that Caspian should be elected a king, but Caspian refused to be a king. Caspian married in 1096, and had 10 pups. His wife, Margret Coaxs, personally taught her pups Latin, grammar, history, and arithmetic. Nine of these pups will be in the council at one time, when their father is still alive. In 1100, Caspian died of old age. His pups became the ten members of the council, and were an interesting bunch. They split the country into ten states, and each one of them ruled a state. In 1103, the council cut $10,500 from the government's education branch (the branch that controlled all libraries and schools). Then they split that extra money 10 ways, and gave it to themselves. This worried some politicians, because overtime the council made an appearance of greed. In 1115, the council started to debate rather or not they should rename the country. The current council had become self-conscious that ever since the Mech Mice Colony was renamed REDWALL, nothing but bad has happened. This was true in a way, but the council believed that it was the name's fault. They failed to realize that it was because the past government systems. So in 1116, REDWALL was returned to its original name: the Mech Mice Colony. The council officially renamed it: The Oligarchy Mech Mice States. The citizens, now called Mech Mice, didn't care about the renaming. Therefore, many still called the Colony 'REDWALLL' for 50 years. But now REDWALL was finished, and it was no longer a monarchy. A massive step had just been taken to spread government control, and have more fairness. The Mech Mice States will slowly transform into the republic it currently is. The Age of Gears had begun in 1116.

Age of Gears Edit

The Age of Gears was a very special time for the Colony. It took place in between 1116 and 1800 AD. During this timeline, many advances around the world occurred. Many governments are turned into republics and democracies, and even better, more scientific advancements. The Oligarchy Mech Mice States once became a thriving nation, under the wise leadership of their new leaders. Through 1117 and 1400, all the council members would be descendants of Caspian and Margret Coaxs. So for some time, the Colony was an Oligarchy Monarch. In 1120, Chancellor David Coaxsmade the first leap to a republic. He and the council created another political government branch: the Democratic Overseers. The overseers approved/disproved what the council would do, and how they would do it. However, the council still had power over the overseers (for instance they could vote against the overseers' actions). In 1125, the council decided to give the overseers power over the budget and funding. But, again, the council could still overthrow the overseers. In 1128, 50% of the council's power was given to the overseers. By now, the overseers was a fast growing branch in the government. It split itself into two parties: the Dictatorial Party, and the Freedom Party. These have become known as the first political parties of the Mech Mice Colony. In 1130, the council and overseers gave both parties more power. By 1140, the government had been split into multiple parties and branches, all under the control of the council. The council begun to shrink in members, until it became simply a chancellor and his advisers. The chancellor and his advisers kept the courts, states, and the rest of the government in check; the overseers kept the chancellor in check, and the State Branch kept everyone else in check. The State Branch was a massive congress of the state governors. The congress had power over the chancellor's abilities on their states, and the overseers had power over the State Branch. As laws continued to change the government, by 1150 the council became the President Branch, the overseers became the Parliament Towards Government, and the State Branch remained the same. The parliament assumed complete control of the government, and could only be overthrown by a majority vote including all branches of government and citizens. However, as time progressed, this proved to be a difficult form of government. Because parliament had control over the government, but the members of parliament were from the political parties and government branches. This meant that parliament actually had ultimate power, and was the actual government. This was realized in 1200, when a major political situation arose. Parliament and the President Branch got in a flame war, when the suggestion of a supreme court arose. The flame war could virtually last until the president died, because parliament couldn't fire the president. President David Coaxs(the only member of the Coaxs Family to be a Mech Mice president) demanded that the government be revised. He wanted parliament "destroyed, and replaced." He, however, didn't have the power to do so. As a result, a new civil war was coming. In 1205, the Dictatorial Party and the Freedom Party changed drastically. The Dictatorial Party transformed into the Republic Party, and the Freedom Party transformed into the Parliament Party. Many of the northern states were members of the Republic Party, and vice-versa. Soon relations between the states collapsed, and actual conflict was fought in between them. Then, on December 10th, 1206, the northern states literally left the Mech Mice Colony. They named themselves the North Republican Mech Mice Colony, and declared war on the original Colony in early 1207. The North Republican Colony wanted the Colony to be led by a president, whereas the Original Colony wanted it ruled by a parliament. The civil war, The Government's War, was less violent than past wars. Many of the fights were debates, and political meetings between the two nations. They did have some conflict with each other, but both sides didn't want to leave each other. The Government's War finally ended in 1210, when the two nations compromised on a form of government. The Colony as a whole voted to become a hybrid-aristocracy. The aristocrats were elected by the citizens, and remained in office for life. Only the most intelligent and merciful citizens could run for office, and until 1306, females could not run for office. This form of government proved to work for the Colony, and neighboring nations followed along. After the change of the government, the Colony's economy grew by 7%. The Colony soon took an interest in exploration after the fictional novels of Sir Walter Kapp, that told tales of great lands beyond the Colony. For about 1,500 years, the Mech Mice Region lost contact with other mice nations. Historians are puzzled why the Mech Mice Region stopped all trade with foreign nations, and remained to themselves. Soon thousands of expeditions were taking place in the South, where the Mech Mice originally wanted to go to. Explorers discovered the "lost colony" of Henrimsburg, which was forgotten over 300 years ago. The lost colony had become a tiny monarchy, and were led by a brutal king who possessed the only Shard in the area. News of explorations with amazing discoveries spread like wildfire, and some explorers came back with delicious fruits, treasures, and more. These discoveries excited the citizens, and soon massive explorations took place. The Colony declared everything south of it was part of it (the width remained the same). This long land (no one knew how long it was), was named Kappland(after Walter Kapp). When Kappland was mapped, thousands of settlers rushed to the new and free land in 1249. The settlers were mostly farmers, miners, and blacksmiths. Several settlements were established, and by 1254, there were 6 new states in Kappland. Kappland was, however, soon discovered to mostly be desert. Explorers were determined to find better lands farther south, but they never were able to leave the deserts. One explorer, Jerry Urgless, said that he traveled all the way to the end of Kappland, and found a massive mountain range and ocean. Despite his testimonies, very few believed him.

