Vak is a male Mouse who was one of the original Discover's of Dark's travel. Vak also started the Mech Mice colony after discovering Zin'cho's rivalry with him(due to his inventions turning him into a bug). 

Early lifeEdit

Vak was young at his village, born into a a poor family like Dark. Vak joined the Explar's at the age of six as a low wage mopper, through time he slowly gained the rank of Colonel then Ship General and finally Ship Master. Vak later in his travel's discovered Dark a male mouse like himself. Together they traveled the seas along with Vak's old captain  Zin'Cho. Zin herself was ready to explore as they were except she provided all the funds for the trip, to reach the northern Swamp Village. Eventually, they reached the Frozen Glades instead which was a place long lost by pirates of the last century.


Vak had a grim personality. He was a scientist and a Teleportation creator. He had a troubled history with his friend Zin, they were good friends until Zin discovered new teleporters of his invention. Zin was turned into a bug and turned crazy and evil because of this. Vak had no regret or plan on redemption for Zin.