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Portal to the Mech Mice World is a story that begins in a separate dimension, known as the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki dimension. In it, a penguin by the name of Feey teams up with his pet puffle, Gill, to create a portal to another dimension in order to escape their own. In doing so, they find themselves in the foreign Mech Mice Universe- a journey that will alter their lives forever.


In a far away dimension, far away from the one of Mech Mice, there lived a young blue penguin named Feey1. He lived in a large brick mansion in the middle of a large banana plantation on an island named Maverick with his family and his pet brown puffle, Gill. Life for him was not always so isolated; he was once a king. A king of an island nation not far from the famous island of Club Penguin.

The nation was Yow, a nation of splendor whose happenings would evoke gossip and wonder from other nations. Feey1 was the king of this nation. He was very ambitious, and his future looked exceedingly bright. Like a star he shone, giving ultimate hope for his people, his great courage and intellect was one of envy. Feey believed that Yow was destined to be a world power, a world power with nuclear weapons and an army that would evoke respect from everyone from everywhere. Unfortunately, there were those who did not like him, and for what he wanted to do. Hence, those nations attacked Yow, pillaging the nation, scattering its people, and sending Feey1 and his family into exile, on the tropical island of Maverick.

Feey sat at the front porch, looking out beyond at the workers picking bananas off the trees. It was hot and humid as usual, though the shade of the porch was able to keep him cool. Gill arrived to see Feey staring out at the banana trees.

Feey1:"Life sucks here."

Gill:"I know."

Feey1:"I had everything...everything was in the grasp of my flippers...and now I am....powerless. What did I do? Swiss Ninja, Carlos, Lavender....all traitors and backstabbers. My heart has been hurt in more ways than one. I don't know what I should do with my life anymore..."


Feey1:"I've tried to fight them. Take revenge, and you know, take out my adversaries with a lightsaber. Swiss Ninja. Clovis. Jock. I failed each time."

Gill:"Well, what I was going to say was this: why suffer here, when we can escape this world? We can have a new beginning?"

Feey looked at Gill strangely.

Feey1:"...What do you mean?"

Gill:"Simple. Let's build a portal to a new dimension. One that perhaps can give you a fresh new start at opportunities and new hope for a new life."

Feey1:"Gill, your genius...has given me hope in such a hopeless life. Let's do this."