Felix Azul portrait

A portrait of Felix Azul.

Thus, exploration of Kappland decreased to only 1 exploration per year. Due to the failing explorations, the Mech Mice decided to start doing other things. Citizens started to become more ingenious and creative, as they created gear systems and learned more about the world around them. One rat, Felix Azul, became a famous inventor. He became responsible for creating the most complex mechanical system to date, and his invention shocked the known world. Soon thousands of inventors followed in his footsteps, creating new inventions that advanced the colony in no way seen since the Centuries For Science.

Modern Times Edit

Culture Edit

The Mech Mice culture is highly influenced by Italian, and British culture. This has created a unique, and odd culture. However, through the advances of technology many cultural things have changed. For example names have turned into a more electronic related word, such as "Demo", and "Ziro". This has also affected fashion, architecture, and cuisine to some extent.

Architecture Edit


REDWALL Castle is a fine example of the Mech Mice architecture in The Central States.

The Mech Mice take after the Italian architecture brought by immigrants of Megiddo. The Mech Mice build their buildings with columns, arches, and domes such as the Italians. However, there are some cultural differences. The architecture also has a rich affect from British architecture. This means that many of the buildings are built of wood, instead of stone. Including that many stone structures are rather built out of dark, river rock; not the white rock seen in Italy. Architecture in the Mech Mice Colony varies between states; and the Italian-British architecture is mainly only seen in the Central States. However, due to the economic collapse after Region War II, many Mech Mice cannot afford stone or even wooden houses. This has caused many citizens to revert to old ways, and live in burrows. Some burrows have small, wooden additions to them (such as the front side of a house).

Music Edit

The Mech Mice Colony enjoys many different types of music; especially heavy rock, and orchestra. These musical interests were brought over by British mice in the days of Megiddo. This music became extremely popular in Megiddo, and is still popular today in the Mech Mice Colony. Famous music groups include Two Steps from Death, The Roaches, and Death Sentence. In 1950, the blues and jazz became popular as well. They maintain the 5th and 6th most listened to music genre in the Colony.

