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Operation: Firestorm
Dark Union Camp
The Dark Union's camp.
Vital statistics
Type Operation
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Operation: Firestorm was a very simple operation that took place in the swamps near the Forest of Rama. Apparently, Recons discovered that numerous Dark Union units had been roaming there. With fears of them associating with the Liwan Tribe, they had to intervene. They brought a single commander, 3 squads, and a single M.A.R.U.. It was certainly a very successful mission, with only one casualty to report, yet it was self resolved.


The genesis of Operation: Firestorm was when The Mice had heard of numerous members and soldiers of the Dark Union had been heard to be lurking in the swamps very close to The Liwan Tribe. They had gotten worried that the Dark Union was working with them. The Mice simply couldn't have another great nation arising, so high military officials met in secret in the meeting known as The Preventative Office. In this small, confidential council, the elected Mice decided it would be best if they intervened in whatever it was that was going on. The argument lasted a total of 3 days, with two sides to the argument-for and against. The "Pro" side of the conversation thought they needed to intervene because they believed if they didn't stop what was starting, the Dark Union could amass and enormous military, with The Liwan Tribe's help. The "Anti" side thought that intervening would cause The Tribe to grow bad vibes with the Mice. This would create yet another war. The leaders running for the operation won, with a 5-3 vote, and troops were put on standby.

Buck's SurvivalEdit

When the M.A.R.U. piloted by Buck flipped over, he was trapped inside and would slowly drown. He was finally able to get the cover off the M.A.R.U. and saved the squad from the oncoming ambush of Dark Union forces with merely a Standard Blaster.

Detailed DescriptionEdit

Troops were officially deployed on July 8th. From here they travelled and patrolled a total of 30 miles of swamps within the Forest of Rama. No tribe members were found, yet a single Dark Union camp was found.
Dark Union Camp

The Dark Union camp found within the swamps.

It was found to have a single corpse of a very large troop. The camp was destroyed with napalm, and the corpse was buried. From here, they faced an ambush of 12 units and successfully survived. The Tribe wasn't at all involved in Dark Union affairs.


  • Mechanical airstrike was tested for the first time, along with napalm.