Underground Enemies is the name of a fight between the mech mice to survive against their old enemies, the snakes, that are now upgraded thanks to algernon. join the gamma squad as more sinister allies are revealed, and stronger clashes are made!

Chapter One: Serpentine Foe Edit

It was a cold night, the night after algernon's sinister plan was finally stopped, and all bugs were back to their normal life, those who were still alive as a cyborg were reprogrammed to serve the mech mice and help them.

A Mouse in a heavy armor suit was patrolling around to check if there were bugs close to their base, along him was a recon unit that seemed to start a conversation.

Simin:"Ah, i hate to check those creatures,do you know when can we return to the group?!" Bulk: "Come down, mate. we can go back now, i just need to find the exit." Simin: "Oh no! no exit!? it's a trap! it's a trap! it's a mmmmm....." Bulk: "Stop being a paranoid, simin! i can't understand you when ya'r being all paranoidddd...."

Both of the mice were falling through two sudden pits in the ground, to the forgotten land of snakes,ovan. Many reptiles were seen in the other side of the stone wall our heroes were on.the mice soon awakened.

Simian: "What!? where are we,bulk!?" Bulk: " i can't believe it! the land of snakes! i thought this place was destroyed before years! i hope it's at least abandoned!" Simian: " Snakes? you believe to these fairy-tales?" Bulk: " It's not a tale! the snakes are the biggest,oldest and strongest enemies of the mice! before the shards came, we were all eaten by them!"

Just as bulk was panicked, a little creature,completely normal and smooth snake,white with red eyes and a black sign of a snake biting his own tale on his head, was coming to the mice. he seemed to have a metal skeleton instead of a tail.simian seemed to like him.

Simian: " Wow,so it's not just a story, snakes are real,okey. but do you really think this thing can eat us?"

The snake led simian and bulk to a place filled with his kind, and then they all entered a secret tunnel that led to a lab. The lab had a big snake in it, he was using parts from bugs and was putting them into a snake that seemed like the one near simian and bulk, then he was putting him in a cell for a few seconds, when he opened the cell, a cyborg snake, with a wide open mouth that has no teeth, legs of a bug and a tale that has a scorpion's blaster on him took the place of the snake that was there.

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