Cuisine Edit

The Mech Mice cuisine is a very interesting cuisine, that it's a mixture of British-Italian cuisine. This mixture of cultures has created a unique way of mass producing delicious foods. Mech Mice chefs take after ancient chefs in Italy and Great Britain, creating new foods, and developing ways to distribute them. Until Region War I, the cuisine in the country was a very important part of the culture. Mech Mice was rated #2 in the universal, cuisine charts for flavor, and uniqueness. Many Mech Mice enjoy eating fancy, expensive foods. Such as Sunday roast, Yorkshire pudding, and more. Drinks are not usually altered or created by chefs, because the majority focus on main courses. Some popular drinks include soft drinks, smoothies, and sport drinks. A popular drink, Dr. Lime, has been mass produced in the Colony since 1853. It has been rated the most popular soft drink in the Mech Mice Region.

Art Edit

The Mech Mice had an extremely bad reputation when it came to art, however, their media was considered amazing works. The Mech Mice have been noted to be the first mice cartoonists in the world, after ancient artworks were discovered in a hidden chamber in REDWALL Castle. The Mech Mice have been famous for creating simple, and yet amazing pieces of cartoon images. This fame was only created in 1950, however, when cartoon images became popular in the Region. Mech Mice art was the best during The Age for Science, when artists of all kinds became extremely creative. Visual art failed at the beginning of the Medieval Ages, when the cultural focus turned to warfare. Sculpting, however, became extremely popular in the Medieval Ages. A famous sculpture, Popyo Dits, became a world famous sculpture for the Mech Mice Colony. Many historians declare that "he was the one whose art kept the artistic community alive and great".

Media Edit

The Mech Mice are extremely good at storytelling. Their media is the 3rd most popular in the world, and is available in 78% of all mouse nations. The Mech Mice media became popular at the beginning of the country itself, when authors and play writers became inspired by The Star Shards. The Mech Mice media "took flight" in The Centuries for Science, when world famous plays, books, and more were created. Many of these books and plays are still popular today, and many are available in all languages. The Mech Mice are now well known for their slapstick comedy plays, TV shows, and even artwork. Newspaper comics became especially common in the late 1850's.

Transportation Edit


A Mech Mice riding a guinea pig.

In the Mech Mice Colony, there are a number of ways to travel around. Citizens in rural areas tend to ride on tame animals, such as guinea pigs. Units tend to ride on more dangerous animals, such as lizards, in case they were to be attacked.

In big cities, citizens usually travel on motor vehicles and Rickshaws. Rickshaws were introduced to the Colony by Asian immigrants, who had traveled from the human land known as: Japan. In recent years, more citizens have become environmentally friendly, and have begun riding bikes and rickshaws much more often.

Measurements Edit

For most of the Colony's history, measurements were determined by the size or width of something fairly common (like a mouses' tail). But, during the medieval period, several mice established a solid measuring system. These measurements were made with the basic measurement, a tail (3 inches). The mathematicians made larger and smaller units of measurements all based on the tens place. Today, the M.M.M is used throughout most of the Mech Mice Region.

Government Edit

The Mech Mice government is a republic, controlled by a president, and a vice president. The Mech Mice government turned from a monarchy to a republic in 1465 AD, which caused rebel war. The president and vice president, however, are the only positions in government elected by the citizens. Mayors, governors, etc. are appointed directly by the government. The president and vice president spend 10 years in office, until another presidential election begins. It is possible for the current president and vice president to be elected for another 10 years, although this is rare in the Mech Mice Colony. The Mech Mice Court (a.k.a The Great Council) is a council of appointed Mech Mice by the president, allowing for biased creatures to be in the council. This fact of the government has been accused of removing the citizens' freedoms, and allowing for government conspiracies. The Mech Mice Court has the power to create new laws, and remove the president and vice president from office. To create a new law, the Court must first vote on the law. If the vote is for the law, the law is sent to the vice president. If the vote is not for the law, the law cannot be submitted again for another five years. When the vice president receives the law, or bill, he decides to either pass it to the president or not. If he decides not to pass the bill, it cannot not be submitted again for another ten years. If he does pass the bill to the president, it is the president's final choice of what will happen to the bill. If he doesn't legalize it, it cannot be submitted again until after the next presidential election. If he does legalize it, the law will affect every area in the country. The Mech Mice Court does have the ability to overpower the president and vice president, and turn the bill into a law.

