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Canadian forest

A picture of Roden; a location that plays a major role in the Mech Mice Fanon Universe.

The Mech Mice Fanon Universe, number 34404, is one of the many different realities in existence. The MMFU is a universe branched off of the Mech Mice Universe, and is highly affected by it. Many of the citizens in the MMFU believe that their reality is the only reality, however, they are incorrect.

History Edit

The Mech Mice Fanon Universe came into existence the same time as all other universes, but it is unknown when. The MMFU is a branch universe, of the Mech Mice Universe. In 1950 a rat named Clevis Clarton discovered a machine in the Forest of Rama. Clevis activated the machine, and it teleported him to a void in the MMFU. There Clevis discovered a massive abandoned castle, that didn't look earthly at all. The castle was empty, and he soon discovered it was the residence of the Universe Leaders. The Universe Leaders called themselves the Wikia Team, a group of different creatures from different planets working together to protect the universe. Clevis discovered computers, and other devices that literally controlled everything in the universe. He discovered old letters, and discovered how the Wikia Team came to their demise. An evil race of aliens, called the Gurgurs, attacked the castle and murdered the entire team. Clevis found a computer, somewhat like the modern laptop, and, using this computer, he promoted himself to Universal Master. After that he gained power that no normal being could withstand, but he somehow lived. With his new powers he could control anything physical. Since then Clevis Clarton has been the Universal Master. He's rebuilt the Wikia Team, but has positioned himself as a complete monarch of the team.

Wikia Team Edit

Main Article: Wikia Team

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Milky Way Galaxy

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  • The MMFU is a popular dimension that universe "jumpers" travel to.
    • This is because of the large amount of different planets to explore, and entertainment options.

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