Relations with other nations Edit

  • Xiln -Great The two nations have a common goal to destroy the Dark Union, and have swore to protect each other. Currently Xiln gives the Mech Mice Colony a military fund of $3,000,000 a year.
  • Dark Union -Horrible The Mech Mice Colony and the DU are complete enemies, and are constantly holding conflicts against each other. They are also battling each other for control of Antarctica.

States Edit


The Mech Mice Colony is divided into 13 states, that form the country. The states were created to simplify the democratic government, because, at that time, many citizens were against Parliments and councils. The states are led by a governor, and the governor's council. The states and their information are listed below:

Flag Name Capital Population
Colittler Hamsburg 9,512,391
Fieldtonflag Fieldton Field City 6,000,155
Mechtonia Mechtonia Canyon 5,082,000
Mine State Mine City 5,800,950
NBorderLandflag New Border Land Pond Town 2,895,127
North Rugo Other Rugo City 6,572,654
NewMegiddoflag New Megiddo Megiddon City 7,204,190
NewLiwaflag New Liwa Forest City 3,900,965
Qualtern Jame's City 1,542,845
Rugo Rugo City 8,670,845
RiverStateflag River State Domlop 3,780,360
SFieldtonflag South Fieldton Ton City 2,720,456
Tadbathflag Tadbath Clean Town 3,856,149

Overseas States/Territories Edit

The Mech Mice Colony also has overseas states and territories. The majority of these oversea states are located in Antarctica, under the control of the Mech Mice Antarctican States (M.M.A.S). MMAS has 20 states, the majority of them being small and having scattered populations. Despite having more land, and states, MMAS is no more powerful than their mother country.

Other overseas states are usually very small, and are sometimes located in scarcely populated areas. Currently the Colony has states located in all the continents, except for the Middle East. The Colony is also working on Project New Frontier, which is attempting to advance space travel and colonization.

Cities Edit

The Colony is well known for its large, beautiful, and historic cities and towns. The capital, Mouse City, is located right on the border line of North Rugo, Mechtonia, and Colittler. Mouse City was the original location of Megiddo, and is a popular tourist destination. However, Mechtonia Canyon is a much more populous city. Mechtonia Canyon is most known because the entire city is built on the walls of a canyon. It is extremely difficult to enter the city however, so this causes a loss of a potential $5 million in tourism each year.

Education Edit

Due to the large debt crisis of the Colony, public school systems have failed. Public schools are schools privately established and ran, but receive government funding. Because of the large debt from Region War II, many citizens have instead sent their pups to private schools. At private schools, the pup receives a much better education than the cheap, public schools. Education became very important to the Colony in 1983, when a recent survey discovered that graduating students didn't even qualify to graduate. A desperate move was made to fix the education system, and it slightly worked.

National Flag, Anthem, and Motto Edit

National Flag Edit

MM flag

The current Mech Mice flag.

The current Mech Mice flag was created, and established as the official flag in 1900, during the Cultural Movement. The flag contained aspects from the coat of arms (mouse head, gear, and color). The flag was designed by artist Gunter Fe, a German mouse who had designed 5 other flags for several other nations. The flag was given to the government, in an attempt to establish it as the national flag. The government decided the flag was perfect, and replaced the old one with it. Though, some citizens refused to change their flags, and many of the old flags can still be seen throughout the Colony.

National Anthem Edit

We Are The Mech Mice! (1900-Present)

23. Coming Back Around (score) - How To Train Your Dragon OST

"Ohohhhh. Ohohhhh. Ohohhh. We...Are...The...Mech Mice! We stand tall, and proud. Our great nation, oh rolling rolling hills and bubbling creaks. We are the Mech Mice! We are the Mech Mice. We are the Mech Mice. The sun shines down on our oh so great land. The moon lights our night, as we sing to this song. The instruments play softly, and our hearts are cheerful. We are the Mech Mice. We stand tall, and proud. Our great nation, oh rolling rolling hills and bubbling creaks. We are the Mech Mice! We wouldn't back down from a fight. We are the Mech Mice! We stand tall and proud! We are the Mech Mice! We dig low, and fly high! We are the Mech Mice! So great and grand. We are the Mech Mice! Yet, we live so calmly. We are the Mech Mice! We are the Mech Mice! We're great, we're proud, we're grand, we're Mech Mice. We protect the Shards, and all innocence. We are the Mech Mice! We are Mech Mice. We are Mech Mice. Our great nation, oh rolling rolling hills and bubbling creaks. We are the Mech Mice."

National Motto Edit

The national motto of the Colony has averagely changed every 5 years, as the culture and government change overtime. The current motto was established in 2007. The motto was quoted from 1934 military general, General Walter Blues, who constantly shouted "Ears up, Mech Mice". Despite some government officials wanting to change the motto again in 2012, the majority of government do not plan to change the motto once again.

Economy Edit

Despite having large borders, and a massive military, the Mech Mice Colony has an extremely weak economy. The presidents of Region War I and II spent too much money on the war, and sent the nation into debt. The nation owed money to smaller neighboring nations, that rested on literal gold mines. The debt from the wars has continued to escalate, and there is little hope of paying it off. This massive debt has forced presidents throughout the 20th century to raise taxes, causing 8% of the nation to go into poverty. In 2000, funds for the military grew 20% more ($200,000).

Currency Edit


The Mech Mice dollar.

The Colony's official currency is the dollar ($). The dollar became official, when paper became easier to make. The dollar is basically a paper, covered in a thin, bendable sheet of plastic. The dollar is painted a light tan, and includes the Coat of Arms on the center. It includes the motto on the top of the dollar, and several decorations around it. The dollar is the same on both sides.

Military Edit

MechMice BeElite

A common Mech Mice military, recruitment poster.

Main Article: Mech Mice Military

The Mech Mice Military is known to be "the most oddly constructed working military known to mice". The Military is seen by many as just a game system that involves life and death situations. The Military, instead of troops and soldiers, is made up of squads of mice. These squads each contain five Mech Mice, led by a single commander. Squads are given different missions, and train for at least one year. These squads train at the Mech Mice Academy, however, the soldiers themselves train at Military Unions (such as Rodent Military Union). These Military Unions are private companies, and are not controlled by the government except by laws. These Unions are where mice go to train to join the Military. Once they graduate the Union, they go to train with their squad at the Mech Mice Academy. They live in the academy until they graduate, or known officially as gaining enough "points". The point system is where the Military is described as a game, and receives much insults. This system, however, actually works.

Geography Edit

The Mech Mice Colony is located in the human nation of Canada, but is a independent nation. More specifically, it's located 20 miles East from Kelowna, BC.

Climate Edit

The Colony is located in the Temperate Zone, and therefore receive all 4 seasons. Winters are long in the colony. Temperatures during Winter are constantly under 35 degrees Fahrenheit, except for one winter in 1956 when it reached 49 degrees. Summers are extremely warm. The temperature is averagely at 80 degrees constantly, and makes everyday things difficult for the Mech Mice. During Summer, many citizens stay in shaded areas. In a 2005 poll, it was confirmed that the Mech Mice's favorite season was Spring.

Landscape Edit

The Colony is located in a flatter area, when compared to other neighboring colonies. It has a large, u-shaped mountain range that borders the North-eastern, North, and North-Western areas. The mountain range diminishes in the south, and has many natural, and artificial passes through it. The mountain range is named Half Circulus Montes, is a popular tourist destination.

In the North, the Colony has thick forests. These forests have many eco-systems and flora related to the Forest of Rama. To the East are more forests, but these are less thick. Many rivers, lakes, and ponds clutter the East. In the middle of the Colony and the South are large plains and deserts. Agriculture is common in the middle of the Colony, because of the vast space and fertile soil. To the East are "desert forests", so named because they are basically forests in cold or hot deserts.

Trivia Edit

  • The states of the Mech Mice Colony are separated into three categories according to location: The Western States (the states to the west), The Central States (the states in the middle), and The Eastern States (the states to the east).
    • This category system was created by the great, great, great uncle of Feye Coaxs: Henry Coaxs, in 1875.

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